Dark Lyrics


1. Denounce

Collision with the notion that things could change

I feel so fucking worthless
This struggle is in vein
I need a way out from the eternal senseless
Defiance that I find in you
Not an ounce of trust courses through your veins
I'm holding on with what is left as my life's blood spills into hatred
All these eyes are staring me down
Stripped of morals, I'll stand my ground
Bring it on, for no one will take what I am away again
Look beyond, I see the end of despair
Those thoughts are dead
I remain a survivor in the war against this rival

2. Maroon

Indulge in hatred towards your mental opposition
Protest your anguish
A defiant innocent victim
Comply with the standard that defines oppression
By the hand of what god do we bury our sorrows in?
Born of violence
Victimized by the sovereign nation
Supported by the creed
Thus adorned
Discernment leads to glory for those who will condemn
Affliction for those who can't defend
Flourish in our madness. Choke what
Breath is left
Unprovoked malicious acts need to be suppressed
Worn by the
Silence of this blind revolt
Time offers conscience, torn by this decree
It crushed my eyes
Deliver me from my sanity, from this shell
Of abhorrence
You won't restrain me
The illness torments
Confined by my lack of resolution
Guilty of one crime which is existing
Burn the liar
Repent desire
Detest emotion, sets the fire
I will find some form of
Justice to end malevolence and this I vow
You won't forget and I won't
Forgive. You won't decide my fate
You won't rape my freedom
For I will have my rights
Burn you for your treason
You won't forget and I won't
Forgive you and you will burn

3. Lament

Now I know why some things never change.
Just another foot in the door.
Just another life of sorrow.
Now I could lie and say he meant nothing
Persistence broke the silence.
I've lost a friend.
You had to die and leave
The broken hearts that followed behind.
I can't erase this face that brings
Me pain.
I am in denial for in you was the vision of discipline, truth
I won't let you fall away from my memories.
The heart endures
Unyielding, the times with you won't fade.
Burned by the sting of loss for someone so close.
Receive forgiveness.
There's no one to blame.
May you live on.
No one believed that you held it inside.
Blind is the fury that concealed your cries.
May you live on
I try to erase this face that brings me pain and leaves me behind this wall
But I won't forget that part of you
That would catch me when I'd fall.
You will survive in my heart.
Engraved in my mind.
Doubt will persevere from the spirit that I may never find

4. Covenant

Forced my will, sanctify, sacrifice myself
I forged a chance for a look into my soul
Tear out my eyes for everlasting life
I won't fall to the ritual
As the soul changed, it's healed and released
That which you give, that which you seek, ask it and it shall
Seek and ye shall learn
Release the chokehold
The senses yearn, so you will be my savior
So you will set me free
This moral indoctrination
The water deceives
You left me broken, hard hearted
And yet you still made me suffer for what you deserved
No need for attainment
The consequence of your actions has left me afraid
Fall through the cracks
Let me down
Let me go free

5. Hourglass

The waves that we create never stand still
Never break to see what it does until
The hurting eyes tell us that we've gone too far
And the torment we touch leads us all
To say the truth, avoid malaise, honesty arise, embrace the day
When we can trust, when we can feel
When we decide what's right or wrong
No it's not easy, saved by ourselves again
Living with not for, promise to try to savor everything
The wind quickens, energy adored
This vital flame, vitality
Consumes the grade
Endures the pain
No thoughts remain
That will strip away what it really means to live for
We must go on and try

6. Flood

Flowers wilt when they lose the rain
And the sun will leave them dead again
For how long can we live like this?
Is it eternal?
Face to face, defy disgrace
The fevered death of a nation
Consent to bleed, the tyrant leads us to our decimation
Here it comes, the final word
Can I open my eyes and watch it burn?
One day we will be sickened by life as we realize
Up against the wall
Our bitter freedom
A fight for survival
A means to an end, forever
How long will it take to destroy our lives under the sun?
And enforce the limits that will confine us?
Beyond broken eyes
I thirst for a life without hurt
Devoid of fault, without deception
Hollow eyes
There's no god to save you, save me
Onward we march as the day grows dim
This pestilence leads to revulsion
Cannot taste the blood of the martyr until you face this revolution
One day we will forge a path of survival

7. Ahimsa

Persecution is not a value I wish to instill
Your freedom means nothing when the heart kills
Confront this father figure
Repent the suffering
With indignant eyes hollowed out to see the dead survive
Our cries for sympathy bleed in our darkest hour
Let the vengeance rain down on me
Let this wrath satiate my being
Conform to the Christ figure I defy
With an act of mercy I cry
If I am saved, if I am healed, then why am I not free?
Hardened heart brings a cold fist
This god complex will never miss
Bend to break the structure
Bleed to make me believe
Subject yourself to violent action, we are what we see
Don't turn away and run, you will never see it coming
If I am saved, if I am healed, then why am I not free?
I have learned to deny what has been forced onto me
A course tongue favors ascension
Speak the evil truth with which we crave
The demon lies with incantation
Buried instincts sends us to our grave
Raise the dead
Lift the veil
Complete the cycle of redemption

8. Virtue

Dedication to discipline
Endurance of self separation
Sustain the sense to remain
Give of the feeling, control your life
Slave, suffer
Never will I ignore
No more ingestion of submission to this world
Dedicate some time to that which brings you to life
Empty without substance
You're just a slave to the hand that pulls the strings
Ignite the will
Self acceptance the first discipline
Obligation to fulfill your endeavors
You control your actions
You may free yourself
Suffer, slave

9. Tribunal

Imaged, etched, defined
Calloused words reflect the mind
Devotion to a sordid prophet
A slave to the age old laws
Can't sustain the life
Caught up in the web of my pride
Turn the other way, you don't want to face this
That which buries me alive
I won't succumb, I won't neglect
For those who fought to protect, I feel mourning
I won't succumb, I won't neglect
For those who fought to protect, I feel sadness
Nullify the vision
Behold the aversion
The divine repentance before the dawn
I have found in this reflection
Those that believed that time altering life was a symbol of pride
Awaken and arise
Imaged, etched, defined
Disbelieve tradition
Adherence to this honor
A faith based execution
You are not alone, I am not on my own
You remain afraid, you must face this pain
Fall from glory into darkness
Damned are we
Fall from glory

10. 101

Face the war and honor tradition
The sacrificial lamb
Murder for the crucified
Adherence to his faith
Self indulgent bleeding
For beauty becomes the slave as the prophets take it all away
Deny the game
Lose again
The soulless figures repent the dead. Revere the faceless
Extend the motion
Support the absence of
The war tears through the fabric that unites the nation with independence
Force in our nature
The deity's ancient laws give us the right to kill
Touch the intent
Kiss the ground
Overthrown as you taste tomorrow
You've taken away the right to justice
Annihilation of civilized man
Religious sect, procured
And doctored to allow for a total holocaust
The warrior remains in idol history revered for uncommon valor
As the war rages on, upon this land where I grew
So sacred and untouched
Now scarred by this revelation
You die in the name of hopeless abandon
You lie forsaking your brother's love
You die at the hands of this holy war
You die in vain for another's blood

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