Dark Lyrics


1. Pathfinder

The only thing I see, the only thing I know
My intuition - My destiny, the way for me to go
All the sleepless nights and restless days
A wish to make it right once gone astray

I feel - Inside of me
I'm soon to be free

A brighter sun is waiting out there for me
Somewhere, somehow - Finally
Out of the abyss to the surface again
Time to put an end to all the suffering

Inhale exhale
I breathe fresh air
New day, new dawn
The pain is gone

2. Quintessence

Hey, who are you to lecture me?
A smell of envy, I sense jealousy
My spirit grew strong from the pain
To suffer is the key, there's no other way

I found the essence - I found the truth
A hidden message inside of you...

I wish you would be here now
Would mean the world to me
I wish you could see me now
If you were for real

So, tell me now I am all ears
Where did you hide for all those years
I turned every stone looking for you
Moved every mountain in search of the truth

3. Shackles Of Guilt

Why do you avoid me like the plague
This alienation drives me insane
Was it just a case of overreaction
Is everything now to your satisfaction

Dissolving - Memories of you - Down the drain

Why bring me nothing but shackles of guilt
For me to wear to remember all this
There is no need and you know
You will reap what you sow

Do you believe in animosity
As the only way to handle our fear
So why avoid me like the plague
The alienation remains

4. Ambrosia

5. Una Lucha A Muerte

What have you done to earn the right
You killed the sun and turned day into night
How can it be you're unleashed
To keep on spreading your disease

You have no mercy, no regret - Just have to do it
Just have to find another feast to satisy your needs

A twisted mind most unique
All empty inside as if your spirit leaks
You lost all sense, the sense of compassion
To kill again has become an obsession

So did you choose to play God?
With your own rules to stay in control
Great deceiver you're being watched
This will be your final call

6. Bountyhunter

There seems to be - A price on my head
Who could it be - That wants me dead?

The more you chase me - The faster I'll run
Soon face to face - Eager to get it done

This mountain was too high
For a mortal to climb
Risking it all now, falling down

You claim my soul to be yours
You crave to own the very source
Just leave me ripped and torn

None of us were told - What it'd be like
Sometimes in a role - Of just being polite
There's a basic need - Significant to human nature
A will to proceed - No matter what it takes

For each breaking dawn - New strength is gained
I am no longer a pawn - In your wicked game

7. Demon Curd

8. Aggravation

Trapped in a maze, known as life on Earth
A sinister place of everlasting rebirth

Universal contemplation
Final stage of aggravation

Soon it would show - We were "blessed"
To be a part of the perpetual test

The questions arose over all the years
An urge to know the purpose of being here

The harder you try - The more it won't make sense
So hollow it echoes inside - How am I to ever comprehend?

9. The Last Ordeal

Cold and grey
These colours of deceit
Swept away
By a flood of grief
The pictures
In broken frames
I couldn't see
The change

...But now I know

You live - You learn
You give nothing in return

Scars won't heal
That easily
Hard to feel
Nothing but pity
The words
You spoke
Severely hurt
Just another heart broken

All the pictures
In broken frames
I couldn't see the change
You live, you learn
And you give
But get nothing in return...

Johan Liiva ‒ Vocals
Mattias Ljung ‒ Guitars
Max Thornell ‒ Bass (session), Drums, Guitars (rhythm) (session)

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