Dark Lyrics


1. Isolation

Pressed into lifeless shapes
Suffer from vertigo
Confronted with a brutal world we grow

Dispersal - disorder
Just chopped in bits
Dissection - into pieces
That will never fit - again

Betrayed and agonized
Until the day you die
But your self-made prison is a lie

Dispersal - disorder
Just chopped in bits
Dissection - into pieces
That will never fit - again

We are the travellers of eternity
We lost our way, we walk alone
We are creators of our destiny
In isolation we shall drown

There is no common ground
No union, no alliance
Too many try to be the first in line


We are all witness to insanity
The plague is spread across the land
We are observers of catastrophes
Things just getting out of hand

2. Which Means War

I am the everlasting ever watching hell for you
Telling you 'bout morality and things you shouldn't do
My sense of tolerance is widely recognized
Any anomalies are sure to be despised

And if you don't respect that I know what is good for you
You'll take the painful way to be a loyal member too

My word is the law
And if you choose the wrong way
My rage will unfold
Which means war

I bring democracy, I praise the lord
I bring a true belief, don't fuck with god you whore
I root out all the sinners, burn them on nuclear pyre
I bring the new world order, illuminating, shining fire

My word is the law
And if you choose the wrong way
My rage will unfold
Which means war
Which means war
Which means total war
One more eternal war

3. In Your Face

An act of selfishness and the twist begins
An act of arrogance, confess no sins
There is no sympathy, suspended love
Neglected harmony, opposition grows

Interplay of disagreement escalating higher
Depraved in agony, fuel for the fire
Apparent indifference, two worlds divide
Manifest hostility, two worlds collide

Without respect
Without a cause
Without regrets
And no remorse

In your face

Insidious act
Is now designed
The will to kill
Is on my mind

In your face
In your face - hit
In your face - punch
In your face - kick
In your face - kill
Gone insane

4. Old Patterns

Back to the old patterns, step back in time
Old familiar failures, progress denied
Idiotic idols to fill the inner void
Crippled fantasy, mentally destroyed

I can see no future, everything has failed
No more self-confidence, back to the grave
See our world in pieces, rotten from inside
There is no perspective on the bottom line

Rust and decay
I see the world in shades of gray
Sick and insane
In lowest consciousness we remain

Unconscious search for life
Unfit imagination
Desires unfulfilled
Ends up in mass frustration

5. Bound To Fail

Like demon possessed, taking no rest
Building the tower ahead
Founded on science, unholy alliance
The mental life suffers instead

Pushing on faster, head into disaster
The tower sways up to the spire
Eternal erection with no satisfaction
Symbol of misled desire

Aiming heaven, approaching hell
Blinded by greed and deceit
Inflicted by karma, extending the drama
The harvest of yesterday's seed

Life's meaning descending with no comprehension
Mysterious enigma unsolved
In one-way direction, just forcing the action
Mankind is one-sided evolved

A morbid monument arising
A monolith that shall prevail
No synchronicity with nature's law
Unstable, bound to fail

6. Second To None

Limb from limb I hunt you down with victory and might
Bring you eternal sorrow, shooting out your light
Kneel down or be erased, step back in line
I am the new commander taking what is mine

For pride and glory
I am the one
I won't step back
I'm second to none

Another day, another war, another land to conquer
The biggest nation of all, the one that'll never fall
A new crusade to bring the truth, heaven's on our side
We live in god's own country, a legacy of light

For pride and steel
I am the one
Still act so selfish
Second to none

So proud and primitive
I am the one
Lack of intelligence
Second to none

7. Quest For The Sun

Abandoned and ejected
Downfall of the brave
Frozen down to zero
Broken, laid to waste
Searching for a saviour
Driven by desire

Aiming at absolution
In the cleansing of the fire

Beneath a crimson sky
We walk on and on
Into a raging fire

Blinded by temptation
Misguided, led astray
The shining of the embers
Keeps us on our way
Burning from the heat wave
Peeling of the skin

Boiling stream of lava
Erasing all our sins

We're marching on
Still marching strong
Quest for the sun

Under a violet moon
We stumble and crawl
Into the coming dawn
We never shall fall

Restless on the last steps
Our journey soon be done
Joining the inferno
At one with the sun

8. Cuts Beneath The Skin

Born into a world of sin and hate
And greed implanted in our
Brains fed up with lies, true life denied
State of degenerated mind

Numb we watch and see our destiny
Inflicted with a world that's
Drowned in apathy, with shattered souls
Caught in a slave machinery

Paralyzed by fear

No way out of here

Scars deep within
Cuts beneath the skin

9. As Above, So Below

The one, you can call it god
Creates - opposites are formed
Falling - in polarity
Born from entity

The two - mirror to the one
And three - creation is done
Rising - to infinity
Holy trinity

A microcosmic disharmony implies
A macrocosmic analogy

Darkness - now defined by light
Colours - versus blackest night
Father - son and holy ghost
Nothing's ever lost

Warfare - eternal peace denied
Evil - keeps the good alive
Mankind - profane and divine
666 is nine

A macrocosmic disharmony implies
A microcosmic analogy

As above
So below
The patterns of creation
Contain a revelation
As above
So below
Eternal wisdom's fading
Our world is rearranging

10. The Swarm


11. We Disintegrate

Icons, ideals
Falling from grace
With no sign of descending
Another strange idol taking their place
Another fake healer arising

Losing my faith
Losing my hope
Disciple of insanity
Losing my love
Drowning in pain
Man of distrust - misanthropy

Don't care for you
Don't care for me
Failure in humanity
Chances are gone
Servants to chaos and hate
We disintegrate

Demons, serpents
Rising from hell
With no sign of ascending
Another double-dealer playing its game
Another false prophet appearing

Andi Bruer ‒ Vocals
Olaf Danneberg ‒ Guitars
Henrik Osterloh ‒ Guitars
Stefan Stürmer ‒ Bass
Till Hartmann ‒ Drums

Thanks to jitzschak for sending these lyrics.

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