Dark Lyrics


1. Daybreak On Darkview

Do you watch the sun go down?
Does your anger sink away?
Watching all over the world
Does your anger sink away?
Is it the hope for closer
That makes things so hard?
I looked before, yet found nothing
I try again & try harder.
True peace is found within
Inner ground unforsaken
Absolution of the self.
The waste of time
Heroic words are still empty words
A soul misplaced
From it's heart dying but still beating.
True peace is found within
Inner ground unforsaken
Absolution of the self
Sink into my rivers
Peaceful in it's turbulence
For a heart still beating.

2. Forest Dreaming In My Discontent

With no seclusion foundin overrun multitudes
My wish for woods
Undaunted search
Astral Voyaging...
As I wade through the cosmic ocean
The pepper weed shall take me there.
Secreted by lush green temples
You'll find nein hide nor hair.
To taste the sweet obscurity
The arcane fruit, esoteric...
And hidden by these woods
Free of man's diseasehis corrupt existence
And snarling teeth.
Away from his disease
Away from humanity.

3. A Harvester's Hymn

Here's to my old father
Who made me a better world
He may be of blood
But he is thicker than blood shall be.
His only love will reside with him forever
In the grandest memories of the past
The truest of all human beings
Enforcing everything he belives in.
A man of peace and simplicity
At one with the cards life has dealt him.
Mourning for eternity the only one he has ever loved
No woman could fill such mighty shoes
His kindness & support will never be forgotten
An important figure where another was absent.
The respect I have been taught
Will be taken to my grave
An immortal in my eyes
The outdoors his calling
His hardworking handscombed these eternal valleys
For several years now'
This his time for rest & peace.

4. Defy

I feel more hatred
From you in the name of peace
I cannot condone
That kind of blasphemy.
I will defy you
I will not bend
I will defy you
It will never end.
Conformist society stares
Wanting me to be a sheep
I will never submit
To their fucking mindless ways.
So think before you speak
Free the tongues of hypocrisy
Think before you actfree yourself of hatred.

5. Troll's Bane / Water In The Lungs

Through all the hate that's part of this world
I commit my soul to resurgence
Where my deep, dark thoughts lay with lions and lambs
My own termination as an expression of hope.
I wish to cut free the tongues of youth
And feed them to the god of humility
Where sweet their words be poisoned
And sing their spite back ten fold.
All are bastards & bitches, liers & hos
Worshipping where their money goes
So this world is & always be
The great ship of sacrelige for all to see.
You'll never know how close you came
Vomit mixed with the dust of time
Only for the few truely innocent
Saves your fucking ass from demise.
So for my love of all things pure
I seek self-ruin
I choose to die...

6. Turmoil Of The Seed

I am merely a vessel, the earth my carrier
A compliment to my wonderment, life ruled over by alpha & omega
The goddess womb of creation, are your eyes open now to see
From inception comes joy & hurt, the turmoil of the seed.
The rising waters recede, but they rise again with time
Where turbulent tides proceed, the land shall purify
It will only grow again, to be destroyed once more
But the sun will rise again, as it does to start anew.
As it is, to sprout off in its own time
But connected still in which all things grow and die
I am merely a vessel, the earth my carrier
A compliment to my wonderment, by Alpha & Omega.
As the cosmic pulse flows through me
I'm the one for it to teach
Be as I am but better
To grow out of this seed.

7. When Nothing Becomes

I cried out to my lord
That it might open the wall of my heart
And show me the thing I amthe thing I am.
All of my life I walked in the world
Yet I had not understanding.
All of my life I glorified self
Singing the glory of myselfI let the passion of self
Serve for my full sufficiency.
As the falcon swoops at dawn
As the owl strikes at dusk
I flew, but I knew not the face
Of the light in which I flew.
Passing of the hoursare blurred again once more
Fragments of time lay squandered
My life spent on the floor.
I had a savior in my soul
But I riddled his brow with thorns
I had a divine redeemer
But I nailed him to a post.

8. The Dawn Will Begin Again

Enshrouded in loneliness
Be comforted in clouds of despair
Don't let the dawn begin again
The night rules the land and the air.
Above and beyond sacred plains
Beneath fertile soils of green
Amongst stone spires and lodgepoles
Unleash the storms upon us.
We stand divided
On ashen, smoldering fields
Life once immaculate
Is now diseased.
Open my eyes
And let me see
The sorrow and suffering.
Unshrouded from loneliness
No comfort in the clouds that were there
The dawn will begin again
The night still rules but I'm no longer there.

9. Hollowed (From Within)

Each day stings a little less
But pain of my misdeeds remain
Alone to my thoughts I restand hope for myself reclaim
All that has been brokenyour heart I regret the most
For I, the fool disguised
In your noble man's clothes.
And as I burn your name in my heart
Forever I will be hollowed from within
This my atonement for thee to take
My heart I give for thee to break.
So take it away from me, for I tire of its strain
Each breath taken is but a mocking of the pain
Although the sun again will rise
And the stars continue to shine
Slowly I find myself becoming hollowed out each time.
This the time of penitence
My ships set sail to thee
Will you make your waters calm
For I again may see
The love in your eyes
And the morning light
As dawn breaks upon your hair
And stars dance in your eyes at night.
As I stand at the edge, I watch the storm at sea
Alone with my own regret of what can never be
So I sleep one last time with a dream of you and I
For when the morning arrives
This hollowed heart will strive.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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