Dark Lyrics


1. Linear Existence

Define our species progression
Over time constitutes
An insignificant session and
A life without transgression

Futile attempts to define
Truths of space and time
From our enclosed perspective
Locked inside out trivial mind

A life along a line
Defines a present always left behind
An instant passed in seconds
Within time and space enshrined

They told me the present
Is a reflection on the future
An endless cycle of torment
Sown away in the clad universes suture

2. The Glacial Face

The snow and cold will reach our warmth
And follow its unique trajectory
Ice of a thousand years will mark its way
A new line of ideas will be reborn

Memories and visions are displayed before our eyes
Thoughts congealed will be replaced
Comprehensions of a dying breed convulsed
As rocks are ground from obstacle to grit

A massive catastrophe places
Its features before us
Before our very eyes
A wall of impossibilities, a glacial face
No signs - of rupture or decreasing speed
No lives - are set aside existence won't
Abide - conform, adjust to nothing
Of no avail - see the new dawn break

Mountains become hills till they become flatland
Till they become wasteland till they renew the
Surface of what was
Shape it into what will become, replenish life

When night reaches its darkest hour
The frail breed of us are naught
The new day will bring a flaming light
Reshaping the unknown

Move forward according - to the line
No deviance accepted - machinery assail
Grind the face of nature - unform the ball of clay
Relieve us the position - top of the food chain

An inner fear - of what we are capable of
Will diminish - as our ashes spread on top
We're indifferent - yet nothing stays the same
We invite ourselves - into adversity

3. Grey Eyes Golden Skin

Raising his hand to the crucifix
Like a blade sinking through skin
Teeth are reddened, rising
Fractions ripple across the spheres
A hegemony contorted by this sickly upstart
Necrotic schisms raping paradigm

Perceive the masks, smiling
Perceive the truth, a sword
Scintillating, unsheathed in all its glory
All its kaleidoscopic fury
To strike
Cataclysm of insight
Dare the naked chasm
Yet truth is never unveiled
As if ravaged by spectres and rent asunder
Raped and beaten to the ground
The World Without End is falling to pieces
Monotonous hammer of the Gods is crushed
Against skin turned gold
The copper sun is setting at last,
Diving downwards, faster and faster
Come mirrors, distend these clouds

Trapped in the endless chain of sounds
As spoken by the uncreated mouth
Behind those cold grey eyes
A thousand smiles hide
And the new sun will never rise

This is the pit we deserve
This is the end we deserve

4. Cyrus The Great

Cyrus son of Teispes
Born of great kings
Underneath the burning trees
From folded lion wings

Marching towards Median
To thwart the realm above
Legions materialize his will
For his grace and love

All hail the king of Anshan
Riding the lions wing
See the future's expansion
And what solemnity brings

Fall to his divine feet
Slaves of Astyages
Breathe your masters imminent defeat
Crawl for the king of Persia's bless

His legacy is bound to restore
Desolate faith and dreams
Through peace and hate and war
Tear down the astray regimes

Cambyses my relentless son
Mighty king and Achaemenian
We shall live to never come undone
Our fate beyond the death of men

5. Vitruvian Ghost


6. Carver Of Lies

The silence' oppressive waves
Awash with noise
Drowning insides
Cannot stand to compete
All lost between faces
Nothing will be regained from this

Like a shimmering cloud-carpet
Suffocating the holes of
Where blood used to flow
Insight is slowly depleted

Thoroughly and thoughtlessly
Anger never felt so right
Like some sort of veil
So strong, it will never fail

Congregations of wave-fronts
Standing in proud rows
Ready to leap into shadows
March into disintegration
With eyes sown shut and muted screams
Facets of the oblivious
It seemed like an empty street
Blood-red bricks came crashing down
A pandemonic surge of tumbling hate

Wander through gardens of spiritual afflictions
Facing through restless walls
The sweet scent of rotting apples and pyres of
decrepit leaves
With this blade
Pacing through grey labyrinths
Demon-clusterbombs and
The thick flesh of hydra-fog

Carve another path
Of snowflake identity
Never to look back
Never to realize

Carve another lie
In the face of lies
Solace is not in the Word
Nor for any to reach

Meekness inheritance
Complete irrelevance
Antagonism and enmity
The only sound solution

7. I Människans Närvaro

8. Unventured Thoughts

The very instant feelings flicker
from what's positive to what's not
that very time is when worlds collide

Let us imagine two of our worlds in tremendous velocity
collapsing from each route, swirling through
the black emptiness we refer to as the universe.
Until suddenly resorting to a crash of abnormal beauty,
Slinging pieces of dirt, ashes, and molecules of species,
dominate and subordinate, throughout the dark Eden.
A finite world finally reaching unventured thoughts
perceiving a new perspective of reality.

Reaching untouched destinations.
Revealing worlds unborn, scorched and lifeless
or so it seems...

Life once again loses its value, dipping into black,
only to sway back at that very instant.
But somewhere along the line pieces are lost,
Pieces of us.
Feelings, memories, experiences both past and present.
Even what would have come to pass in another time and place.
Lost forever in oblivion without ability and probability
to recall or recollect.

Andreas Johansson — Bass
Johan "Kroke" Cronqvist — Drums
Mahan Ahmadi — Guitars
Johan Bergström — Vocals
Miguel Cabrera — Guitars

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