Dark Lyrics


1. Weightless

Splattered remains on the sidewalk memories, good and bad cook on concrete nothing matters now return to dirt seep through the cracks why did he do it? why does it matter? nothing matters now.

2. Draw The Curtains

Paranoid delusions cracks in the walls everyones against you even your own blood food begins to spoil skin is turning yellow eyes are hollow shells no stimulus for the mind they're all out to get you they're all going to find you

3. Skull Cell

Prisoner of my own mind I am trapped in my thoughts cut me loose what binds my needs what holds my wants breaking free starting from scratch knowing my boundaries I jump head first into the depths

4. Dark Circles

Dark path of self doubt clouds of smoke blur my vision false emotions I dont like what I see ever walking never dreaming drowning in regret face the consequences medicating everday I dont like waht I've become shadows of former self dark circles never sleep dark circles

5. The Slithering

Aliens in garments all look the same speak in tongues shake the hand cold eyes seeing everything shed human skins shifting scales cold blood virgin mother reptillian son

6. Outsider

I crawl I crave I yearn I live I thrive on You crawling to the top craving heat and light living in darkness away from your society ive arrived im alive what follows me is my own illusion its my own shadow fear im alive

7. Rotten To Forgotten

Bodiespiled until they reach the sky parasites infest their rotten skulls landfills, garbage rotting, the pungent air, roaches, rats scavenge alien terrain bodies filed by teeth and eyes and hair parasites displayed for all to see landfills, museums of social decay stinking, rotting, shit where you sleep hive nest den lair evolved from piles of shit rotten to forgotten

8. Maladjusted

Good guy best friend means well racist ignorant sadist maladjusted

9. Deconstruct Pt. II

Deconstruct society deconstruct the world deconstruct humanity

10. Out Of Balance

My days are numbered nervous system failure seeing different colors heart stops beating pins and needles pierce my limbs all alone short of breath live in fear of myself paranoid, lose my grip anxiety, out of balance im out of balance

11. Feeding

Feeding growing circulation failing beast is sick turns against eats its young just meat

12. Big Smile

Rearrange your teeth smile big for me one by one I pull them out put on these braces YOU are my slave YOU are my pet chained to the floor eat what ive provided show me those pearly whites knock them all out and find another

13. Sleep Terrorizer

No return from this hell I awake dying dreams of death cant escape all this pain tortured I bear this force I am the spawn carry so much hate blackened from the inside out theres no hope futile take a walk inside my head be forewarned treading on the left hand path spirals down like a dead bird

14. Lethal Pedigree

Curruption of the weak and the innocent driven to destroy and to decapitate ignorance, laziness, economic status kill and rip apart until your satisfied weapons advance nuclear death awaits bludgeoned by hammers torn apart by bombs driven to destroy and to decapitate ignorance, laziness, economic status generation to generaton

15. I Hate

Knife in my hand smile on my face as I laugh blood stains on my teeth to take a life The American Dream like a warm cherry pie whats left of your face violent resolution because youl never understand violent resolution because you never understand violent resolution because you never fucking listen I detest all that is you I despise all that is you I detest I despise I Fucking Hate

16. Infinity

Watch my hair grow watch my nails rot send in the hour glass lost in the desert if I could live forever time would be irrelevant birthdays, anniveraries numbers, place holders counting your days in this prison marching towards death in perfect rhythm

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