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1. Intro

Future denied
As mankind races towards extinction

Has every hope died?

So it would seem
For we've killing the future...

2. Scarred For Life

I accuse thee of the worst imaginable crimes
The destroying of an innocent
But why? What sort of satisfaction do you earn?
All I know is that your soul will burn

A child is born, his mind is torn
By abusive words and beatings
What has he done, this only son
To deserve a life of pain?
His mind draws in to protect him
From the hand that strikes and feeds him
Soon he will know, that even though
He's done nothing wrong, he's Scarred for Life!

See the suffering etched into his every feature
The gift his parents bring
Will be with him 'til his final day...

And so you see the insanity that violence breeds: fratricide and matricide
And then, unleashed upon an unsuspecting world outside
It's a man whose life has been denied

Scarred For Life!
And what of those who commit such heinous acts?
Can any punishment truly fit the crime?

3. Burned

Burning! Why do you burn me?
Have me not had enough flames to last us through eternity?
Dying! Why must I die?
Do you hold me responsible for what has happened to
Your lives? Do you believe the lies?...

It seems I must die for you to realize
It's pointless! This changes nothing
The world that we once knew will still be dead and passed away

Burning! Why must I burn?
Do you think that upon my death the old world will return?

Burned at the stake
By a world in search of misplaced vengeance
I'm not the one
Who's destroyed all that you loved

I tried to warm them
But they wouldn't listen, they never do
Burning nations
Seems the only way to open their eyes

I see it once again - the windstorm passes

I kneel where I once lived and search the ashes

For this place held countless memories
But now I pray that they will leave me be
...that they will simply leave to me
...and spare my soul this agony

Dusk approaches! And with it comes
The time at which the flame is lit and I'm undone
Burning! Oh god, I burn
My final statement: now I know you'll never learn!

...but now they're closed forever...

4. Prime Directive

The three day war
No time before had ever seen such power released

Great cities fell. The earth went to hell
Thousands then alive soon were deceased

Technology - given to me
Turned me from main into a killing machine

Just black and white. No wrong or right
No fine line in between
Oh, god, forgive me!...

In the distance - a burning city
The flames foretell my eternity

Decisions made - obey my prime detective
When there's no war, how am I to obey!
Destroy the enemy - my prime detective
But in this world of peace, who is the enemy?
Who is the enemy?...

I must decide - syntheticide?
Or a life full of guilt and pain?

This bloody trend will never end
There's everything to lose and nothing to gain

I fought for the free and tranquility
Now I murder those I swore to protect

Why do I go on? My time has come and gone
But the truth is just so hard to accept
Though, I must try...

The urge to kill, coming over me
Now, I feel the flames of eternity

5. All That Is Evil

Prime evil!
In human form will never die, yet was never born
Descending! On doom we ride
All fingers point towards genocide

Abominations in a world of sin
Evil spell is cast from the hell within
Domination of unholy ways
Those with the faith have now gone astray

Uttering words from a sacred book
Some feel these sins will be overlooked
Self-righteous fools wear the mask of god
Others too blind to see through their facade

False prophets speak in a twisted tongue
Obtained victims at an age so young
Brainwashing of the innocent ones
Realizing too late that the damage is done

Seasons of pain as we try and obtain world peace
Living in hell each day while murderers walk the streets
Our leaders to blind to see what's best for you and me
Hole in the sky causing death to our oceans and tress

Not much time left to repent our sins
Famine's rampant time and time again
Plague and disease are burning out of control
Millions are dropping, finally, death takes its toll...

All that is evil. Deep within the soul of man
All that is evil. Taking mankind by the hand
World full of hatred!
I think we've got to find a way to dispel the evil
If things don't change we'll never be the same...

Why does it have no end?
It seems to be starting once again
Spiralling to the point of no return
What once was good has done bad
Try to find the life I had
Before the vil came to take my soul...

Seasons of pain...

Your mind begins to work in sickened ways
Finally realize that you have been possessed by the evil!

All that is evil!...
All that is evil!...

6. Distant Signs

Prophecies from a time long since past
Days of peace much too good to last
Preachers speak of an eternal hell
In a lake of fire we dwell...we will dwell!

Books have been written of a madman's rise
Hitler's reign led to millions demise
Prophets spoke of a third world war
A rage of nations never seen before

Plagues to hate unknown to man
While many find the promised land
Others burn in the abyss
No one can imagine this
In ancient times kings spoke the words
The prophets spoke of things unheard
Now their dreams are coming true
Is this the end for me and you?

See our future land in our leader's hands
Deny us our demands
See what we're becoming
Age of decay is showing
Distant signs of sorrow

Distant signs of sorrow...

7. Pools Of Blood

See my victims - they like face down in pools of blood
It was so easy - they offered themselves unto me

Suffer! And pay the price
As you drown in pools of blood
In pools of...

Blood is flowing in rivers fed by scarlet rain
The storm unleashed - I lift my face to taste the pain

They led worthless lives. They died by my hands

Bear witness as the victim's family
Mourns the loss of their only born
Thirst for blood is growing stronger
As I watch them die, I feel no sympathy
I feel no sympathy...

I feel no sympathy. I want to hear your screams...
Hear you scream...
As you drown in pools of blood...
In pools of blood

8. Mark My Words

With the new millennium we're told the final day will come
But much as yet is still unclear
As to what sort of death to fear
But I must agree, I've seen the signs
The ignorance, moral decline, the spiritual decadence
I cannot help but feel we have no chance

Do not think there is no hope to change the course we've set
Our fate has not been sealed as yet
But time is short, we must decide
Do we want to live or shall we die?
Destroy the land and burn the air
As mother earth weeps in despair
I'm of the mind that we must pay
For these crimes committed every day

Mark my words and realize
With each hour the planet dies
The time has come we cannot wait
It's possible that tomorrow may be too late

We see the future by looking to the past
But the present's changing much too fats
And every day may be our last...

Mark my words
And open up your eyes
Look to the fading skies
There lies our greatest threat
And it must one day soon be met

Mark my words
The time is drawing near
When we are forced to hear
The cries of our despair
For too few chose to care

9. Into Nothingness

Incineration - the unholy flame
Will be unleashed upon the world
Cities burned to ashes. Bodies turning into dust
No one can see, soon we will be

Blown away. Ripped away, swept away. Into nothingness...

So many times, it's happened before
To so many lives and so many worlds
Numbers en masse commit suicide
Do we approach the end of the line? We are...

A blast from hell one thousand times more intense that our sun
Ripping flesh from bodies, then boiling the blood
Morbid way to end things, existence is denied
One way to die - death from the sky
This mindless act of man may be his last

Populus deletus - few are left alive
Songs of sorrow being chanted

Now that the end has arrived - no more warfare
Now we die in solitude
As the world is...

Thanks to Damned, luxuskaizer for sending these lyrics.

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