Dark Lyrics


1. Fatal fear

Altars believe to imperious.
Tyrannic master like a serpent.
Holy lies direct sacrifice .
Impetus gives them fatal fear.
Enthroned cruel emperor.
Killing if not believe him .
Deny master deathrone Emperor.
Rebel betenoiresave mortal fear.
Deny master deathrone emperor.
Rebel attack fatal fear.

2. Assault

Assault in my brain!
Assault in perverted, directed immodests
Victims rise for doctrine that murder and bestial war!

I joined them to kill impostors
We are like lions in scream arena...
Tyrannic cadavers attacked to mortals
Iconoclastic flesh irruption!
Retribution to transitory
Obliteration tyrannically
In arena, falls silence
All scarifies, now, lifeless!

3. Internal Suffering

Monster alive, zombie alive
Woman in home alone waiting for die
Vampire child created in womb...
Zombie'll born from pregnant whore
Poor bitch feeling pain and vampire zombie
Hunger and hunger!

Time has come, end her life
Monster alive, zombie alive...
Suffer inside!
Zombie will eat her fresh flesh
To exit from dark in the dead
Divided womb, flowing blood
Bloodterror in fucking whore!
Whore will die end her life
Womb eaten borned bloodsucker!!
Vampire zombie cut her head!
Carved her eyes, drunk her blood
Suffer in her dead body
Suffer in her dead soul

Vampire took her life, sucked her blood
Internal hecatomb death coming from red dark!
Bloody dar, suffer life
Unholy slaughter from inside...

4. Autospy Of Soul

End life altars will go to hell or paradise.
When corpses putrefy all souls come to soul reaper.
Virgin Nun died by pastor s knife whilemakes masturbation with cross Virgins
Soul falls in to the abyss.
Her sings must be punished, Her soul in pain, hopeless implore
Beginning of sorrow for sou l no tomorrow.
Soulreaper cut her sinnersoul.
Soulreaper fucked her virginsoul.
Bloody, repulsive, terrific, vomit
Soulreaper tormented her poor soul.
Autopsy of soul
Torture ended her soul was gutted.
Soul rised through paradise to endless life

5. Gore Dream

Closed her eyes to tranquil sleep
Her wish was to see God s angels
But her last sleep will be nightmare
This unbelievable but reality
Opened her eyes in gore gallery
Machine waiting with bloody knife
Fucked and cut corpses on the ground
Waiting resurrection to living again
Machine stuck cock to her womb with knife carved her tight asshole
With hook torn off busts and crotch
Her end coming from genital pus
Screams in vaginal torment
Tears in genital terror
Her eyes full with blood
Machine cum in her womb
In gore gallery her corpse smashed
In death gallery her corpse crushed
Opened her eyes but can t see her room
Still in the gallery in gore dream
She saw her own corpse
Realized that killed
Now gore dream is gore truth
She is fucked ghost

6. Corps eaters

Sacrifices living in dark forest
They are awaiting death
Ventols attack to them in fog
They kill and eat them

Humans will die by eaters of dead
Ventols attacked to sacrifice
Torture goes on every night
Fresh meats eaten
Fresh meats gnawed
Smells of blood, removed guts
Cut heads, hecatomb in dark

Ceremony of death was horror again
Animalistic instinct won again
Bloody pieces spreaded to everywhere
Fresh corpses eaten by eaters of dead

7. Kill For Us

Waiting death machines in silent underground
Wake up death machines, kill for us
Rotten hands coming out, rotten lungs breathing
No escape from this terror, death is coming cruelty
Their rules given pain everytime kill them for us
This revenge destroys all mankind
Kill them, they bleeding
Eat and kill, end to all, be cruel, death to all
No mercy to sacrifice
Kill them, kill for us
Kill for us

8. Enemy Of Flesh

All flesh for me
Hunger spawns coming with me
All women are so tasty
Rushing them show no mercy
Their flesh for me
Her eyes wide open with full of fear
She doesn't want to be eaten and die
I will torture to her and babies
Flesh ritual started there is no escape
I cut legs of children and removed their teeth
I ate fresh legs and splitted her womb
I cut hear head and her entrails
Her soul to god her flesh to me
I'm in her ass, drinking blood
Like hot wine, inside of me
Flesh feast in slaughter house
God takes soul I take flesh

9. Eternal Torment

I am knight of dark gods
Masters of pain seed cruelty I fight to kill innocence
Master's shadows reflect mortality
Terrorists of darkness to testify dominance
Assault to enemies murdered merciless
I cut sacrifice in cold blood
I killed sacrifice all of bodies and souls
Innocent recruit beheaded my head
I felt in darkness I died
My soul jailed in the dark
My soul can't saved from the dark
I implored to masters, salvation, liberation
Coffin vomited me to kill and dominate
Altars of innocent lonely and suffocate
Breeze of emperor gives them fear and sorrow
Eternal torment in eternal war

Ulas Isiklar - Vocals
Sertan Alg ney - Guitars
Rifat Sahin - Bass
A atay zda - Drums

Produced by Hecatomb

Recorded & engineered by Ant Balci Negative Records (Izmir-Turkey)

Thanks to emrah_inci_6 for sending these lyrics.

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