Dark Lyrics


1. Pizza Party

i've packaged my emotions
it's limited edition in the new clear vinyl
this one's guaranteed to make you weep with the pretty print
oh we'll sell it all with the words that kiss your skin
my heart is your collector's edition
you wanted pain and you're getting it
oh what a time you'll have with my misfortunes

2. Inhalent Abuse Is Illegal And Can Be Fatal

(we're all gonna die)
this ship is gonna sink
without it's captain

(so take your shit and leave)
so take your 21st century telegraphs
(so take your shit and leave)
and take your keystroked morse code
whoa whoa jay kay kay kay

if you write to binary long enough
your liable to lose your penmanship
i cant write a god damned thing
and i can feel even less

a nice
(there's an upside to)
(corporal tunnel)
fuck you
(duster hits and)
fuck you
and fucking your secretary

it's better to give than recieve,
better to steal.

3. There's A Bat

there's a bat crawling on my neck
and it's a big one
and it's got your number
and it's got mine too
and it'd be quite content to feast on you
oh my
oh my
oh my word
crawling on my neck
then he spoke to me
horror horror
what i saw wasn't quite what i thought it was at first
there's a bat on my neck

4. Do You Like Guns? Want To See My Passport?

in your room
i'm in your head now
can you feel it?
can you feel this smelling your hair?
it's okay that you're the answer that i can't seem to formulate
are you claustrophobic?
blood is the new fashion
when your face shatters like porcelain bullets
wounds gape like open sewers
it's okay
this is what they're doing in europe
strangling flowers into ocean blue
you're the rock and i'm the roll
so tilt your gaping neck and let the good times flow

5. Kids Kids Kids

when the line between truths is as shallow as your breath
when you sigh all we become are echoes of what we once were
like cheap red lipstick and whore house perfume
disregard our potential
cause honey we've vanquished all those fears and replaced them with lust
every second of love
just a few more thrusts and our love will be gone
and i will be vindicated
and i will be lost

6. You Killed The Bee, But You Broke The Light You Asshole

how's the water
let's drown ourselves tonight in sappy goodbyes and witty remarks to keep our smiles from ear to ear
let's pretend this isn't killing us
i'm comatose
not asleep
all they are are paper cutouts of what we'll never be
and the sunset will not grace our faces the same
oh no
let's fucking slit our throats and save others the trouble of falling in love

7. Very Dramatic

blood's not enough to give to you
blood's not enough to change your mind
what's worse is when you're assured that this state could be deemed as something more than what we had to think
i'll never see you sleep without rope or tape
one is lost and one is gained
and when you're gone it's so easy to reclaim your heart from sorrow
revenge was on the tip of my tongue
and i will die before i let this go
take these words and bury them with me
and as for you
you were gone before they ever left my mouth
but can you get your fill?
i can't live with or without these memories
but i can live without you

8. Saran Wrap Love Affair

you are a sunset
you paint a perfect portrait
and with just one touch i'll be fucking sold
i am a ghost
i am transparent
consider the consequence of a young boy's smile
chapped lips and intentions
consider the description of a young boy's smile whose every love is separated by his own fear
and whose song will soon be sung
this is a saran wrap love affair

9. Vaginal Blood And Consruction Paper Cigarettes

open the door
spit in my face
get on your knees and bleed on me
everyone needs to wake the fuck up and witness the sheer atrocity in the powder room
i didn't cum
the putrid fuck smell of blood and cigarettes wouldn't allow it
can you even feel me in you
let's be obscure
give it to me
i'll fucking give it to you
turn on the lights
it's a bloodbath
this is a disaster
and you've ruined my pants

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