Dark Lyrics


1. Emotional Overload

Emotional overload reigns my brain
A flood of information drowns me as I drain

Step back in line and take the lies
My mind is overloaded
I’m ready to rise

Emotional overload drives me insane
I lost my comprehension
Can’t stop this pain

Step back in line and take the lies
Facings are overloaded
I’m hypnotized

I won’t take it!
My head explodes
Emotional overload

2. Leave The Past Behind

Four walls are closing in
There’s no way out
This time I cannot win
There ain’t no doubt

We should improve our minds
And leave the past behind

Domination of the past
Just set me free
How long will it last?
Renewal in me

This is the price we pay
If we don’t change our way
And face another day

Frustration once again
I’m feeling low
Another day, another sin
Where do we go?

We should improve our minds
And leave the past behind
To start a better life
One more time

3. Down By Law

Why don’t you see?
Why don’t you face?
Why don’t you understand
What we are trying to say?

Innocence in this society a sin
Unjustified jailed for the colour of your skin
Terrified of what they thought you to respect
Corruption and injustice as a matter of fact

We’re on a mission to madness
No one can be saved
This is a vision of darkness
For us it’s too late

Realize when you see blood on the floor
Victimized you are down by the law
Highest price turns right into guilt
Start to rise against the system they’ve built

You brought us
Down by law

4. The Prophecy

[Hesekiel 25/17]

I had a vision in a dream
The prophecy
The past becomes our destiny

The dark side is our guiding light beyond belief
God’s army’s near
They come to strike

Look back in time and history of war and pain
The same mistakes are all I see

Mankind will pay for all its sins on judgement day
Here at the point of no return

A dark age
A black fate
Damned for all time
Down we go
Sure to stay
At the end of the line

5. Sudden Death

Out on the streets tonight
With intent to kill


My victims have no choice
I love the thrill

Too late, too late
No turning back
This is the final hour
Sudden death

No warnings, no goodbyes
You won’t come back


Nobody will survive
My bloody attack

6. Desire

Face down, feelin’ low
Burned out, out of control
Fucked up, it ain’t tight
Can’t get no sleep tonight

Feels like I’m shipwrecked
Caught in a spider’s web
Trapped in a prison cell
It’s just like livin’ in hell

My mind is hungry
My flesh is weak
My thoughts are empty
My only passion is my greed

Kick down the walls inside
I’ve got to free my mind
Stand up, make it real
But there’s no way out

7. In My Mind

Tried to face the fear
Deep inside of me
It’s been here for son long
Tried to face the fact
I’m a livin’ wreck
Maybe tomorrow I’m gone

Take a look in my mind
Tell me what you see
Is it something unreal?
Take a look through my eyes
It’s too much for me
Pain is rising in my mind

Heal me now
As I pray to you
I give you all that I have
Kill me now
As I reach for death
There won’t be any cure

8. Silent Cry

Dark shadows in your mind
Suffering every night
Awake, you cannot sleep
Will it ever end?

Trapped in a world of fear
No nightmare, this is real
The pain will drive you mad
But there is no escape

Your soul is screaming loud
You voice don’t make a sound
You fall down to the ground
Silent cry

Do you know who is to blame?
No one cares, play the game
But you know time won’t heal
Suicidal thoughts

You feel disrooted and alone
So disrupted to the bone
Life’s a pleasure, you feel pain
Lost your mind, you are insane

9. Rotten To The Core

Under blackened skies of poison
Societies will burn
We destroyed our mother nature
There ain’t no more return

We buried all our wisdom
No learning from the past
This earth is like a time bomb
How long will it last?

Rotten to the core
Rising nevermore

2000 years behind us
Of slaughter, death and pain
No good came down to save us
Through hell we walk again

10. Death Zone

Colours, voices unknown to you
Born in darkness, what can you do?
No arms, no legs, deaf, dumb and blind
Crippled and helpless, you’re left behind

Death comes slowly a few years ago
Death comes surely as we all know
Living in danger, living in fear
They keep on telling it can’t happen here

Liquidators – sentenced to death
The reactor – poisons your breath
No protection – from the unknown
Death zone

11. Shades Of Grey

Hail, hail to the new machine
A new messiah is born
We pray to computer god
Into salvation transformed
In technical ecstasy
We will spend our lives
We drown into cyberspace
With a virtual smile

Welcome to the brave new world
A never-ending progress
New drugs to excite my nerves
A never-ending excess
Conform or be cast out
This is the only way
Emotional overload
Come and blow me away

All colours fade away
Into different shades of grey

Dreams of infinity
Turning inside out
Realms of insanity
Put societies down
This is the meaning of life
It’s the meaning of death
Will I return to life?
Will I ever come back?

All feelings fade away
Frozen in shades of grey

Andi – vocals
Olaf – guitar
Matze – bass
Moritz – drums

All songs written and arranged by Headshot, except song 3/6/10 by Headshot & Steffen Keuchel.
Produced by Moritz Hoffmeister & Headshot.
Recorded, mixed & mastered in August 98 at Whiteline Studio BS.

Thanks to technotomy for sending these lyrics.

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