Dark Lyrics


1. Wolfskin Clad

The flicker in the bleakness of night
the lycan draws nigh
as if spit from Satan's wrath
forever to dwell in the shadows
Oh, mother moon, bare not ill upon this head
Oh, master night, encloak one wishing to disappear
How ones hate will carry
and nourish ones own hunger
and warm like something infernal
cursed and poisoned
In the moonlight, it splits, as violently as murder
a beast left howling at it's god in despair

2. The Lycan Draws Nigh (Clad In Wolfskin)

We are born to the world alone
Yet, we are dangerous
armed with a heart of stone
Love always fades, soon it will be dead
as hurt grows anew
A howl echoing through my soul
A scream searching for a mouth
Blackness fills my eyes, life is a cage
Happiness turned into iron bars
Upon alters formed of pity and despair
Between beast and man
Blinded by everything I've done
in my lover's bed
My second skin is shed
Within mists of misery
hands become fists
and a voice calls
run with me and be free
welcoming me to this lone wolf's game
Punished to be half man
Twisted forms who share one soul
Man walks and beast follows
I have seen its true face

3. Farewell To The Old Forest

Bring about this wilted, withered fruit
Take the place of this wilted, withered heart
So, I may bury it beside her
So, I may remember to tread old paths again
May the moon again guide me to your doorstep
Where I'll replenish myself with your everything.
And where maples and pines lined my youth
Bury my heart there in the valley
Where a tear was shed, I bowed my head
All what flourished, now is cold and dead

4. Hidden In The Woods...

In these deep dank forests
hidden like hell's fortress
If only to dwell alone and to forever be...
Between two old fallen oaks
Triumphed by an ark of its kin
A husk lay in the dark
Covered by night's overshadow
Sleeping so long,...
All becomes bleak
Eyes glaze over
Now may the ancient owl take this soul
As lifeless a body is fed upon by nature
Weather well, this lonesome hermit
And carry this soul the evergreen isle

5. The Mountain River Flows Up, Not Across

6. Drudgery Of The Craft

The skyline lit in green
torn from this gentle blue soul
Where I, a lad, would sit
overlooking this town of old
And I understood
that to make my dreams real
it would take the sacrifice of another dream I made that day
For all the pain that I've endured
I will never cease the attack
Into the woods, I go
The drudgery of the craft
beckons me to strive
for higher plains than thee
But I shall return to your wretched land
when I feel the need to suffer again

7. A Pox On The House In Which Thee Dwells

I am the hammer, thee art my nail
I am the hunter, thou art my prey
Life of no respect has led ye astray
Now watch as all thine joy soon fades away
A pox on the house in which thee dwells
Lowly and broken shall art thou be
Degraded life, worthless existence
May thy memories haunt thee to thine end
May thy offspring drawn in thee cess
I summon thee, oh great bearer of plagues
Acknowledge my enemy as thine own
May doubt and deceit overrun their lives

8. The Foreboding Essence

As one mountain crested as did yet another
as a fist thrown toward the sun
while slamming down upon frozen seas
The skies ring with thunder,
lightning stabs the heavens
water rumbles blood and waves break with fire
May time cease to exist this world a funeral
For wretched mankind
burdened by the weight of its husk

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