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1. Surgical Strike

Welcome to this grand circus of a scheme
I take your money and leave you to bleed
Come this night your tender is illegal
Please bear with me the pain will just bite a little

Your old damn notes can go to hell
See the black money hoarders cower in their cells
I'll rid this country of illegal currency
But my friends rich and powerful will go scot free

I'll ensure that no harm
Comes to me and my friends
I'm just here to laugh
As I fuck the opposition in the end.

2. It's Only A Minor Inconvenience

Oh you fucking incompetent shmucks
You were going to hit a 6 but got out on duck
You thought this was a nice little game to play
You didn't give a fuck if people died on the way

It's only a minor inconvenience

She couldn't feed her family, it's only a minor inconvenience
She watched her helpless hungry child
The old man died waiting in line, it's only a minor inconvenience
He died for the refusal of his old bills, it's only a minor inconvenience
A baby died as her mother did wait, it's only a minor inconvenience

A rising death toll, this blood is on your hands
The whole nation is down to their knees just because you failed
Because of your stupid arrogance, and all your lies.
But it's only a minor inconvenience

3. Fuck Poor People, I Have PayTm

On the first day of demonetization we saw
On the front page of the paper was a whore
Being felicitated for his unplanned pile of shit
By a private limited company that benefits from it

The digital age is our priority among other things
More than food, water, electricity and housing
Famine, suicide, hunger and drought.
It's more important to learn to use PayTm now.

We get really great network inside and out
Cashless transactions will be a breeze now
Doesn't matter if I don't have a smartphone
Or if my grandparents are 90 years old

Force feed us you likes and bullshit
Make us use these stupid money portals
Run like a headless goat for my own money
Of course, you laugh at it in Japan because it's funny

In some of the cities, people don't have a place to shit
And of course, in full public view, the government takes a piss.

4. Reliance Is The Secret Of My Energy, Jio Mere Lal!

Digital India is my dream
Come on girl I'll make you scream
A net connection in every house
Free Internet for you and your spouse

My sexy smile and my best suit
With my well-combed hair and polished boot
On the front page my mug you see
On every paper in the fucking street

Reliance is the secret of my energy
Internet phone and cable TV
Everything will fucking free
Jio Mere Lal

My master plan was fucking smart
Told you first and saved your arse
Had it foretold in a gujju paper
I knew you would thank me later

My sexy smile and my best suit
With my well-combed hair and polished boot
On the front page my mug you see
On every paper in the fucking street

Hand in hand we walk together
You have more money but my dick is bigger
Like lost lovers we adore
Mutual benefits but you are my whore.

5. If The Army Can Do It, So Can You

Stand in line and serve your country you unpatriotic fuck!
Where are your balls, when you hear the call, come join the army my son.
Fight for your country, lay down your life, a hero, a martyr you will die
But you won't do it, of course not, you got the money and the chicks are hot
You were born into comforts and lots of wealth, serving the nation is for someone else

But you got the balls, to stand very tall, in the line at the ATM.

And you say if the army can do it, so can you.

You're an armchair patriot, spewing hatred, always calling for war
You've got no perspective because you're deluded, empathy is not in you
You pound your chest and beat your breast, like waving your patriot dick
Facebook, Twitter, display pictures showing your pride on-line
But you'll spit on the ground, bribe people around and treat this country like shit.
If it ever came to war, you'll run as far as your little legs would carry you.

There is no glory in war
It's only for profit of the rich and powerful
Let them not turn you into slaves under the guise of patriotism
No one wants war except those who profit from it.
Why would a man hate another man who he doesn't know?
Why would a man kill another man who he doesn't know?

6. Bailing Out The Banks

The story you were told
Is that your notes are fucking old
They are used in many bad ways
Funding terrorism, drugs and counterfeiting
Black fucking money!

Six hundred thousand rupees in bad loans
That what all the fucking banks are owed
Where did all that cash go?
Where did all that cash go?
Does anybody know?

It's a great big master plan,
For bailing out the banks
At the cost of the common man
Are we just writing off bad loans?

To save the banks from a virtual collapse
Bring your money and deposit it fast
A price you must pay as a common man
A price you must pay for this masterplan

Kill two birds with one stone
Under the guise of black money
The machinery will roll
The veil of black covers, they don't know.

7. If You Disagree You Are Anti-National, Go To Pakistan

8. My Note Has GPS

Modi bhakts are dumber than gnats
They took the bait, fell for the trap
Believe their god could do no wrong
Demonetization was a gift from their lord

Those fucking ugly pink 2k notes
We sent by their god, but here is the joke
They believe it had a little nano chip
Could be tracked by a special space ship

Satellite track and GPS
Modi ji is the fucking best

Their little brains didn't believe the hoax
One of those chuts actually tore the note

Satellite track and GPS
Modi ji is the fucking best

Run to the shop with my 2k note
No change in sight, no 100 ka notes

9. Chutiya Banaya Bada Maza Aaya

A great game was played
The country betrayed
Died for no crimes
Just waiting in line
For a couple of printed bills
A hungry stomach to fill
Beaten, broken and battered
To claim money, their own!

Chutiya banaya bada mazza aaya

Samkhya: bass
Mimamsa: drums
Carvaka: vocals, guitars

Thanks to sandip.roy073 for sending these lyrics.

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