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1. This Is Really Testing The Patience I've Never Had

Everyone around me is a ghost
I have this endless expression
underneath my skin that goes:
"Where am I!?
What am I doing!?"
and it's very
very concerned-

2. A, S, V, L, N

Once more we clearly see
you'll choke on 3 words
but you won't choke on dick
swallowing pride swallow your pride
like drunken friday nights
whose next?
and i'm thinking that this could not be so bad
girl eats boy
boy eats girl
we all get fed
ive always viewed this as masochistic
we all have our vices and mine is getting "fucked"
in every way
once more, we see where you stand
fuck you

3. Mall-Nutrition

Throw me through this car window and land me outside
where i can breathe better and pass away alright
this is ill at ease and i worry, i worry
oh my god i felt my heart stop
i felt my fucking heart stop
but were going all the way
i only have myself to blame
oh they know, they know, they know
their eyes are tearing the skin from our bodies
and dressing us in guilt, filling our wounds with salt
my stomaches tying itself in knots and eating itself and everything else, there must be something in the water making this an awkward situation

4. Are You Okay, Kiddo?

Our guise is that of an apparition
enthralled in the vanity of self-worship
our robe our crown
as much a part of us as the very marrow in our bones
we'll have you begging for your mother in the morning
(we grace you with our presence and then we curse you for your acceptance)
your father is out
he's damn right he should be worried
they'll call you jane doe
one in a million
one and the same
one empty chamber
one less to blame
(this is a failing institution and i've failed to notice)
i've learned not to despise this sentiment
complacency invokes atrophy's embrace
and so what if i can't leave this room?
that never stopped us before
(i've learned to forget my desires)

5. I Forgot 2 And A Half Days

I am here, and you are here,
but we are not really here at all.

Chew them up,
build the fort,
they won't see where we're hiding.
I see the road slipping as our eyes glaze over.
Warnings, just keep those blanket and pillows coming, and turn those fucking lights off.
As long as we make it alive our ears will reject their babble, and we'll fall around like imbeciles.

6. Texas Chainsaw Mascer-Uh

I remain docile
panic panic
despite what you say i am still quite afraid
panic may arise
there will be no memorial to praise your name
panic may arise
shut your mouth as every last limb is amputated
who knew in ten years you'd just be gone?
and i think it's safe to say the days of wine and roses are over
in the event that someone passes away completely unaware that their life is about to pass before their eyes
panic may arise

7. Kids, Kids, Kids

When the line between truths is as shallow as your breath
when you sigh all we become are echoes of what we once were
like cheap red lipstick and whore house perfume
disregard our potential
cause honey we've vanquished all those fears and replaced them with lust
every second of love
just a few more thrusts and our love will be gone
and i will be vindicated
and i will be lost

8. Buddy, You're Makin' No Sense

House legs were a road less traveled
Parting in ways only we could understand

Ok am I just waiting for my world
To come crashing down all around me?

Knee deep in misery and
My own shit I eat my way out to see
If I can make it ok

Then I say to myself
Which way is the right direction?
If all these years I've been headed
In the wrong direction
I can only befoul myself so many times

I am so fed up
My hands are shaking
I'm so fed up

9. There's A Bat

There's a bat crawling on my neck
and it's a big one
and it's got your number
and it's got mine too
and it'd be quite content to feast on you
oh my
oh my
oh my word
crawling on my neck
then he spoke to me
horror horror
what i saw wasn't quite what i thought it was at first
there's a bat on my neck

10. Eating The Porridge And Killing The Bears

Your gift horse has brought flies
and the stench is unbareable
i'm left with no option,
but to embrace apathy and loneliness
hoping that i die

i took a train to new york city
met a guy who i THOUGHT was pretty

tiny strands of skin could never hold a whole
begging to nurse its mouth to health

strip the skin from the inside out
you didnt think they'd notice
(you looked them straight in the face)

i always said that we'd watch them die
(you looked them straight in the face)

11. Party Girls

My fingers brush your lips on
On a cold day in June
I won't forget anything

I disregard every action
Between me and you
On days that shine
And days that gloom

12. There's A Bat (Acoustic)

[Hidden Track]

There's a bat on my neck
And it's a big one
Oh and it's got your number
(got your number)
It's got mine too
(got mine to)
And it'd be quite content
(be quite content)
to feast on you
(feast on you)

He's crawling
He's crawling on my neck
He's crawling
He's crawling on my neck boy

Well Then he spoke to me
(spoke to me)
"Horror, Horror" [x2]

oh boy
Oh boy you be so scared boy
Oh you be so scared

what i thought it was at first oh it wasn't what I thought at first
what i woah what i what what i thought it was at first wasn't what i thought it was at first

Oh you be freaking out boy
There's a goddamn bat on my fucking neck
I be freaking out boy

There's a bat( theres a bat)
on my neck (it's on my neck)

There's a bat
But it's not a fucking bat
I'm a fucking son of a bitch
(fucking son of a bitch)
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah...

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