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1. Suicide Run

Out of his mind and out of control,
The sting of the whip has
Yet buried His soul,
To carry on with blood on his hands,
Wreckless intent to destroy all he can,
Don't care to die, so fuck all who try,
Revenge and vengeance is never denied,
Begging for your life,
Will not help your cause,
Now committing murder,
Awaiting hells applause.

In a drug filled craze,
He fulfills his rage by
Inflicting his own brand
Of torment and the death
He brings, that fall into his
Plan chaos and mayhem will
Be done, the moon will
Swallow the sun,
This is to be his suicide run,
And kill and kill and kill
And kill and kill

Hunting down his enemies
Destroying one by one,
Not giving any pity or
Remorse, for what he's done
The killer lives inside him, it
Has nowhere to go,
Eventually he'll fall as the story goes


2. Weapons Of Class Destruction

Another school under siege is the breath refreshing me
This time bombs a teen assault, attack that no one foresees
Chaos and panic and nobody lives expecting this mayhem when havoc begins
I am scared but I am going to survive fallen students and death and suicide
What do they think a desperate mind being brought to the brink
The parents receive a call from the morgue they could not believe

Watch close for the quiet minds for they may strike at any time
Dangerous children like at Columbine killers in class without a warning sign
It is now become an epidemic such easy targets are pathetic
Too late now for introductions it is weapons of class destruction
Weapons of class destruction weapons of class destruction
Weapons of class destruction weapons of class destruction

Revenge so extreme planning assault that nobody believes
The innocent bleed and die by the hand of those pushed to succeed
Feelings of remorse does not exist at the top of the list
A community scorned wounded by the shocking events to report

Death first never surrender death first never surrender
Death first never surrender death first never surrender
Weapons! that blow off your classmate's face
Weapons! that blow up yourself
Weapons! are those who just do not care
Weapons! of the cards you are dealt

3. Murder American Style

[1st verse:]
It happens to people innocently
So caught up in their own affairs
Murder for hire, Murder for greed
Murdered more americans
The killing of children, the killing of moms
Muders of domestic violence
Capture attention, the horror appalls
Sorrow for the end of silence

Now its all for the world to see
In all the papers and on the TV
How we know whos the devils child
And this is murder american style

[2nd verse:]
They slaughter the butcher, then smile in your face, and carry on like nothings wrong
Once its discoverd, what a disgrace, the damage that is done is done,
It happend to small towns farm USA, innocence thats stripped for good,
Someone who known someone of trust, someone who knows all of us


4. Blood Stained Wings

Fallen from the nest a future of promise no more
Disgust from family and friends now a total waste of human life
Sympathy for no one in your life is the key to your callous driven soul
Tarnished the image of a family name to but all abide your social suicide

Watching in pain as you go down in flames
And destroy everything dripping your blood stained wings

Infamous a legacy you leave for us never to destroy the dignity
Disgraced destroyed credibility for promises you never could achieve
Outlaw an outcast in society a ruthless killer with no fucking heart
Apologies for a families dignity for he has been a demon from the start

Oppressing that aggression oppressing all the hate
Oppressing that aggression oppressing all the hate

Forbidden lies deception the thing that hate creates
Disgusting way so I disorder the unfair games you play
Makes living with you harder as your life disintegrates
Your blacklist reputation and failure to address the systematic spiral clown arise
No more respect your rehabilitation will only feed the need to blame all those responsible for your own selfish greed

5. The Violent Times Of My Dark Passenger

Patiently awaiting the arrival if my next victim like I take for no surprise right before their eyes,
As I seal the deal on their fate darkness takes the height the blood looks black against the moon to me so picturesque.

Devastating mentally sender of eternal peace carefully I pick the place
Brutally I kill you as you lie in wait
Dump the bodies where they lie after they are all cut up
Something of a ritual something that I have to do when I kill you.

These are the violent times of my dark passenger,
These are the selfish dreams of my own massacre,
Leaving a trail of blood as if it's from a messenger,
Forgive the violent times of my dark passenger

In so much as evil plays a part in my own life do you think that I'm insane for destroying those to blame
So by killing just evil ones who seem to get away this the way to let them know death is the price to pay

Killing always numbs the pain until again I take a life and it doesn't matter when I will have to kill you again,
Guilty are the chosen ones they will have a price to pay with only their life I want

Something that I have to do love to kill you warning your time has come

6. Globicidal

Jihad's soldiers martyrs keeper
Unleash violence on their people
Silence turns to screams and bodies everywhere
An action so extreme that no one never ever seems to care
Why does this have to be innocent people die the senseless slaughtering
Of third world countries who welcome this thing

Globacidal, suicidal homocidal maniacs globacidal worldwide
Religious kamikazes strike and sacrifice their bodies
Like it's globacidal genocide

Crowded markets, easy targets tragedy awaits
Everyday they kneel to pray that they will meet their fate
To die with dignity is living by a creed
Eternal life ahead is waiting for me as I bleed
Not afraid of death an honour so complete
Forty virgins wait to reward all those who die in hate

So in time of great rebellion
Desperate measures mounting tension
Globacidal bombing set the standard worldwide
Why does this have to be?
Why do I have to see?
Why do I have to cry?
Why do we have to die?

7. And Your Children To Be Damned

8. The Mechanics Of Annihilation

9. Shadows Of The Buried

10. Heroes Of Origin

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