Dark Lyrics


1. Life Is Hard Enough

ambitions fail, complications hail all when
my insecurities all fucking prevail.
do i turn to a drink or into what i really wanna be?
is a substance gonna be the crutch thats gonna
set me fucking free?
the pressure rises and i feel the strain
the doubt begins and confusions reign
directionless where do i turn
don't fail me now the one thing that i've learned...
i've learned the strength to fucking push it aside
we know, we know i got the strength inside
you know i got it and i know it so i'll show it
to live, with pain...the choice is in my hands
thats just an anchor that'll drown you man
we know, we know you got the strength inside
to defeat the problems of our lives
without, the "crutch" ...cause we all know
life is hard enough as it is.

2. Watch Me Sink

a breaking in spirit, a breaking in promise, a breaking in me
how can i find the peace inside me, in a world i can see....
thats taking and taking all for ourselves, taking and taking
and its dragging me down, deeper and deeper
watch me sink like a stone
in a sea of selfishness,
where me is more and you is less

the vanity, it becomes insanity.
we eat the shit that's fed to us.
we stomach it, and we embellish it,
and we confuse our love with lust.
cant we find another way?
the way that goes against the grain.
Abstain, The Grain.
abstain, abstain, abstain, abstain

the ugliness, licentiousness,
the love that is just skin deep
before i become just a memory of what i used to be

we're deaf and blind to a age's cry
we refuse to fucking hear.
not learning to grow, just losing the one
i used to see in the fucking mirror

the egoists, the narcissists
the shallow waters wade in

before i become just a memory
of what i used to be

"of a world thats doing its best, night and day,
to make me everybody else" -e.e. cummings

please take me out...
of a world without any heart
take me out
when they see my hope and rip it apart
take me out
of a world we built to serve our selfish-fucking-selves,
can you tell me
where does love fit in?

remember what love is?

3. Armed With A Mind

caked up and faked up,
she's obsessed with the outside.
nothing earned, too afraid to fail.
so she leads a hollow life void of insight
loving what you see, but you fear what you think
because between your mind and your body
there's a missing fucking link
that leaves you vulnerable, susceptible to pain
you're a garden of potential submerged in the rain

i said true beauty, cant be seen, with the eyes

ARMED, armed with a mind
i'm gonna strengthen my action with thought
make use of the gift i got
and walk fearless because i'm armed-with-a-mind
a weak offense when you step to this
mind over matter is power over fists
i walk fearless because i'm armed with-a-mind

i walk fearless with a mind far greater than just a fucking fist.

spineless and mindless. you flex your muscles and not your fucking head
a deep man with a strong point made without one thoughtful word said?
"huff and puff", the fierce fists will do the talking
cant speak for yourself so your "crew"'s with you walking
tell me whats worth fighting for...
and it better be something greater than an evening of the score

boy, your true strength sleeps behind your eyes!

its the absent minded fool who's afraid to think,
to extend an open hand,
to dare to earn a thing.
its the gift inside our heads not to take for granted..
because an unexamined life is a seed unplanted.
as the animals, they cant reason
but as humans we can.
so are you just a wild animal or a rational man?
our bodies take us nowhere, might does NOT make right.
theres a gift inside your head called your mind

4. About Face

fucked it up again. but i'm not looking the other way.
i see my errors and i know i'm wrong, but it's gonna
take way more than that
to change my ways and start thinking straight,
be the person i aspire to be.
own up to myself. turn my life around.
make amends to my friends, i owe to myself and them.
pledge of allegiance to myself. so i must fucking say: i will change
no more selfish ways, no more for # 1; its done.
arrogance is of the past: so i must fucking say: i will change
so you gonna try, or is it gonna be the same fucking song?
i must find, i'll strive for
i must find, i'll strive for


so don't lose, don't lose...your way.
don't lose your way.
i said its time we really take a look at ourselves
and start caring about someone else.

5. The Unbreakable

he was a kind hearted man in a hateful world
who caught every thing that life ever hurled
like the oldest mountain he always stood so tall
forever showing what it means to be unbreakable
paycheck to paycheck,
3 jobs a day,
he's the ransom for his family's pain
in the coldest world with the warmest heart,
he puts to shame what you consider hard
he's the man you don't see in the mirror
while the world was screaming death,
he chose a different song to hear
he's the band thats playing while the ship sinks
the song of hope, he forever sings
he taught the sun to shine
now please teach this "son" to shine
how can this world never break
your warm heart in this frigid fucking place?
you're like the river:
always flowing and growing,
never changing; rearranging
how can this world always never take
your solid stance in these turbulent time?
you're like the tree in the burning forest
that never was burned down
and what he said to me was this

"Just love the world that won't love you back"

old man look at my life
i'm nothing like you are
take a look at my life
i'm so very fucking far
from the person i aspire to be


6. Old Man II (Last Words And Lessons Learned)

"i remember the man who just wanted life to live and let live
while we're searching for our lives."
black elk never should you forget,
people want to see you bleed.
sink not to their level,
surrender only what they need

7. Song Of Shame

let me tell you a story about the man who loved to play with fire
he's the backfired rocketship, he's the seed that never splits
some trees just cant bloom....they'll never
born in a life of opportunity with every chance to excel
instead took his fucking chances with the cheapest goddamn thrills
he'd do anything, he'd take anything for a moments satisfaction
sweet seconds of pleasure could never measure to his agonizing life
of addiction

in the dark night, he tries to remember a future so bright
"it wont happen to me,
it wont happen to me,
it wont happen to me"
thats what they always fucking say.

the man who thinks hes-above misery and hurt and harm and pain
is the main who lives his life tightly bound as a slave in chains
in chains
in chains
in chains of a neverending abyss
in chains of an artificial bliss
and he lives just like a slave
for giving his life away for nothing.

8. To Us Fools

to our foundations who fell apart
and all us kids who believed in you
to all the kids that you sold out
and all of us you made feel like fools
we'll stand hard
we'll hold true
we wont let go like you motherfuckers.

9. Something More Than Ink

just take a fucking good look at just what you did;
you set a raging fire in the heart of a kid.
your words and the message you sent are held
in my heart as they burn inside my head.
burns, it's burning inside my head, even if
you chose a different path to tread.
i guess it was something inside, it was something more to us.
so you chose a different path from the one you once set.
that's just the cycle of life so take your steps ahead.
that doesn't change one thing in my life
i'll never cease to keep your words alive.
because i still believe in what was said
i'll hold on to the last thread
i still believe in what was said
your absence doesn't bring my values death
i guess it was something inside, it was something more to us.
a "hero's fall" can never change what i think
because at the core of my heart this is something more than ink.
Something more than ink....
On a page, on a shirt, on the back of my hand.
Something written in stone, words we wrote in stone.

10. The Machinist

i see the free which you enslave,
the walking you keep chained
i see the growth which keep caged
and i've seen the minds that go un-raged

i see the body robbed of soul
to be the fuel for your control
i see the standing knocked to their knees,
and i've seen the human beings you treat

like machines

i am not, i am not, i am not a machine
i am, i am, i am a human being

what the fuck

a stagnant life's a victory
for the lover of life that never breeds
perpetuate and obliterate
those addicted to living on their knees
the dealers deplete you,
yeah dealers beat you like you're drum without a tone

until you say
unlike the silent machines who won't settle
unlike the lifeless objects they want you to be

you want your object, well you fucking got it...

i could be the knife in your backs,
the noose wrapped around your necks
the bullet racing through your skulls
but i'd rather use the force of my spoken word

Let our voices form the weapons
Our Voices

no silence,
no compliance,
in defiance of the rape of growth

11. Watch Me Rise

"goddamn", he said, "i promised myself
i'd never feel this fucking way
again, this world has got me praying on my knees
for one peaceful thought

in my mind,
my stride,
my life,
my time
is consumed with a thousand thoughts

flying free like a flock of birds
with no direction or intention of finding home

it's so hard to think,
it's so hard to change
when this world doesn't see you any other way

in this world, they choose to see me,
they choose to see me
like a setting sun

so it's up to me,
i have to see me,
i have to see me
like the rising one

in my days somebody told me that the rain would always come,
always come to wash away the pain
but nothing changes and this world still wants me down,
wants me down on my knees praying in that rain

"born this way, die this way"

i'd rather die on my feet
than live on my knees
i'd rather die on my feet
so you can watch me,
you can watch me

with the things we carry

the loss,
the scars,
the weight of heavy hearts

so i say to the slaves of depression
and sing the sweet redeeming song
about living this life free and long

watch me, watch me,
for Miles and miles

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