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1. H.D.Eye Hybrid Cyborg

i walked over to the edge of space,
where mind and matter sip on gin.
oversimplified, i miss the way this used to be.
i like it natural but i understand your logic:
"nothing matters, nothing matters."
let's take the first step
in understanding that.

far less intelligent
than your counterparts,
it really hinders their progression.
really hinders their progression.

the corners of your mouth
have started pointing south
towards a black, black hole of pity
that engulfs all around it,
bringing new thought of self destruction.
nothing's wrong, it just looks that way.

jerk off till the end of time,
strap a chinese hooker to my side, oh fuck
a knocking five, it's a knocking five
satisfy the urges of my mind.

due to unverified claims,
there was no enhancements
no enhancements
made to the processes lost,
and it makes this,
oh it makes this so uncomfortable,
and we really need comfort above all things
above all things
above all things.

2. Wasted

[Black Flag Cover]

I was so wasted
I was a hippie
I was a burnout
I was a dropout
I was out of my head
I was a surfer
I had skateboard
I was so heavy, man
I lived on the strand

I was so wasted

I was so fucked up
I was so macked up
I was so screwed up
I was out of my head
I was so jacked up
I was so drugged up
I was so nebbed out
I was out of my head

I was so wasted
I was wasted

3. Are You Okay, Kiddo?

Our guise is that of an apparition
enthralled in the vanity of self-worship
our robe our crown
as much a part of us as the very marrow in our bones
we'll have you begging for your mother in the morning
(we grace you with our presence and then we curse you for your acceptance)
your father is out
he's damn right he should be worried
they'll call you jane doe
one in a million
one and the same
one empty chamber
one less to blame
(this is a failing institution and i've failed to notice)
i've learned not to despise this sentiment
complacency invokes atrophy's embrace
and so what if i can't leave this room?
that never stopped us before
(i've learned to forget my desires)

4. Inhalent Abuse

(We're all gonna die)
this ship is gonna sink
without it's captain

(so take your shit and leave)
so take your 21st century telegraphs
(so take your shit and leave)
and take your keystroked morse code
whoa whoa jay kay kay kay

if you write to binary long enough
your liable to lose your penmanship
i cant write a god damned thing
and i can feel even less

a nice
(there's an upside to)
(corporal tunnel)
fuck you
(duster hits and)
fuck you
and fucking your secretary

it's better to give than recieve,
better to steal

5. Pizza Party

i've packaged my emotions
it's limited edition in the new clear vinyl
this one's guaranteed to make you weep with the pretty print
oh we'll sell it all with the words that kiss your skin
my heart is your collector's edition
you wanted pain and you're getting it
oh what a time you'll have with my misfortunes

6. Tragic Tragic Track Jacket

It was the faulty foundation
said the weeping eyes
the architecture bends under pressure
the architecture broke over lies
they said "just a trend"
they said "just a phase"
they were right
now every person in this place will lose their fucking lives
i am a burning building bringing everyone inside to the ground
in the time it takes
to make things right
we'll make new memories
this feeling will have passed
i'll have said goodbye
you'll have gone and went
i'll turn my back on the only meaning in my past
what destroys me
will have saved my life
we are gone
i am a burning building bringing everyone inside to the ground

7. Texas Chainsaw Mascer-Uh

I remain docile
panic panic
despite what you say i am still quite afraid
panic may arise
there will be no memorial to praise your name
panic may arise
shut your mouth as every last limb is amputated
who knew in ten years you'd just be gone?
and i think it's safe to say the days of wine and roses are over
in the event that someone passes away completely unaware that their life is about to pass before their eyes
panic may arise

8. Tell Shannon Her Crafts Are Ready

You would make the prettiest of brides
(oh baby i got you workin from the nine to five)
you would make the prettiest rape victim
(oh baby i got you workin from the nine to five)
goddamn i hope i overdose
your mouth is open and better suits a bottle opener than to talk my pathetic fucking ears off
i'd jab an ice pick in my eardrums if i could someday regain my hearing
i envision (more more more) snapping your neck
(more more more)
tilt back your head and fucking take it
milligram count: you've gone too far
diagnosis: finally gone

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