Dark Lyrics


1. The Weight Unweighable

The deepest kind of cut is applied when someone else sees me as my own darkest impressions.
I'll gouge out their eyes out and break every bone.
I've met the enemy in me.
I pushed it down inside of me, cleansed the plagues from my hands but you would not let it go.
Your blood raw throat stopped you before I could satisfy my rage.
Silence is a true friend that does not betray.
Madness Grows In The Darkness.
I want your teeth in my molar collection.
I've thrown swords before, but now I know you're the one I should am for.
Fire rages in the heart.

2. Avada Kedavra

I have been to the layer of the great betrayer.
He said a sinner is a saint as long as he's a liar.
Searching for a pillar of hope.
I kept my head above the water.
I did not drown amongst the sharks.
Forced to close a door within myself.
My best friend lost the key I have fallen victim fed by betrayal.
"I'm always the fucking victim"
"You're always the fucking victim"
Drown, drown myself in apathy.
You are fucking wrong with what you once did right.
Adopt the idea of a better life.
You gave up.
You can't stop your self from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
You are the aborted fact of a lesser life.
These words can kill like a curse.
Now your reaction has taken over me.
In time my soul will back away from you.
Another body slipping away towards eternity.

3. Full Body Contortion

I saw your name drawn on the back of this notebook.
Remembering the moment I watched your hand write it down.
Fuck you.
I knew that you would lead me astray, blinding my judgment.
If you forgot my name I suggest you look through the photos you never took.
Spit out the fires of hell with the breath that you cannot breathe.
Lungs punctured so far deep that you gasp for the hope of a chance for the continuation of life.
I wish I would have spread my soul far apart from you.
I would have told you to fuck off the minute you sat down, but you sat there and stared.
This dead orchard next to me has littered the garden of hope.
I have littered the air.
You sat there and stared.
All love is lost.
The distance between us has broken the value of survival amongst the enemy that is unseen.
I walk on a fine line.
We are buried face down.
Buried face down.
Pouring life and soul into this product that doesn't produce.
I could live like a king, but a pawn.
A trace of history keeping the closet nothing company.
Help me find knives.
The force of your head pressing down moves me.
I changed.
I've changed for the better.
My heart cannot beat.
My heart cannot beat without the blood.
Your reaction has said enough for everyone to hear.
I must find knives.

4. Dried Up Goliathan

I know it's true.
There is no hope.
I can still see that there is a light up ahead of me.
Give it up.
Learn to let it go.
Heaven is out of reach, hell is in sight.
Give it up.
Learn to let it go.
Heaven is out of reach, hell is in sight.
Give it up.
Learn to let it go.
Learn to let go of the pain that you hold onto.
I know it's true.
There is no hope.
But I can still see that there's a light up ahead of me.

5. Building An Empire Towards Destruction

Rebuilding structures in our minds that hold strong the test of time.
Consuming voids that are long eroded of all forms of life.
Send a messenger to them with a note that says as of right now we are taking back our pre-machine ways of living life.
A declaration of change.
All the future and the present can be reprogrammed in time.
For all of creation these words carry on and shine new light upon this.
Broken into future predictions of assembly line life.
I must fucking shut it down.
We must shut it down.

6. Consensus For The Locus Of Thought

What employs destroys all life.
Sail this sea of fire with me and lift up our decay.
The human war machine marches on.
Unfurled like avalanches crushing downward onto us.
Mainframe die.
Like a cancer slowly evolving to suppress antigen, fueling the beast
There is no space in time.
I'm trying to find my way back to this place again.
But I cannot find like so many others before me a way to unlatch from its grasp.
A way to be free of its tasks.
My brain is artificial intelligence.
Shut it down.

7. This Is A Test... No Flesh Shall Be Spared

We are the unstoppable machine that lays waste to everything that comes in contact with its hands.
We construct.
Then we will deconstruct and then reconstruct until there is nothing left for us.
Someday the machine will break down.
When our organs cease to function we will have built what is going to be destroyed.
This is an act of war.
It's our human nature to eradicate ourselves for the betterment of ourselves.
In the event that we escape what is our destiny we will outthink ourselves into destination.
Like we are dying, truly engulfed in the moment.
Some day we will try to walk, but we will not remember how to.
And we never thought it would come to this.
It is forever.
We walk through barren lands with wounds open.
We escape the collective that remains.
This cancer reigns on a growth all its own.

8. The Concept Of Existence

This is the end of our war.

9. Suicide Melody


10. Savannah

[ZAO cover]

A day not to forget
The machine has collapsed under the program it's been given
Look inside the broken shell
Look inside the broken shell
To see the broken heart
They can't believe the machine was alive but we saw it bleed
We saw it bleed [8x]
The machine it falls apart and when it's cut it bleed
The machine bleeds [6x]
She was alive

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