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1. Drowning Of The Elephant God

Ganapati Bappa Morya

Dirt and oil created form
Infused with life; he was born to guard the gate.

Dutiful son, a God made from clay
Did stand guard as his mother bathed

A warrior returns, a war did wage
Dead he lay, the song of Shiva

In a pool of blood he lay, the son of Shiva
In a pool of blood he lay, beheaded Ganapati Bappa

Parvathi wept, the promise of wrath
The world will face her fury
Till he was reborn
Resurrecting the dead Son of God

Shiva, he sent his army forth
That fetched him an elephant head

Fused together man and beast
So he was born, Ganapati bapa, the Elephant God!

And so the story goes, over a 1000 years old
And so the story goes, the myth becomes a lie

Today they celebrate his birth
With great pomp and fanfare
Disregarding mother earth
While she cries, bleeds, despairs!

Thousands of believers flock to the streets
Hundreds of idols they carry to the seas
Drown their God, satisfy their belief
Destroying Mother Nature

Thousands of heads adorn the beach
For days after and after
Dead flowers and empty prayers
Mother did weep, she did despair

The deafening sound of a thousand drums
Heard in the distance the low rumbling hum
Blocking the road, the infinite hordes
Dancing they take to the streets

The colours, they stain the streets
Marching forward millions of feet
The mass of humanity moves to the sea
For the drowning of the Elephant God.

The pretext of religion
A bottle of booze
Gang raped in the corner
The screams are mute
Is a God really watching?

2. Contaminating The Ganges

God did tell you, the water is holy.
God did tell you, I'll wash away your sins
When you bathe your rotten self in the holy Ganges.

Once a symbol of divine purity
Bathe in it for the river cleans all
A thousand years have passed
The stench of your sins still remain

I come as a child, murdered my mother
I come with purity, bathed in sin
I seek refuge, in palaces I live
I am no sinner, unholy in wealth
I come undone, a disease I am
Do with me, whatever you will.
For I remain, your symbol of ignorance
For I remain, stain of your sin

Destroy, Violate, Raping Unholy
Bastards, Sinners,
Contaminating the Ganges
Defecate, Suffocate, Blessed Unholy
Liars, Preachers,
Contaminating the Ganges

An effort to restore what once was
A thousand walls do block the path
Religion, corruption
The mass of humans that bathe in their own faeces

A lifetime of sins cannot be washed
Away by just a belief and a river
Justify your crimes before a false lord
Justify that you are free from sin

3. Bakras To The Slaughter

Eat not the swine they do believe
For it is Haraam and he commanded it
Bleed the rest to death by their neck
Justify the killing, justify Halal.

The cost of the sacrifice remains the same
The veil of ignorance that covers your eyes

Sacrifice the son to a fictitious lord
I promise you no lamb shall be slaughtered
The Lord is but a wolf in sheep's clothing
And you are nothing but the sacrificial lamb

Benevolent, kind and all power a God we did devise
What kind of cruel, sadist being demands a sacrifice
What kind of black hearted God, takes a human life
The sheep is just deceit, a story, a lie

A thousand lambs to the slaughter
And a thousand more to go
The blood has soaked the ground
Because your God told you so.

The age old chapters of deceit, your God is a lie
Lift the veil of hypocrisy and open your eyes

Silence breaks the dawn
The bleating of the bakra
Sharpening the blade
All in the name of Allah

The innocence in their eyes
Tied down for the sacrifice
Swing the blade from up high
Spill the blood for a lie.

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