Dark Lyrics


1. Sworn To The Red

from Transylvania arose a Romanian knight
his bride, Elizabeth, knew that he must face an insurmountable force
Elizabeth flung herself into the river
believing him dead
god be praised, I am victorious, god be praised
my prince is dead, all is lost without him
may god unite us in heaven
she has taken her own life
her soul can not be saved
she is damned, it is god's law

is this my reward for defending god's church?
I renounce god
I shall rise from my own death to avenge hers with all powers of darkness
your impotent men with their foolish spells can't protect you from my power
from eternal hunger for living blood
sacrilege, I renounce you
I shall rule all powers of darkness
the blood is the life and it shall be mine

2. Postmortal Pleasure

in the night
deep inside hypnotised from the dark
gore desire burnt inside
master was calling in unholy night
virgin neck
cursed her flesh into flame
not god's maid but demon's whore
call of wolf to red side
father of gore kingdom came
with the full of hate into the lust abyss
she dragged to faithless heart through the graveyard
lord bait her on the tomb
teeth fucked fog's whore
bride of darkness lord
darkness coming
in this coffin there was unholy dead
bride transformed the undead
freedom of blood before sunset
bloodlust caused bloodthirsty
bride of gore raised from the tomb into immortality
little victim hunted and chopped in half
his neck sucked, his blood drunk
lunatic disembowelment
small body decomposed
undead bride raised in the fog

second life on this earth
as undead who awaken for taste of gore
innocent life flown into her
caused demonic and orgasmic pleasure
pleasure will kill god's morality
pleasure and bloodlust will dominate
with postmortal fatality

3. I, Misanthrope

blessed vermins corroded me for years
my soul refused extortion
I denied mortal life and heaven prize
sworn to father of hell
I baptized in dark flames
taken gift is eternal life
and thirsty of liquid in human veins
neverending of my life
is everlasting pain of mankind
I transformed from the knight of god to son of Necuratul
I confess my ill will, I confess my pure hate
Ismeju in my drochfhola will suffer to you
I despise you, mankind, mass of mud, you'll be defeated
I'll close betraying eyes of humanity
peace gardens will be desolated
I defy to lies and father of lies
final battle will become victory of impalement
and sadistic terror of my pride, my despite
humans will kneel down
I'll decapitate of fester slaves, gore glory will be mine
king of paradise, your throne is falling
fallen one will rise up
you will become the desolate deceptive one

4. Orgasm By The Bloodsucker (Or Rape Of The Haxan)

ceremony in fullmoon night
ritual under book of god
bloody haxan punished in the name of god
mask of demon nailed to her face
unholy gore flowed to the ground
bloody haxan, diabolic face behind the mask
bloody haxan cursed
all god's men on the earth
the messanger of possession
rewarded by master of hell
spirit of Queen Succubi rested
in darkness kingdom
after two hundred years
time has come black revenge
awaken terror raised up from fires of hell
old man's gore flowed into her mouth
red liquid gave life into her eyes
resurrection and dark obsession
will cursed to all humanity
return of her dark life was calling
corpse of dead servant: "Rise Javutich, rise, rise Javutich"
voice of the haxan took his soul from where in pain
rotten hands come out in the crypt
the cryptic resurrection, the servant was alive
Javutich's terror surrounded castle
where believers pray to god
Javutich deceived Countess Katia
holy orchid in red trap
Asa, the executioner wishing for victim to take revenge
naked virgin on sarcophagus
dark orgy spilled warm gore
lesbianic and erotic bloodlust desire
Asa's tongue lipped her virgin peach
Katia trembled so lustily
Asa's teeth bite her virgin peach
gore of virgin sucked
Haxan Asa marked Katia
to suck gore forever
innocent light of holiness become
fallen angel's whore

5. Cold But Undead

two necrophiliacs in the graveyard
they excavated soil on the fresh tomb
coffin opened lustily
naked corpse of blonde dead female removed
her dead body not rotten, graceful like goddess
rapests touched pale and cold skin
animalistic sex desire blinded rapest's mind
cock stuck in cold slit
dark soul breathed when rapest in the depths of lust
damned soul metamorphosed into flesh to red hunt
dark heart started to beat, eternal life, immortal gift
dark eyes opened to suck mortal life, red destiny
bloodfeast, malevolent demon feeding human blood
bloodlust, intradermal was burning with hell flame
gravedigger's nuts bitten by bloodsucker
gravedigger's blood sucked by goresucker
bloody eyes saw cold but undead one
butchered human flesh
bloodfeast of undead

6. Barbaric Deformity

insect stung pin in my stomach
I was masked insane
master of darkness ordered extreme deformity
I was staring to Cronos
gorehunger, I am nightwalker
I am the commander
I am the disciple of armies of fatal darkside
and troops of gore
we serve to Lord Tepes
the king of all goresuckers

the impaler, the Fallen Angel's son come
he is the son of evil, gore time has come
eminent reptile hissed command to me
Vlad ordered:
"Take black cross and free us"
I turned myself into black wolf
I assailed with my flock
howlings fell upon holy temple
all fathers cut like butchered lambs
brutality and cannibalistic deformity
deform upon burning cross
divisive lycansuckers fed
gore of headless fathers
I, Valeck, confiscated
black cross in barbaric night

7. Dehumanization Of Totalitarian Psychopath

no time to live for poors in belief
black gate waiting them in the red dark disaster
lord's stake and black lord was taking life
only salvation was to die
he refused to the holy cross
and joined the unholy war
he destroyed in the name of mutation
to Nachzehrer
Upyr boiled bodies in caldrons
and mothers forced to eat burnt souls
Upyr dunked bread in hot blood
not for Jesus, he was just psychopath
dark lord upon red throne
Drakos, impaler son of lord of lords
dehumanization gave power to Necuratul
totalitarian lord in blasphemation
smartass and haughty envoys of enemy
did not take off their turbans disrespectfully
illusions of domination
nails stuck in their forehands
and they chopped poor brains
then beheaded heads of enemies
and affixed on the lord's stakes
bloody justice of Drakos
thousands of sacrifices and aristocrats impaled
they implored to die
but they were in punishment of darkness
dark impaler was killing them slowly
souls of god suffocating in seas of pain

8. Apocalyptic War Declaration

cruor in fosam confusum
ut inde manis elicerent
animas responsa daturas

behold the lions of Necuratul
the impaler
who came first as a knight of the light
but returns not as a knight
but now as a son of king of all kings
to rule in power and glory forever
vengeful shadows of darkness
hear me
take vengeance on grace of holiness
devour sacred necks
suck bleeding wounds
burn kingdom
unleash hellhounds

9. Gore Dream (2005 Version)

Closed her eyes to tranquil sleep
Her wish was to see God s angels
But her last sleep will be nightmare
This unbelievable but reality
Opened her eyes in gore gallery
Machine waiting with bloody knife
Fucked and cut corpses on the ground
waiting resurrection to living again
Machine stuck cock to her womb with knife carved her tight asshole
with hook torn off busts and crotch
Her end coming from genital pus
Screams in vaginal torment
Tears in genital terror
Her eyes full with blood
Machine cum in her womb
In gore gallery her corpse smashed
In death gallery her corpse crushed
Opened her eyes but can t see her room
Still in the gallery in gore dream
She saw her own corpse
Realized that killed
Now gore dream is gore truth
She is fucked ghost

Ulas Isiklar - Vocals
Sertan Alg ney - Rhythm Guitar
'Kizil' Onur Tanis - Lead Guitar
Rifat Sahin - Bass
Levent Ak - Drums & Keyboard

Thanks to emrah_inci_6 for sending these lyrics.

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