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1. A Gleam In The Night

A woe surpass such a nightly coil
A bother to speak of this
Yet in dreams it haunts me
An eternal silent abyss
Though in most dreams
I did catch a flickering of a light
To hold the hand to all my hopes
Was a gleam in the night.

It's merely a gleam at distance
That guides me on my way
And the warfare of the moon and stars
Brings a death to the day

A funeral passes the plutonian shadow
And peers with it's emerald eye
Daring me to take up flight
And break the boundaries of the sky.

And wishes never come true
And yet they still breath
The dreams are the children
That our minds decieved

2. The Hidden Ponds

3. The Roost And The Song

Twas that night, so superb in flight
The raven flies majestic
Upon it's wings a maiden sings
As the knell for mankind rings...

And as the song echoes among the distant hills
Carried by pestilent winds, the last breath of man it kills
As the raven finds it's roost to watch the babes of god die
Sits high on judgements throne as mans rebirth is denied.

Twas that night, a fire burns bright
For holy words so hard they die
And upon the wings the pestilence brings
And showers upon all things
Twas that night, so superb in flight
The raven flies majestic
Upon its wings a maiden sings
As the knell for mankind rings...

And on the ground of god there lays
A forsaken world now in waste
Ripped to shreds by our desire
The earth is now a burning pyre...

4. Phantom Feelings

It was only as days could be
That which fades for all to see
In bleek essence and hopes of sleep
A sense of distress begins to creep

With it's purpose to burden me
I lean across my bed
To try and tame a shadow
Into the moonlight it fled
So now I am again in desperate search for release
Haunted by the ghosts of my past, how they tease

Hark Oh twilight with your cast so profound
Around my throat for no air or sound
So is it that silence shall take me
Or is it that I detest myself?

Though in some nights I recall in splendor
My misdeeds that compells this pain
And everynight the ghosts become clearer
Calling me to the other plain.

5. Longing For Twilight Essence

Dwelleth into woods so deep, beyond the shadow keep
Longed have I for the night, at the edge of winter I stand encloaked in twilight...

Upon lakes so clear, the stars reflect their gleam
As to tell a story, spoken by a stream
And into me it shook and entangled me in it's grace
So beloved to hold with me in my tragic haist.

...And the stars, so long a time did shine
Greeted by the dawn and died out in time
Graced now by age and given wisdom
I greet my end and unto my kingdom...

Upon lakes so clear, I wish on those old stars
So few to see now, behind yonder clouds afar
Alike winter in spirit, hoary and grey
In dawns gleam, I too shall fade away
And be as the night of last...

6. Upon Brazen Wings

In the sunset sky I engage
Ghosts of all angelic grace
Secret words slipped from my tounge
All to speak of youth so young

And as the moon rapes the sky
Midnight clouds flutter by
Ghosts of all angelic grace
Permit me as I try to embrace

Simplicity for me was lost
As I sat upon this earth
With no hope to ever reclaim
What I had lost since my birth

And as I taste my tears
The stars kiss away my fears
Thought I have the mournful disease
The pain will stop when the breath cease.

And I know I shall have to wait for my time to slowly bide
'til I shall fly so free upon the wings of suicide.

7. As Darkness Ends The Day

As a child born so innocent in sleep
Yet in the womb of earth, purity is decieved
And a kiss upon his brow, a lament for his life
For all of mankind's woes are reflected on his eyes.

As his tears drowns the earth, all shall mourn this child
As we realize hope is lost at birth
We have failed to see the innocense we have lost
As our shells return back to the earth.

And as the darkness ends the day
Tears clouds our sight
Because time is a thief
That robs us blind in the night.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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