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1. 2K Awe Tick

Our lungs are fighting the infected air we breathe
Linear and square forms fill our eyes?

Seconds, all at count
and we work on its rate trying to raise it's bound
so our trace would be found, we go

The initial quest, the reason,
lost thousands of years before
we gaze at our will to explore

Advanced calculations
of microscopic to macrocosmic figures
and a sixth sense occurs

And we seek unvarying truths
using artificial intelligence
to re-invent the rules
virtual perfection in constant variation

Still our instinct acts in symphony
our feelings, our cellular
constitution's memory waves
in their way
on their way

From a jungle to another we grew
but now our will to ignore is confused denial

Will we stand our pride?
Will we justify?
Will we form a union between reason and life?

Will we modify our path?
Will we end our task?
Will we give up the insanity that retains our past?

Will we end this chaotic play?
We're on our way?
Our way

2. Masterdom's Profit

The hawk, cunning bird of prey
rides the wind to observe
his only predator assaulting his domain

cables, trucks and pavement
left the runaway restless, unsheltered

I say fly, head high
to the mountain top!
avoiding, escaping the city's deadly arms
from sightings to sightings,
the hunting won't withdraw
for the profit of masterdom

On earth, seas and land
we're all bound to meet its demand

As a whale ascends to the surface
It grasps a single breath of air
a ship legally sacks and packages his realm

The last of his entire race,
Sure we know, but it's worth the pay

I say swim, breathe and dive
on the seas around!
avoiding, escaping
the fishing's deadly arms
from sightings to sightings,
the hunting won't withdraw
for the profits of masterdom

Breathing along with nature's perfections
a young native meets a world of magicians
a promised paradise

Left the tribe to work at their command
for 5 cents an hour,
there's no comfort at hand
realized his land has been
spoiled and purged,
thousand years of knowledge gone

On earth, seas and land,
we're all bound to meet its demand

3. A New Paradigm

The flood will wash away the sins of an old disease brought by man.
Revenge, Mother's nature plan!
Sons of the earth, they lost their minds!?
These are the words of the native man
who still has hope to recover his land

And we, from one to last, if we stop the fights,
we could change our world for once
then leave the toys and take a new path that would suit everyone,
and our host may let us survive in a new paradigm

An excerpt in a million to define our differences
in the greedy human race, our own clan is always best
one preach for his country, the other his baseball team
an attitude from Mr. who?? that still won't care the others are slaves

We, all victims, if we stand as one
we could uphold all human rights,
and oppose ourselves to any kind of exploitation of one of us
the Universe may give us a place in a new paradigm?

4. Divisions

Colour circles through the haze,
shifts from time to time
spying on one another,
seeking for their kind
to rise, arise

and the man who doesn't belong awaits

Billions of faces,
limitless mirrors of the One
differences embodied our ancestors,
through wars and wars
and the man of mixed colours awakes,
and rises

Living, sharing,
breathing, dreaming

A union of shades
is born from millions of men,
who care not for a colour grey
but to live as a single frame

No illusions

Let the sphere lead you on,
Let the Universe feed you on,
And you'll be one

And it's our nature's pace,
seeking peace
in the end we all are
series of sums and negatives
the atom, the stars the galaxies
just live and die in a single breath...

5. A Higher Moral Ground

The fall of the kingdom has left a rich soil
a new morality in the form is sown
previous facts are now exposed.

The thorns brought on the previous dawn
defences, a perception to keep us strong

The destruction in the past
is used to form a common sense
in the construction of the present path
the moral high ground now prevails!

Power centers shall not be late
institutions now direct the song
new wonders and discovery
all appear as gold and stone
An illusion!

The colors are set so bright
that all else seems dark and grey
all senses numbed to explore
the moral high ground now prevails!

The nomads, separate for the crowd
fearing blindness
watch the scene of the dying soil.
the kingdom, for survival
plants its morals on foreign lands

And the story repeats itself
as the kingdom rules through fear
Oppression, hypocrisy, denial
forge a lie on moral grounds

The kingdom has now grown old,
distorted, no different from the last
The songs from the nomads
echo in a new dawn.

And as the kingdom falls again
a once dissenting voice is heard
becomes the beacon for the suffering
of fresh ideas, thought and growth

[This story must not repeat itself]

6. Komma

Cruel, the fight of all time, everyone is invited.
No swords, no knives, nor blood said the prophet, liar by profession.

And if you fail, you lose your mind
you can't recall your past,
you're pulverized!

The enemy's side takes over your own, enslaved
an alienation of your wraith still alive

You can't remember
You've been poisoned by someone else's brain
Just can't recall it!

In battle, you seek for weakness until you find,
then you attack!?

And you take away their identity
changed moralities, forever yours

You use their will for your own ideals, betrayed
a reproduction of your own state of mind

They can't remember
They've been possessed by the links of your brain,
just can't recall it!

(and the wise man proposed a way to stop the conflicts):

To reach a new plane;
The ascension all ancestors denied
Increase level of consciousnessuntil you get to the highest knowledge
and turn into light,
fly to arise.

7. Remembrance

Hey, my amnesia
What happened to the dreams we shared?
The colors, the shades,
were they just a phase?
No longer in our heart,
the love thy son's command
was it your vanity that rearranged it all
or misconceptions of the mind?

But under the sun,
there is no distinction we are One
Just like we used to sing,
it would never take our dreams away?

Walk on amnesia,
or you lead me to certain doom
chaos dwells inside my head,
what did you mean to do?
The gaps that I face
a part of it still heals
healing inside of me?
I'll find a way somehow
to remove those dreaded scars
no more hypnotized

In thoughts confidence builds
visions of sacred places
where a holy army rises
at the eve of a hopeless fight
we carry our own pride
illumination is bound to come

And in between our hearts,
lies a shadow in the darkness
that the light has cast away
a spark sowed in a soul
that in time will eventually grow
life is hoping we'll awake
and on goes humanity's crusade

8. 1/24

The child has come of age now,
the newcomer has been forged to deny
the income of an alien world
the acts where his equal is barely found
Rejected for his differences,
rejected he tries to shut, shut, shut them down,
like a desperate clown.

He's lying, he's hiding
the source that inspires him
retrieving imagination to forget his unexpected role

One out of twenty four births,
an insurance to disturb habits, behaviors
preconceived scenes don't suit him,
from outside he perceives the play in all
he projects on all

He's is a viper, spreading poison
waiving his tail
for a change in a corrupted World,
he's in a quest for unexpected roads

One of twenty four,
the healer,
leader, uniting all
you can't deny
your words
your blood

You're the idol, spreading wisdom
through your say for a change
Weaving through the haze,
evolution for all
is surely your only way
your way?

9. Waves

Breaking the waves of fear through thoughts
I replay in my head cycles of my deepest scars

Come to heal them where they can be found
right here inside, you touch what I hide

Breaking the waves of life through dreams
so I mend in my schemes the unnecessary links

The rotten corners are so hard to glide
suppressing the waves that hide all the pain and shatters my intentions
the precious spice was lost to the corpse
I went out of me looking for the keys
closer to insanity

Facing the creep looking at him straight in the eyes

You can't deceive my world
my balance won't be denied
I became enslaved in this world
with my life, left aside?

Breaking the waves to draw at the source
so cold reality is easier to endure

My focus enlarged by so many visions
I'm facing the common wheel of our world
time within a single spark
releasing the same fear of ours

Controls are in my hands once again

Over the edge I stared at the bottom and then
found the beauty of life once forgotten?

You can't deceive my world
my balance won't be denied
I was once enslaved in this world
with my life, left aside
You can't deceive my world
my balance won't be denied
To become the dreamer again
even with the light?

10. The Inner Stream Remains

Been so hard, to keep my soul alive
the essence of my whole being misplaced
just like a curse, a shadow of a beast
a seed sown in my mind
a machine eating me inside
but I couldn't resign

I tried to leave the lie, fell into denial
and then built a shield around waiting inside to be found
my spirit locked in a shell
(as you're trapped in one as well?)
trying to reach the highest state,
carried by the inner stream remains

Peace, I cannot set my mind in peace
there's always something here that drives you down
lost sanity, my spiritual life in decay
you can't lead it all alone
and cannot always choose with whom you deal
in this circus of mindless crooks at play

They took us all for fools, handcuffed to a dying root
cannot move outside their rules, couldn't find my way back to you
now they want us crucified
(hoping you won't even try?)
just reaching higher planes, carried by the inner stream remains

11. Beds Are Burning

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