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1. Atom & Evil

Blue skies - Once upon a dream
All highs - never in-between
Then Into the Garden came the spider

I'm here for you
Said the spider to the fly
And when I'm through
You can open up your eyes to see
Your world's on fire
And the liar won't let go
Atom and evil

One more promise
We can tame the sun
And then we'll shine forever

Someday you can cry for everyone
who burned when you were clever

Expand your mind
We've got a place for you
Just make believe
That one and one are always two
When into the parlour
Comes the slider
Say no
Atom and evil

Falling's easy
Rising will never be
So we must rise together

Here are the changes
Power for harmony
But then there's no forever
Atom and evil

Maybe if we cry together
Maybe if we cry as one
The tears that fall can kill the fire
And keep everyone from
Atom and evil
Atom and evil
Atom and evil
Atom and evil

2. Fear

If you've never heard before
There was once a time
When only God had fire
The moon and stars and nothing more
To lead you through the night

If there's a Hell and Satan had a daughter
He must have sent her here to hide the flame
We're still afraid
Must be he taught her so well
We've seen some light
So why's it all the same

Superstition - go away
We wear the mark

There's a corner of the mind
With a door that always
Opens up at sundown
And what's inside is to remind you
To hide from eyes that shine

We ran until we found we had the power
Illuminate the world and make it burn
We're still afraid
Must be that door in your brain
You've seen some light
And you pray it will return


If there's a Hell and Satan sent his daughter
She must have gotten lost
And can't go home
We're still afraid
And he can't find her again
We've seen some light
But it will always be the same

Evilution go away
We still share the mark

3. Bible Black

At last alone
His fire's dying
Burned another day

Now to pretend
And make up an ending
Somewhere far away

He reached for a book all bound in leather
Something that he knows he's never read
And the first page says beware you've found the answer
The next one says I wish that you were dead

Don't go on
Put it back
You're reading from the Bible Black

What's this world I see
Who are you and who are me
Maybe I just stumbled in the dark

I must have been out cold
But the way the story's told
They found me lying naked in the rain

Let me go
I've seen religion
But the light has left me blind
Take me back
I must have the Bible Black

Well here I go again
From the start and to the end
I wish I could remember what I've done

Now here's another spell
It can take me straight to Hell
And I feel I'm getting closer to my home

Let me go I've found addiction
And it makes me feel alive
Take me back
I must have the Bible Black

He locks himself away and tastes the silence
Hungry for another bite of wrong
And just the words o Lord please take me with you
Took him to a place we don't belong

Let him go
He can't come back
He's reading from the Bible Black

So if your fire's dying
And what's the use of trying
I may know another place that you can go
It's hiding in the pages
But you may not come back
You're reading from the Bible Black

4. Double The Pain

A stab in the back is worth waiting for tonight
He's seen enough joy for today

A sudden attack
Would just start the evening right
And maybe a penance to pay

Thunder and lightning
Electric machines
These are the devils
That shout in his dreams

Double the pain
He's strong he will survive
Double the pain
It will make him come alive
Double the pain

Games of the heart
Not fair and you can't win
But torture and anger can play
You've never said no
To just another spin
And losing is one step away

Friendly confusion
Like nothing you've seen
These are the demons
That shout in his dreams


A slap in the face
To bring him back around
It's a touch - like cool morning rain

He's fallen from grace
And slammed to the ground
And begs for some more of the same

Thunder and lightning
Eccentric machines
These are the devils
That shout in his dreams


Double the pain
I'm sure I saw him smile
Double the pain
Let's kick him for awhile
Double the pain

5. Rock & Roll Angel

Just close your eyes
You're on a caravan to Superman
Sweet home infection
He can kill you with a smile

He'll come to you
But like the wind
He's here today then gone away
Be born again
Come taste the exhibition

Take a number
Come and join the line
Here's where you will find your
Rock & Roll Angel
Don't close your mind
Just bring insanity and you'll see it all
His lie can blind you
He's now, he's revelation

You've been wishing for the magic sign
Here's where you will find your
Rock and Roll Angel

Perfect strangers in the dark
Waiting for their lives to start
Then behold your shining star
I wonder who you are

Perfect strangers in the dark
Waiting for their lives to start
But just before the dream begins
You must confess your sins

Soon to see the holy one
Can he really block the sun
Then at last our shining star
Make me who you are

6. The Turn Of The Screw

Another face at the window
To take me away from you
To a place that I just won't go

It's always hard to remember
Was it pleasure or pain
oh well I just don't want to know

And there's service with a smile
Don't need to see your money
But one more thing to do
And we're just about to do it to you
The turn of the screw

He was born to be angry
A fire that just burned cold
And you knew you should keep away

Then on a night in the city
It happened he lost control
So it's on to his last today

They'll dress him up in style
To walk the final mile to somewhere
And one last thing to do
Oh - maybe it could happen to you
The turn of the screw
If they lead we will follow
And they're leading to you

We measure in time
And then we end
The mountains we climb
Are just pretend

You'll be rich you'll be golden
Just sign on the dotted line
No need to read the rules

And we might let you know
If there's a way to beg or borrow
But one more thing to do
And how we love to put it to you
The turn of the screw

Here comes another
You're empty and we're finished with you
On to the next one
And the turn of the screw

7. Eating The Cannibals

I'm sure you've never had this meal before
We're still open stay and have some more
It's been raised upon your body and your soul
Total control
Plenty of seating
You know that you're eating the cannibals

Taking till you've got no more to give
Building boxes where you used to live
The word out on the street is no delay
Do it today

Come to the meeting
It's true that we're eating the cannibals

Don't close your eyes
We'll come while you're sleeping
You reached for the skies

Now we are calling
It's all falling down

Come on in we love our clientele
You're here to taste revenge
And so you shall
It's been raised upon your body and your bones
But now you're not alone
Enough with the greeting
'Cause soon you'll be
Eating the cannibals
Eating the cannibals

8. Follow The Tears

Come lie on a bed of nails and slumber
Rise up but the hands all pull you down
My sunshine is wind and rain and thunder
I sing but I can't make a song

So if you want o know where
I've been
Hiding all these years
Follow the tears
Follow the tears

Don't drink from the cup of human kindness
It's a strange brew and poison to the touch
Don't think that they're saving you the finest for last
Or that you wanted too much

So if you want o know where
I've been
Hiding all these years
Follow the tears
Follow the tears
Follow the tears
Follow the tears

We'll be there for you
I believed and I can tell you it's not true
Run away before they find you again
The consequence of the conscience
Is that you'll be left somewhere
Swinging in the air

So if you want to know why
I've been
Hiding all these years
You might just find the way
Before the signs all disappear
Follow the tears
Follow the tears

If you want to find me
If you really care
Follow the tears
They're everywhere no no

9. Neverwhere

She made the night
But the dark's all right
And his heart became the hunter
A deadly bride
It's suicide
So take it slow

Waiting alone for the witching hour
Feeling the shock and the surge of power
She's come to know

She makes her way to the door forbidden
Tomorrow she'll say that she did not really go there
To neverwhere
Never where

And then the child
Strange free and wild
The picture of the mother

The same cold eyes
The same old lies
The same as one another

Together they wait for the witching hour
Felling the heat and the push of power
They need to know

Left behind he's the uninvited
Maybe the door will open if he
Waits there
At neverwhere

The hand that rocks the cradle in the morning
Could be lurking round the corner with a gun
Before you take the time to say I'm sorry
Remember where she's been
And all the misery she's done

And then the prize
Time to decide
But one last voice
Be careful

It's just too strong
And he must belong
So down we go

Waiting for the witching hour
Needing the shock and the surge of power
He wants to know

They make their way down to the door forbidden
She waves him in at last
And he's gone there
To neverwhere

10. Breaking Into Heaven

Someone said there's a lost horizon
We must find a way to the throne
Take his gold and the bed he lies on
No mercy from hearts made of stone

Before the fall we were only dancers
Angels gliding over the floor
Time stood still and we were sure of the answers
We waited but some wanted more

High above the world we had it all
So no one seemed to care
When evil came to call and
Soon we knew temptation and we sinned
Then he closed the door
We can't come back again

Before today it was a dark tomorrow
Chained and cursed to wander with man
But we've been told
That it's time and we must go
Does hopeless mean maybe we can

Now we're back again we want it all
And no one seems to know
That evil's come to call and
We will bring temptation and you'll sin
Then we'll slam the door
You can't come back again

Breaking into heaven - changing the rules
Breaking into heaven - just a world full of fools
Breaking into heaven - get ready for war
Breaking into heaven - we only want more and more and more and more

Far beneath the world we missed the sun
Why did we believe it shines on everyone so
Now we're here to take away your light
So you can go forever where the next day's still tonight


We're ready for war
We're just outside your door
Breaking into heaven
We've just found the keys
And we're breaking into heaven

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