Dark Lyrics


1. Artifacts Of The Damned

Drops from the eyes like liquid fire
Lying down, partially absorbed, on these inert walls

Salvation through ominous light idolatry
The blackened blood flows into turbulent oceans

Over the short sighted glance
Of your deflagration
Ages of infinity before me
My pilgrimage through the valley of shadows

Artifacted sons of fierce arrangements
Never satiated, never defeated

It's useless to fight against them
The overwhelming strain
Of the soul against the flesh
Makes them shine, makes symmetries out of
Chaos they emerged from
Vomited on the storm

This dreadful crawling lubricated
The machinery of conscience
I sought beyond the veil of perdition
Tearing this somber canvas, plunging myself
Into the crimson sea
Gushed out by itself

Lymph of a misconceived existence
Rebirth through tyranny

2. Corrupting The Veils That Keeps The Mind Sane

Transforming what is most sacred in the world
Into an exaggerated hurricane of possession
Dripping matter into the jaws of hell
White as die light of an exploding star
Before its atoms disperse into the dark

The catharsis imposes bleeding
Devours gestures, leaves fossilized tracks
Of its passage into this world
Through sin, clandestine creation
Indiscriminate cloning of a corrupt self
That accepts no orders

Let the void fill with pain

The senses sharpen, the mind excretes miasmas
That slide off the skin and assail
The canvas of common perception
A veil of Maya, corroded and penetrated
This is my recurring dream
Beyond which unsounded depths open before me

From their darkness they emanated glowing rays
Burnt out with sunrise
But I don't doubt their supremacy
My bloody traces, my means to reach them

3. A Despicable Harvest

A tangle of souls that makes the air diseased
Human dismay darkens the horizon
A boundless plain
Stage for the next harvest
Overseen by the jailors of condemned minds

Craving for dead ideals

Collecting all last breaths
Extracting lymph from their jugulars

Fertile ground for seeds of the end
Sickening appetite satisfied

A despicable harvest...

Injecting nothingness
They ripen, ready for Demetra's scythe

The smell of order
A despicable harvest

4. It Once Was Light

It once was light
Caresses resting on the tired limbs
Now everything becomes heavy
Ooze sticks to the skin
And leaches inside
Inhalation of entity

Where is the sensation of magnificent vertigo
Of terrifying euphoria?

The vault falls down on me like a shroud
Its brightness gives way to a fetid mist
Which feeds off my flesh
Contagion falls from its accursed breath
Who am I to gel lost on my way home?
To feel myself already dead?
What have I done?

I feel blood drip from my hands
The valley of the shadow welcomes me
With its viscous terrain, familiar
Fertilized by the decomposition of my spirit

While the march weighs me down
While each pain goes dead

No friendly sleep can find me
In this limp obscurity


5. Breathing The Whirlwind

An unheard sound
Buried by the blanket that covers the mind
Perpetually iterated gestures mislead the flock
While the air becomes unbearable
Proclaiming its earthly descent

Like the fist of a vengeful God
Drawing itself on the heart
And limbs of millions

Divine breath, angelic fervor
Subliming a matter given up for perished

To the Earth arteries it excavates
Dark blood spurts in the wind as if freed

Breathing the whirlwind

A new dawn rips the silence
And a liquid glow
Enlightens the tarnished faces

It doesn't distinguish lie from truth

Only strength legitimates its deeds
Endless lines before it wait for its vanquish
Delivered from the prison of flesh
Vaporized in the purple sky

6. Instinct Of The Carnivorous Mass

Why this feeling of vertigo?
A brief distraction and this struggle
Would be vain
Darkness has one thousand eyes

Look at my face, distorted by the need to exist
In this ever-changing ephemeral form
Conceived to survive
The sempiternal vortex
In which loathsome organisms feed on flesh

Not a drop of blood will be wasted

Nourishing the instinct
Of this carnivorous mass
Food for evolved thoughts
Condemning themselves perpetually
Until their facades crumble
At the first vital breath

Centuries of coherence through destruction
An abysmal archetype is crawling inside me

It keeps the beauty subdued

Scattering her remains along the main road

An omen for the brave
The prison of flesh

7. Stillbirth

Pulled from the womb
Baptized in darkened blood
Steel winds disperse his unheard cries

Gates are closed never to reopen
Red blurs into gray
Warmth gives way to cold
Reawaked from his idyllic tomb

8. A Wolf's In Sheep's Clothing

Smoldering hatred internally
A wolf in sheep's clothing

Remaining motionless
Hanging between clouds and ash
Harmony is only a chimera

Slumbering sequences
Are yearning for awakening
How many lives will they restore?

Swept into currents, march of revenants
Smoldering hatred internally

The glance of the predator
Enlightened by God's shine
In torment consumed

A pitch black fluid melts nerves
Once geometrically linked
By aeons of obedience
And boils over, destroying the embankments
Built to save the last glimmers of sanity

Nurturing erosion
Brandishing flags by others embroidered

The blasphemous force has been vanquished
Enslaved through caresses and simpers

Ready to kill at command

Organized hordes of deformity
Emerging from beneath
Claws, spines, teeth
Polished by velvet gloves
Ivory for unattainable towers

9. Celestial Purification

A flock of stars follow its inexorable advance
While the Earth is screaming in terror
Stunned eyes witness its might
As it evaporates sentiments

Beat uninterrupted
Tension without release
Ceaseless friction razing oracles down
Dreaded by men, Gods, universes
Ten thousand harpoons in its snow-white trail

All in vain

Roaring amongst joy and fear
Ancient dogmas dissolved in atoms
Their purulent roots dried up and blown away
Their shapes forever denied

No war strategy can bridle its fury
Nor pleas for mercy restrain its march
When its breath moves mountains
And an inscrutable night
Encircles your tired limbs

Bow down
Heart in hands

10. Ravenous

Walking into the jaws of the future
Devour the flesh, annihilate this heretic will
Eternal suffering for he who defies
The atrocious abyss

Transformed into a shadow of himself
Drawing near to entities
Materialized by his black miasmas

Worn-out from within
The soul expands its evil humours
Like a ravenous abscess

Lord of atrocities
Perpetuates his dynasty
Through the dust of time

His blackened arteries
Branched out through the parched soil

The privilege of sharing suffering
The projection of my damnation
On your unknowing minds
With blades forged in my image & likeness
I will engrave a path through your hearts

11. Walking Into A Nightmare

Moving along a surface of glacial idyll
Motion and thought fossilized
Ceaseless spiraling the only movement
In an infinite procession
Of decrepit intentions

Layers of events sucked dry of significance
Piled up in the vast cemetery of the soul
Because obscurity must be vanquished

The horror of great distances threatens this
It doesn't matter if blood will be drained
To the last drop
These eyes observe from above
Through a veiling sheet of ash
No way out

On the seventh day. something moved

Wounds that have never bled now infected
Black as if penetrated by the cosmic void
But teeming with living palpitations
Worms that eat up matter from the inside

Nights become days, trees grow red
Beauty reappears, reemerges from a vortex
Given up for dead
Beauty, mutated, shaped by the grasping
Claws of a harpy
Devotedly disfigured
With a puckered smile of scarring

Beneath unknown skies
Its bloody caravan departed
Never to be halted

12. Bloodline

A blood-red line
Breaks through the dusty blanket
Spreading amidst the astonished masses

Its schizoid rush knows no impediments

Piercing the heart
Infecting the most hidden recesses
Inhuman, it accepts no rules

A tyrant sleep wearing down

Light swallowed
Hate assimilated
Reason rejected

Through these biting roads
Sowed with hooks
Another disciple bleeds

Its flesh hideously torn
But the line keeps moving forward

In its whirling twitch
A main road has been found
Chiseled in the flesh, unidirectional

Destination unknown
Its reaching will demand victims

Marcello Malagoli – Drums, Vocals, Drums
Massimo Vezzani – Guitars
Daniele Lupidi – Bass, Vocals, Guitars

Thanks to wingoflucifer for sending these lyrics.

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