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1. Enthroned In Chaos

Up on their thrones ones made from skin and bones
They twist the words that they say
From deep inside their walls corrupt beasts make calls
Breaking backs for "honest" pay
Cruel luck is set on high unmanned and running wild
Stealing from helpless pools

Parts made from simple blood wicked ways and we're the mules
This time the will to live and survive weighs down the very meaning
Of life, forced to be the ones to give up this time without

Lawless men make the rules the "golden" one's don't steal
What they lose won't make them rich
Their filthy hands are lined with what is yours and mine
Doesn't cost them a stick

This man made suffering snakes us a dying breed
Crucified for the machine
I he end of life begins cannot repent their sins
So they steal from our need

High up in liars chairs on weakened souls they feed
Breaking silence is' rubbed the wrong way now doomed
Enthroned in chaos

Retrieve what they stole from us
Deceive the maker of distrust
Repent for the souls of the dead
Relieve the world from this
Raped from the innocent stole from the weak
Brainwashed there is no relief
We live in chaos,

2. Visions Through Bleeding Eyes

The end predicted from the past times elapsed
Erode milkened mouths reveal worlds controlled
Signs religions in their minds think are right
To tell that the apocalypse bring horror

Now punctured palms stigmata victim
Rise atomic tide world crumbles

Worship on your hands and knees begging please
Divine, sacrifice designed to take its course
Blind need the healing hand to free the pain
Why the visions seen for years are coming

Bow in search for life
So fake inside
Clay figurines
Visions through bleeding eyes

You live for pain

Become slaves
You pray for death
It never comes

3. Redemption Comes Calling

You pinched your pennies, you sold your soul
You found no reasons which bored a hole
Led into trickery this all still ends
Bright, flash of lightning meets your amends

You thought you had it all when the world did fall
And all the things you have they are now all dead
With all the things you dreamed

Beg for release praying for your mercy
Is this the end ball of flame the sky opens
Trenches being dug the mortal will be corralled
Slow marching death redemption comes calling

You look at the sky a simple red
You'll hide your eyes ungrateful dread
Your pupils dilate your fear it grows
Your skin is scorched peeled from its bones

We're bleeding from our eyes suffocation
This strangle hold on life emaciation
We are set on fire immolation
From graves it steals our power

4. Dance Of The Wicked

Since the time began war machines churn up the dead
Bleeding minds and souls wretched horror in their eyes it grows
On hollow torture its fed wastelands are drained and bled
Brick by brick it's built shifting power the doom it kills

On pale horses the riders bring the death
Blackened and imprisoned the bloody end comes to view

It starts to deprecate feel the cracks beneath our feet
Droves of demons that roll destroying life where ever they go
A raging genocide a cancer that rots in time
It digs a shallow grave self strangulation you re made a slave

Dance of the wicked drowned in sorrow
Dance of the wicked rising death toll

5. The Darkened Decline


6. The Lashing


7. Burning Defiance

Procure immortality time to choose a side
This war to rule eternity revealed and all its signs
Beast friend or foe has this god dethroned
Destroyed the temples burn* darkness unfolds into the light
Brimstone and babylon

Dread immobilized plight all falls collapsing skies

Belial trapped inside the earth breaks out to find his turn
Forced will and belligerence digs in and makes its mark
Besiege and bewilderment tears scars in gods own eyes
This trail of the destiny begins with angels cries

War above below
Burning defiance

8. Crusade For Deliverance

Unchained wretched beasts
Form lines in search of flesh

Spread wings and tangled meat
From down below pukes evils seed

Process elimination this is the battle of sins
Proceed extradition is trained on who will lose

All will fall none are spared
Crushing blows that kill the air
Silent shadows the darkness casts
On trampled bodies of the past

Crusade for deliverance

9. Casting Judgment

Now truths wearing thin
Hooks in the skin kept there to hold
Lies were told for years
Wasted their prayers on something dead

Broke and suffering
Receive the pain all pleas sustained
Control eliviate
Their victims slain judgment is due

Boiled over
There's nothing left to plead
Dig them under
There's no one left to scream
Bleed the guilty
And set the wicked free
Casting judgment
Eternal life received

Broke and suffering
Receive the pain all pleas contained
Failed sentence begins
Tried for their sins judgment is through

Boiled over
There's nothing left to plead-
Dig them under
There's no one left to scream
Bleed the guilty and set the wicked free
Casting judgment on those who don't believe

Served, signed and sealed
Delays chances of end
In our pain nothings resolved
Life's made slaves of us all

Derek Lee ‒ Vocals
Derek Haley ‒ Guitars (lead)
Pat Davison ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Jeremy Walsch ‒ Bass
Jeff Wood ‒ Drums

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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