Dark Lyrics


1. The Premonition


2. Victory Or Death

Unbending for the next battle
Bravery provided with implements
Emerging beyond the landscape
Enemies await in feeble presence
Shades of shining glory
Collide with crimson death
And all shall be conquered
By the tools of our trade

Merciless beyond our grace
Devouring their unholy essence
With the sway of a razors edge
Spilling their blood like wine
Scarlet stains upon their flesh
For I shall defend thy soil
Elimination of all impure

Cast thy righteous blade
Bring victory or death
Cast thy sinful blade
Bring victory or death

3. Enlightened By Darkness

Daylight has abandoned all
And so we seek forbidden calls
The gloom of unholy spirit
Is the doom of haunting cries
A voyage for the soulless
A departure from our lives
The need to rise above and beyond
A removal from the week

Enlightened by darkness
Subconscious transcendence
Through gardens of fate
All darkness awaits

In search for the dominions
Of twisted utilitarian fate
Enshrouded within endless night
A communion for the depraved
Unorthodox scriptures of time
Heaving earth will be mine
A premonition for all to see
Is the end of all that will be

4. Exiled From Heaven

His personal quest
Is to condemn the life you feel
But not knowing, he is inside
God cannot save you
You are damned within his presence
But still not knowing, he dwells within

Feel his essence
Burning inside
The unholy angel
Exiled from heaven

Broken dreams lead to
A shattered trail for your life
And still not knowing, he is inside
Psychopathic illusions
His vengeance you shall endure
And still not knowing, he dwells within

An angel of darkness
Expelled from the light
No good will or greatness
He felt nothing but fright

5. Sin After Sin

As human beings becoming we can be so vulnerable
Oh to see so clearly would be a sinful vision indeed

Oh to feel the pain
Of centuries
Sin after sin
An ageless prodigy

The eyes of the beholder shall forever succeed
While the tears of the wicked shall forever bleed

Yesterdays are now gone forever
No fate but what we may make of it
Timelessness is lost within bereavement

Only to live for the life beyond
In our beings we are what we create
We all have the power to bring the end
It's up to us to amend the fortune ahead

6. A Plague Called God

Sheltered by the absence of light
Hidden beneath this cloak of death
I am the entity beyond the grace of God
For I am the fall from redemption

Devoured within your own deceit
You are the plague for another noble feast
Lies, you have filled their souls
With the glories of your falsity
The supremacy of your flesh
Was in fact the curse to be

Pestilence shall purge through the holiest of nights
A plague of allegiance shall cleanse through your sights
Rivalled in damnation distorted by the light
Cursed upon thy throne you cannot fight

And so this plague called God
Shall be eradicated by the beast

7. 1867

Norse mythology was brought to the new world
In a time when Vikings roamed our land
Epic stories in verse have drifted through the ages
And the relics of time lay forevermore

In 1867 a colony had been launched
By the deed of surrender the great white north was ours
A dominion soon spread from sea to shining sea
A land of such majestic beauty shall lay peacefully forevermore

This land with mountains so soaring
A land with Great Lakes so broad
This land with the cruellest of all winters
A land I shall call my own
I am a patriarch

8. Conquest For Supremacy

A battle for the ages their empire will surely fall
A death in pure vengeance listen now and heed the call
Flowing with crimson streams this is the warriors last stand
Torn by such anger listen all and take command

Triumphant and victories we all stand tall
No battle will be lost and so we heed the call
March onward and press on for our beliefs
No country shall falter for peace shall bring relief

Arrogance in silence your decisions will pay the cost
Such fundamentalist movements your contentment will be lost
The quest for liberty will be conquered by successful dreams
And in the end your God will fail despite your fallen regime

9. Black Choirs Of Melancholy

Endless choirs from the fog
Take thy soul far beyond
Lead me to my shallow grave
And forever shall I remain

While the creatures of the night
Roam beneath the moonlight
Infinite flames torch the horizon
Disguised within enticing fashion

Black choirs of melancholy
Praise the unholy night
Black choirs of melancholy
Give me the gift of sight

Onward towards another dimension
Beyond your wildest dreams
Entranced within raging seas
I drift eternally

Give me the gift of sight
Lead me to the darkest of nights
Entranced within raging seas
I drift eternally

10. Spheres Of Decadence

Amidst the eternal quest for divine reason
An arcane life force amongst all who will betray

Spheres of decadence... corruption within grace
Lead me beyond the threshold that awaits
Spheres of decadence... corruption within grace
Lead me beyond the pleasures that await

A birth above and beyond the tragedies of man
Breeding commotion in perverse annihilating one's faith

Trapped within spheres of decadence
A life of sin will surely begin
Breeding the tragedies of mankind
Spheres of decadence procreating strife

A slave to submission reduced to hypocrisy
The curse of reverence defiled the loss of divinity

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