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1. Tales From Outer Space!

High above the earth, in the darkest depths of the known universe
On distant alien planets, citizens are fighting to keep our galaxy safe
Citizens are exploring to discover new worlds

It's time once again for… Tales From Outer Space!

In tonight's episode: In The Days of Galactic Alliance, Space Trilogy, The Last Man
Starship Troopers, XBSN…

2. In The Days Of The Galactic Alliance

Long nights, cold days
We’ve lived too long with fear and hate
But the time has come to join together
And carry on…

We shall return to Galactic days
Standing strong and unafraid
We’ll carry on… carry on

3. Space Trilogy Pt. I: Maiden Voyage

Motionless through space we fly
Standing still the worlds flood by
"Hello? Is anyone there?"

4. Space Trilogy Pt. II: Perelandra

Universe of mystery and we will seek the meaning
Find the keys that unlock the doors to worlds beyond our dreaming

Satellites now come into view, a giant below them looming
Patchwork green and crystal blue, a virgin world now shining through

5. Space Trilogy Pt. III: Awake, Sleeper

Silently screaming across constellations, my Renaissance tearing through space
Lying still in my bio-stasis chamber, suspended and inanimate

Traveling time and space, awake Sleeper, awake.

Hurling unhindered, the void black and shapeless, my ship’s A.I. keeps me on course
Guided by more than precise calculations, an invisible spiritual force

Traveling time and space, awake Sleeper

I don’t understand what forces are guiding my way
Still I’ll unfurl my sails, let the winds of destiny blow and carry me where they may

I awake to find my programmed mind imprinted with a new mission
Something stirs ‘neath the planets surface, but a haze clouds my vision

Could it be I’ve been here before? I sense I have but I cannot be sure
I feel my ship respond to ground control, being pulled toward the celestial shore

A dark planet made of blackened stone hides abundant stores of treasure
But a shadow looms over my soul, fell darkness beyond measure

Find the man with time on his side, his soul decaying from attrition
He will lead you to the depths below and there you will fulfill your mission

In the shadows a child lays still, a surgeon breathes through his mask
In the tray a computer chip, a blade; tools for his task
My vision blurs, the dream swirls into darkness as I drift away
Grasp at thoughts and try to remember… hold on one more day.

I awaken aboard the Renaissance wondering where I am
Looking down, I open my fist
A computer chip sits in the palm of my hand

6. The Last Man

It’s beautiful, a world so far away
But it’s dark and cold out here in space
And I’m all alone

Awakening from the long journey home
My mission done, how the light years had flown
And I couldn’t wait to tell the world that I’d found our new home

Then the message came, sent years ago
Of the final war, when all was lost, and now I’m on my own
And I don’t know what to do…
Lord, take me home.

7. Starship Troopers

High above the earth in the darkest depths of space
On distant alien worlds citizens are dying for us

Just eighteen years old, it’s always been my dream
To take my place among them… citizens are dying for us

Dying for us
Citizens are fighting
Dying for us
Citizens are fighting, dying for us

Citizens are fighting, dying…

Dying for us
Citizens are fighting
Dying for us
Citizens are fighting, dying for us


Soaring through space, traveling the speed of light
I think of your face, then I get sick and start to puke
Dinner comes a’spraying out…
When it’s gone I’ll keep dry heaving ‘til I get my mind on something else

I’m tired of this food, I long for a good piece of steak
But paste in a tube is better than home, girl, ‘cause you can’t cook
You were such a gorgeous woman ‘til you made me dinner now I’ll never look at you the same again.

You can’t cook.

Jim Nahikian: drums
Jeff Lane: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards

Thanks to johnny.teresopolis for sending these lyrics.

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