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1. Hecate

Now there is much time
that the curse arrived
to nothing distinguish
(I was persuaded).

The good and evil
don't know anymore
and day by day the mistake
increases more and more.

Mist and plague - three witches I see.
Poison and magic - forsake in this sea.

And I was gambled
where all seems standing
and the black poison
corrupts my bones.

I can not move
trinity arrests me
nothing to say
I became a slave

And I wish I had never heard
oh oh oh Hécate!
Queen of the night, they have no name,
fire and water, wind and rain!
One more time treason comes
oh oh oh Hécate !!!!!

Queen of witches
when I will be enough evil
to drink all your poison
to the death, madness or fall?

The sun doesn't rise
and I am in this sea for a long time
there're no islands here
to moor our ship - so torn!

2. Flight Of King

There are you crying in your ship,
Enclosured by Fears.
You left behind your land
And your people full of tears.

You remember the threat:
The tyrant forbade the union,
Forbade the commerce,
And now is left the dominion.

The true king lost his head:
There is not fall when you're dead.
Maybe this is the fate of kings:
Die by the blade of guillotine.

What's gone wrong, I can't see straight.
Been too long, so full of hate.
And I think that you are not blind
To the ones you left behind.

Sad is the war and it's innocent blood
Sad is the cross and it's suicidal followers.

King of nothing: where's your pride?
King of nothing: you should have tried.

Now your land is dominated.
Your land is in the hand of the tyrant.
You have nothing left,
Only the colony and the faith of a better future.

But king, do not worry:
You will be a hero,
Your life will turn to story,
But you will never look to a mirror.

3. Funeral For A Viking

Gods of the elements
this is the season of fall
Darkness covering my vision
blood staining the wall

Day after day
the time seems to drain
The truest things
taken by the rain!

The final battle has begun
I hope to be reminded as a brave
'Cause there's nothing beyond the ashes,
except the memory!

Day after day
the time seems to drain
The truest things
taken by the rain!

Like a warrior
one battle will bring my sunset
Ancient lore
I will return to my holy land!

Set me in my boat
and let me go
I will return to the thunder!
To my gods!
Make me ashes,
eternal return by fire!

4. The Knight And The Silver Moon

[Part 1. The Battle]

Riding across the Balcans
searching for a new adventure
the heart is so far away
beside your love that awaits

But now your friends
- the sword and the horse -
has been guiding him
for the next battle

(A next battle)
It's coming on
where the death spies on
the cross and the faith in god
the reason for your shed blood

Under a Silver Moon -
the innocence of a broken heart
Under a Silver Moon -
behind the fury of the knight

Your princess cries in the castle
enclosured by walls of memories
she carries a new life
another warrior that will die -
(By the Kings! By the Cross! By the Might!!)

And the blood of the knight disappears
are not for being defeated, his tears
the battle has really been lost
but the fate separated his heir!

Riding across the Balcans
the crusaders found their doom
and nobody understands the passion
between the knight and the silver moon . . .

[Part 2. The Redemption]

My Knight, do you hear the music?
Do you hear? They are calling!
See the Valkyries
See the angels
Your moment is now!

You win, your blood is not in vain
Do you feel, they are taking away your pain!!

A better place is waiting for you
(In the court of Valhalla)
Beside Odin, Thor and Tyr
(In the court of Valhalla)
In the court of paradise
(Is the court of Valhalla)
Beside God and the angels
(We know your sacrifice!!)

The innocence in your heart
made of you one hero!!

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