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1. Your God's Crime

The blind man drank the water of reason
His eyes opened suddenly
Through what he is, his soul will be
And who he was, will never be again

I can see no future in here
If we don't take a stand now we'll fall

The secrets of the elder are hidden
By concepts of normality
The sanctuary of a new born vision
Will slowly be held by millions and millions

I belong to no flag, race or religion
Have no stable step to put my feet on
We have to let our need for evolution
Build a bridge to a better world

Hold on creators of this destructive future
Financial angels, you should be sent to hell
You've put us all in this nightmare
There's no way we can reverse this bad affair
Hold on, traitors
You shall all be judged under your god's crime

Hidden knowledge of secret societies
Will all have to be revealed
Stop government control of the media
It's time to claim the information

Circles of truths in all beliefs
Faith is the lie they use to lock one's door
You end up in the middle of the circle
No key to get out, you stay behind the walls.

2. Out Of Me

Welcome to you, oh mighty one
For the time has come to receive
The clash of the titans is over
And you shall be king
Control over your own cells
Now that you've found this new emotion
What is there to be seen
Reality bites as you open your eyes
Nothing seems to be real

Could it be that you've found
The stranger locked inside your crown
And as you find this inner strength within yourself
Remember, the shift might be too strong
Temptation of leaving this place will occur
Remember, you have to be strong

And as you are proceeding into your mind
Everything starts to unfold
The past, the present and the future are told
In ways which are unspeakable
Your life is an open book
And as you find the inner strength within yourself
Remember, the shift might be too strong
Temptation of leaving this place will occur
And remember the boundaries of disorder

Your head starts to spin
The world starts to turn
Your body disappears
The weight of time's no longer present
Mad comprehension of the world
Is forming within yourself

Now that I know what I've found
A lie buried deep in my mind
I must erase this old sin
Out of me

To read and to feel is what we ought to be
Claim the deep seas and the topless mountains
No longer a part of thee
Nor able to share the dream
I will go on a journey

3. March

To set myself for battle
To defend ourselves from gore
And to kill in the name of god, you see
Is not what I meant to be
So don't ask me
We must protect ourselves from slavery
The desolation army is coming in fury
They'll steal our bread, our wine and our wives

Oh, let him leave
I cannot leave my ways behind
Listen to the words he sings
This is a crime against mankind
Oh, let him leave
In the woods he'll be safe as a king

I can't fight
Why don't you get it
The march isn't right
I'm seeking a sanctuary
To last

And what a funny thing to think of such nonsense
You ask me to erase the ways that I've been taught
To kill a man always been the darkest sin
And now you urge me to be part of the genocide
Forget about the teachings, little man
In times of war we all must compromise
You have to think about me and your mother

I'm leaving this place behind new sanctuary

Don't leave us now
We need you here now
We have to win the final debate
Your father told you
Don't ever make that mistake

Freedom and liberty
He is gone now
Can't stop him now
We have to win the final debate
We must change the scheme
For our own sake
Changes, stagnation, truth, lies
Light, chains, freedom and liberty
In my new sanctuary

Don't leave us now
We need you here now
We have to win the final debate
Your father told you
Don't ever make that mistake

Freedom and liberty
He is gone now
Can't stop him now
We have to win the final debate
We must change the scheme
For our own sake

4. The Alchemist

[I. The Alchemist's creation]

In a strange gallery, an old man's work takes form
Illuminated by a candle, his visions light the dome
In a sea of immortals, his soul will be sown
As the universe will be pleased to welcome its new son
Four species were his prey
In the fields of the odds, from the world of unknown
Took the blood out of their bodies
And had the purest goal, to blend it with his own
The alchemist's work is done
To procreate without a form
And his death had been mourned

[II. The valley of confusion]

The creatures are left on their own
In the valley near their father's corpse
No language they ever learn
No answers spoken from the icon
Not a word

The death of their creator left them mutated
A look in their eyes shows the beast inside
Alone they would've built, together they destroy
And duality begins to possess their minds
Soul alike, they will fight until the end of their lives
For democracy, hypocrisy, democracy, hypocrisy
Demon's creation

[III. From one to another]

They're in for war and they set for Vietnam
If they don't try to accept others' differences
In any situation, they're in for religion, inquisition
To live and to kill under new institutions
In any way

The fact the gifts they received from the sage
Are the will to decide of what's wrong or right
And the need to understand through individuality
But they lean towards destruction
Took over creation, became philosophy
A narrow-minded eagle that won't expand its horizon

[IV. The box of images]

One of them created a thought-box
To regulate security
And to create a limited universe
A mentality formed into one's dream
Preventing the last war's doll
Building fences, suppressing thoughts
He trapped the others inside a cage
So they could breathe from the same wind
But the box held the wind at bay?

5. Gaia's Judgement

The game began thousands of years ago
Nations already under their control
They took their places behind our kings and queens
In the name of the power and the glory

Can't you feel it, can't you see it
The time has come to open our lives
For the time assigned to us has come to an end
Can't you feel it, can't you see it
There's no time to play our games anymore
For our mother earth is calling for a new kind of day

We were left alone without comprehension
All alone in this little point of the universe
Living in this world that we still don't understand
We're nothing but a grain of sand in the sea

We might be nothing compared to all there is
But still we have the will to think,
To sense and to create
Together we could be like a ship on the milky way
Oh Lord, how can we be so blind

For our mother earth is calling for a judgment day!

6. Face

A thought to remind you
The reason in which all our souls lie
People all around you
But none of them seem to face the fire
And they say
Stay behind the line
Don't you cross that line
Or insanity will find you
The fear of a new scene has begun

And you shall arrive on the shore
Should I run, should I go?
Is the water too cold?
Let me say you must go

You can lie, you can lie to yourself and deny
The first thing you'll realize
It will come over and over in time
You can hide, you can hide behind your disguise
You can fight the change in your mind
Until you face up to the water of life

The way you perceive life
You stay within your imaginary world
This fortune you never share
You fill their heads up full of lies

And you fall into your cycle again
You turn it over and over again
Face up to the water of life!

7. Cruel Disguise

There's a chance for a future
A chance for all human beings
Trapped within these altered faces
Hiding behind our disguise
That protects us from the pain
And the truth that's deep inside of us all

I'm the king of your nightmares
The ruler of your despair
To disobey your soul
And I will set all your boundaries
Control your anxiety
And never let you grow

And I will decide what you remember
Despite of what you languish for
Your desperate cries tear the night
And I will close the curtains on your dreams
And all that you'll ever see
Will be obscured until the end

In this world, I'm your cruel disguise
You're just an image, I can decide
You're just a false face of what I am

I am the bringer of all your fears
Afraid of slowly fading away
We won't ever let them go
And I am the mask that you always wear
When you exchange with all your friends
You'll never be yourself

I'm your worst nemesis
No one can be closer to you
I just want to remember

Who will be fading, who will remain
This constant struggle, through all these years
See all that I am, the essence of man
Tearing the flesh suit apart
I'm an invisible scar

I am a leap of faith
In the most desperate times
Release of hooks
From this tortured state of mind

Follow the steps
To the uncharted lands
And unleash the purity of life
The point of no return

8. The Horde

Dreams? I've been having those dreams
Since my birth on earth
The idealistic horde
That could heal the disease of man
Different I have always been
And that's how I'm meant to be
And it hurts to think you're alone
When the crowd is yelling so loud
I cannot bring my thoughts down
The secret places I've reached
Are nothing if I can't let it out

Visions of our wisdom, imagination is defined
The horde is divided in a world of design
Time has come to lead our minds for a change
Memories of the past are gonna seek the world at last!

Lies? that's all I hear from them, lies
Hope insanity won't take me away
Look at what they teach us anyway
It's for us, to never reach a change in our minds
The complex they have put us in
Is a long-lived conspiracy
Well, none of us will stand up for our right
Or will be shot down
By a bullet or their tongues
Every man's mission is to dream
But dreams are dreams
If you don't let them out

Visions of our wisdom, imagination is defined
The feeling of a horde was meant for all mankind
Time is now to lead our minds for a change
Every man becomes a child at the edge of a fall!

I fly through my mind
I can't talk, I can't think
Future is not settled as my part is redefined
Hell is close to heaven as I change the basics in my mind
The sun, the moon and the earth
Are the key to understand the dream?

9. Passage


10. Wings

Shine, wherever you are
Come on and share the light that is within you
Feel the limitless rise
Completely pass through you and me.

Sights of overwhelming designs
Tap into your memory core, abundance flowing
Unclenching the files
Establishing new points of view
Distortion's been cleared
Of this passenger's field and surroundings .

Fly the wings of life
In places you can't hide
And discover the real you inside ?

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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