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1. Hahahahahahaha


2. Giant Mantis VS. TURT nip

It's the sun, it's the sun that's making me smile.
Fell asleep in that warm, warm sand.
I don't think I ever wanna wake up again.
Wake up, carried by ultraviolet waves and very ugly transparent dolphins to an island floating meters above the sea.
I am greeted by a lime green crab, he is bent on self destruction, on my destruction.
Uncomfortable with his statements, I inch my way
toward those fart soaked pillows that double as
floatation devices and paddle my way back out to the ultraviolet sea.
I sink down to my friends,
Mermaids with aids dressed like maids,
Got me laid, I raged
Stayed up all night at bars, had dinner with the sharks,
Woke up with whiskey farts,
I broke the mermaids hearts,
Didn't bounce a single narc,
and still I'd go again.

3. How Many Dad's Must Eat Themselves?

Focus, focus, 'cause I can't.
I am experiencing a new wave of psychedelia!
My eyes, my eyes.
Unfamiliar faces and colors.

4. 3000, 100 Points, 100pts, Gummy Octopi

always always always always.
we breathe in sighs and breathes of desperation.

something (something) always seems to make its way in
and i end up looking paranoid.
i call em out, you can call em out,
see if they listen.
they never do.

something (something) always seems to make its way in.
bad case of day dreams, i dont mind, i do not mind.
i will pick from the tree of life ALL day EVERYday.

i just need to take a breath and realize that I have got a very big problem..
chapped lips unhinge, im losing my friends,
i need a break from living older.

5. H.D.Eye Hybrid Cyborg

i walked over to the edge of space,
where mind and matter sip on gin.
oversimplified, i miss the way this used to be.
i like it natural but i understand your logic:
"nothing matters, nothing matters."
let's take the first step
in understanding that.

far less intelligent
than your counterparts,
it really hinders their progression.
really hinders their progression.

the corners of your mouth
have started pointing south
towards a black, black hole of pity
that engulfs all around it,
bringing new thought of self destruction.
nothing's wrong, it just looks that way.

jerk off till the end of time,
strap a chinese hooker to my side, oh fuck
a knocking five, it's a knocking five
satisfy the urges of my mind.

due to unverified claims,
there was no enhancements
no enhancements
made to the processes lost,
and it makes this,
oh it makes this so uncomfortable,
and we really need comfort above all things
above all things
above all things.

6. Trot Line Beer Can

My brain is thinking funny and I thought you’d relate,
I’ve got no money and I smell like shit.
Two cockroaches sit on a table
gather dust eaves dropping conversation.
Stone cold faces, hard hard times.
I love life but no pain is annoying,
fuck the skeletons in my closet,
I’m so tired of their sad sad moans.

[Vincent Bennett:]
I’m so tired of their sad sad moans
I’m so tired of their sad sad moans
My brain is thinking funny and I thought you’d relate,
I’ve got no fucking money and I smell like shit...

7. The Toxic Shock Mountain Blues

It feels comforting,
apathetic until a situation reaches a point of extreme despair.
Merciless, the story goes and it feels great to never really be here,
I am morally culpable,
and you only have the slightest idea.
Paranoid about the evolution of my feelings,
or lack there of, could take.
I’m a walking contradiction.
So I lick the nipples of perfection,
turn around and bury my face in the belly of the beast
or wherever I think it belongs the most


Help me understand the behavior we witness this moment.
Survey faces.
Give them a story a place that they're going.
vacation capital here and I'm swimming in death,
unbelievable, unbefuckinlievable.
just make your rounds, just make your rounds.
destroy the idea of Killing
and bring in the possibility of complete disgrace. negligence is common here,
but those are not your fucking stories.
Destination from pint A to point B and I cant even go without getting my hands wet,

9. Eagle Mewnadria

I chopped my head off,
we make love for hours and hours,
I sewed it back on at the neck, just to see what you would say.
And I sat there and I thought to myself,
I could watch this wall talk for hours,
while he talks to me he talks to me about life
and first round human beings like you and me,
like you and me.

10. Supernova Ninja Surfers

She sits on the shore,
her legs open to the sea,
hoping something cleaner washes in. the boats offshore,
they moan in heat, dragging their ass on the ocean floor.
Oh please just give us a little more of that love we bore our mattress for.
The tide it cums and comes and cums and she is wet with waiting,
overwhelming sexual tension has readied her for such situation,
her sloppy dock has been torn open again and again for me,
and we will not remain affectionless.
What the fuck were you thinking bringing her this rotted beachwood,
you should have known it wouldn't have been good for you,
its no good for anyone.
But, there is no good in anyone

11. Is This Your Homework?

In the middle of the forest,
in the middle of the woods I took off my fuckin’ pants,
that’s when Jeff’s mom understood.
She’s a chode bearing slut,
who gets drunk at bars with balloons and friends as they walk her to her car.
In the middle of the forest,
I called her a fuckin whore, put a knife in her chest.
These would be her last words, like she told me they would,
these would be the last words she ever heard
"suck my fuckin dick"

12. Green Genes

Why don't you build yourself any higher temple of flesh?
These grounds are disgusting,
but your pores are starving maybe we can feed off of conversation.
Hunger drives us close to the corpse
and impure thought drive us closer to feeding them.
But this is just how things are, complex.
With these gnashing teeth their pointing fingers are unforgiving,
but I don't know when the next time is that I'll be eating.

13. Wasted

[Black Flag Cover]

I was so wasted
I was a hippie
I was a burnout
I was a dropout
I was out of my head
I was a surfer
I had skateboard
I was so heavy, man
I lived on the strand

I was so wasted

I was so fucked up
I was so macked up
I was so screwed up
I was out of my head
I was so jacked up
I was so drugged up
I was so nebbed out
I was out of my head

I was so wasted
I was wasted

14. Rotten Church / Mall / Parking Lot

Apparently there are fireworks over the bridge that I can see from my hospital window,
and I'm curious..
I am curios how they'll look now that everything is so dark.
Cancer rolls around here gently as a tumbleweed,
we roll our bloodshot eyes at them and they keep on rolling.
We really forget what life's about,
I can't remember the differences.
Were getting stuck inside the boxes we create,
who gives a fuck when all the toxins are the same.
I guess were picking our casket out,
I guess were all just getting stuck inside the boxes we create,
so drink up,
drink up cause all we ever get is a taste.

15. Please, That Bitch Will Outlive Us All

Why are we still sneaking behind the backs of people we dont love anymore?
We dont love em anymore.
Because I am so sick of living in a bone dry marriage,
I dont even know what the fuck I'm even thing anymore,
my kids a fucking pervert he smears cum on the computer desk.
My husband, a money grubbing pill eating cheat,
but I cant say I dont pop em too though.
When I feel fuckin sick.
I feel fuckin sick.
Now that my gardens dried up,
what do I have to life for?
Where is the man of my dreams?
Wheres the cornucopia feast?
And cherry red convertible.
I wont ride the wings of my cockroach mother,
Im too young to die inside.

16. Longterm Exposure, Short Term Damage

[Secret Track]

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