Dark Lyrics


1. Ominous Birth Of Serpent


Natus Est In Morte.
Decem Solverit.
Manducare Mundi.

2. For Scum Thou Art, And Unto Scum Shalt Thou Return

I reap the tales of their death
In a million figures of gore
Of wretched ends and misery
Of quenchless slaughtery of swords

Of a doom that knew no mercy
Of a doom that knew no pity
When the dark tongues spoke in silence
To the heart of Master Qayin

I reap the tales of their death
In a million figures of gore
With the sickle of the final reaping
In the fruitful fields of thorns

Of blood that was generously spilled
On Sigil-crafted land of murder
And consumed by the endless hunger
Of Hell's ever lasting Sulphur.

3. Infest And Conquer

Scorch the feathers as ye ignite my heart
With thy possessing eyes of dread
Summon the mist, as I reach the self
Of the long-dead dusk and dawn

Oh beckoning blackness shine further and more
Upon the feeble seed of the creeping man
The candle light of god will disturb ye not
When I will hold thy darkness in the candles of sin

As my dignity feeds on thy humiliation
My hatred grew through generations
Stagnation to the world of virtue
As ye equally rot in the crypts of naught

Carve me with thy flaming truth
And coffin me, and bury me
In the shrines of eternity
With the endless rivers of Gnosis
Oh mighty ones of wisdom

Unite thy wings with mine
So I may release my mind away
From this worthless creation
Oh mighty ones of wisdom

I sealed thy realms into my flesh
In the seance of the ancient reign
May they descend and we ascend
Oh preachers of the starless night
Oh bringer of light
Oh morning star

A spine between death's head and tail
The pit where ye pile the souls let me be
A dagger to the flank of sympathy
The unbroken circle of fire let me be

4. Coronation Of The Eternal And Pure

Oh devotion, oh power
Oh spacious, oh eternal
Oh void, oh immense
Oh burning, oh dinless

Embracing me with abomination
Spreading thy lawless wings of blackness
Inside me, inside thee, as one in nothingness
Ecstasy of silence, I bleed for thee, within thee

Oh majestic, oh cold
Oh dreadful, oh mighty
Oh crave, oh lustful
Oh peace, oh war

Lead me with you raging streams
Into thy abyssic visions and realms
Execute the human I used to be
Ignite inside me the blackest of flames

Crushing the universe and the stars
Bury me in thy sterile womb
Teeth and nails made my tomb
Grant me vengeance, wisdom and blood

Oh devotion, oh power
Oh spacious, oh eternal
Oh void, oh immense
Oh burning, oh dinless
Oh majestic, oh cold
Oh dreadful, oh mighty
Oh crave, oh lustful
Oh peace, oh war
Oh mother, oh father
Oh grief, oh wrathful
Oh freezing, oh boundless
Oh dominant, oh mistress
Oh grave of humanity
oh endless, oh debauchery

5. Void


6. Redefining Purgatory

I escape this flesh
This rust, this worthless pile
Of bones, skin and lies
Into a delightful form
Of shapeless flames from the dark

I float among
The barren fields
Of God's light and grace
I walk towards
The vast fields
Of Chaos,Emptiness and Darkness

And I offer this sacrifice
The inheritance of Adam's chains
Witness my love and wrath
As I walk upon The Path
Of the Dragon and Serpent mark
Of Chaos,Emptiness and Darkness

As I roam among the pale
Dead by mind and heart
Stench from the fate
Of woman, man and child

Sinful and wretched tales
Made the history of Gods
Heroes of charlatan tales
Made the history of mankind

None will trample my path
To the catacombs of salvation
Only whose spirit aflame
Will heed and follow my shadow

7. Newborn Serpent

The sun has darkened in the middle
Of a sky bleeding red and grey
As the curses come along the hissing
Cosmos trembled with fear and dread
For the hatching drew the Sigils on the Shells

Bloodshaped we creep in the veins of light
Injecting and spitting waterfalls of venom
Turning the brightest day into a sullen night
For the glory of the abyssic gods of destruction

We await thy presence, we fight and endure
Servants in black, in the halls of lure
The son of Man, is wretched and impure
We come to mankind, with Kingu's Blood

Oh Mighty Serpent, We approach Thee
Grant us the vision from The Abyss below
Oh Mighty Dragon, we approach thee
With bloodsmeared faces and souls
Oh Mighty Beast, we approach Thee
Guide us with thy numbing eyes
Speak forth the words of liberation's dawn.

The ancient roots of evil and vengeance arise
The halo has fallen as once it rose
Crushed by the crown of hatred and wrath
Embrace thy disastrous end with the strings of demise

Oh Serpent
Oh Dragon
Oh Beast

Born through Death
Destroy The Ten
Devour The World

8. Cave Of Salvation

Ageless, formless and dark
Rivers of rushing fire and bones
Under the crowned skull of horns
Veins of the eternal blood

Creatures of clay
Mutilated and chained
In the name of Death
We prey, we pray

Creatures of clay
We despise, we slay
In the name of Darkness
All virtues impaled

In the depth of blackness
Hateful we soil
In the Labyrinth of light
We taint here and above

By the spear of the beloved torment
All your images and names
Fell into a world of feces
Beyond all filth and scum

Creatures of light
Dethroned from Eden
In the name of Satan
Idols and gods impaled

9. Funeral Reverie

Fatigue soul, tremulous carcass
Laid upon, sweat-cold coffin
Panoramic view, from a deathbed
Where Rat and Worm gather
Crows and Wolves, King-headed Eagle
Black yet glancing garment
Fleeting upon wine-red eyes
Pale skin as a funeral morning sun

On the zenith, of the bones pile
Where every palace, collapsed to ash
I've seen the I, scattering like glass
I've seen the Lion, devouring the Lamb
Blood-soaked, skin and fleece
Skull crushing, triumphant Snake
The emblem of death leeching the life's
Pale eyes as, a funeral night moon

10. Wolves

Hatred that grows wild
And enshrine my heart
With the darkest tales and macabres
Tales of mankind hypocrisy

Hatred that grows wild
And attack my soul
From the eight sides of the world
Hatred that sharpens my axe and decapetates you!

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth
My reign has come, with the gavel of dread and doom
I am surrounded by wolves, we will feed upon you
Await the grimness, await thy doom

Your bodies occupied the lands
Even in your death you still disturb my sight
This filth this stench that stinks is the same
Either you are dead, or alive
Come my darkness and mantle their flesh
Come my ravens and bore their flesh
Come my wolves and tear their flesh
Come my rot and grow upon their flesh
Come my flames and burn their flesh
To dust, to dust, to dust

Dahaaka: guitars
Ayvaal: vocals

Thanks to hatecrowned for correcting these lyrics.

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