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1. You Too Can Have Your Own Cranklab

In rural serenity, a simple man and a simple chemistry.
He followed a dream, and today he has his own cranklab!
Some crude available tools, a recipe, anhydrous ammonia stolen from the farm on the Lords day, decongestants.
Pyrex cookware, and about a gram left of the last eight-ball of the shit he'd ever have to buy.
Vigilant discipline.
Because you only fuck up once when you're cooking.
There's no looking back once one has made it for himself.
With a death wish and a print out, you too can have your own cranklab.
Why choose to get your fumes from another's tit?
Participate in the manufacture!
Perforated if a failure.
Heart failure in success.
So many other options than to quit.
The wrath of God: Man made.

2. Ripe for Destruction

Alive today as they are permitted.
Living in the shame of an ironic existence.
Their belligerence surpassed only by their weakness.
We will oversee the rite.
Casualties in the civilian population.
A strategy to demoralize.
Spit in the face of the executioner.
Assuming God is an ally.
Never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity
In service to God, indoctrination of Sons and Daughters.
Civilizations far superior will be pushed to the breaking point.

History has proved that peace is never made with words.
It results only from decisive victory.
Ripe for destruction.
They must be destroyed.
Left without the means to wage war.

3. Ad Infinitum

The other night while I was fading into sleep,
I foresaw the fruit of my ambition and requisite course of action was the public vivisection of the unchecked lie.
Barbarism, spiritual bliss, the secular empiricist, apologist of slaughtered deity.
Non-verbal as all exists.
Close your eyes.

Time in the day to be alone, a man alone as the mind roams.
Synapses ablaze in the silence, we learn.
Dissecting, digesting, and defining the day.
Stocking clandestine artillery.
New trivialities implore resolution instead of answers that pointless questions invited.
Requiring your further analysis;
Ad infinitum, to observe and learn from oneself at rest.

To find rest only when sifting the tedium.
The distance between the thinker and the answer, divided in half and then that half divided, begs the man-slave to further bisect the void
Ad infinitum.
Avoiding distraction like the plague.
Isolated, in wait.
Background of white noise drowning but everything.
Edit the documentary you filmed today.
Close your eyes.

4. Hungry American

The shirt of the nation is stained with the gravy.
A whole generation now knows no fear for life or prosperity.
Awaiting a time, awaiting a chance to put their ass on the line.
The loyal and vicious gather arms and begin to shine.
Hunger pain in the homes of the average man hails the twilight of altruism orgies once again.
Inspiration comes when looking out for number one.
Beware the hungry American.
Primitive competition is the wealth distribution.
The chaos has a poetry that pays reverence to nature's decisiveness.
Obliged to gorge: obliged to die by a birthright.

The men, the pen, the bombs.
Harder times have now arrived.
Bitter pills have now prescribed.
The looming shadow of adversity has brightened some eyes.
Better times have now arrived in which we will be defined; spilling some blood, stealing some bread, living like kings, remembering that God is dead.
That which divides slave and master, that which brings war, that which a priest would warn you of, that which makes thieves of children built an empire.

5. Blest Be the Retarded

Mongoloid, mouth agape with a protruding tongue.
Chromosomes; a fragile X, an extra Y.
Gigantic head, simian crease on the palm.
Naivety reflected in a shit-eating grin
I've always found contagious.
The group home his castle.
Down syndrome romance lingers, thick in the air.
Raised in an institution they moved to the hood.
Four retards and a guardian paid $7.50 hourly.
Ignorance is bliss.
Within a childhood that never really ends.
No capacity for math.
Excused completely from the burdens of higher thought, concern for hygiene, maintenance of human aesthetics, of competitive nature of masculinity, of regrets, of responsibility, of procreation, of ever escaping the realm of innocence.
The smiling eyes of a forty-year-old child makes on shudder and another glad.
A life passes by like a day off school.
Bulletproof optimism of the half-wit, a contribution to this world.

6. On Being Succinct

Some men hold within their hearts deep appreciation for silence.
Few and far between will one find one who feels it's not necessary to saturate every moment of the day with small talk bullshit every time silence comes.

Learn to be a man of fewer words.
Shoot me a nod or a glare, but keep those thoughts to yourself.
Grown intolerant, unreceptive, rude.
A man of few words.
Leave some to imagination.
Restrain the bullshit.
Learn to bite your tongue.
Recognize when one shows no interest.
Have a little pride and shut your fucking hole.
Work to be a man of fewer words.

7. One More Tool in the Shed

During times most would consider low points within a low life.
Waking up in jail, losing a fight, cohabitating with a whore, a certain something within me has defiantly given me comfort, not necessarily happiness.
A lot like a gyroscopic implement that enforces a balance and as of yet I have never grieved.
One of the various virtuous symptoms?
The building blocks of a bad motherfucker?
No, just one more tool in the shed.
It helped me through the streets.
It helped me through wars and with hangovers agonizing withdraw, comfortable with no need for a home and in the hospital bed it helped me.
Waking up in a shady hotel room in a town I just met the night before.
Baggy bloodshot eyes look back through a cracked mirror grinning at all.
Whether one is born into fortune or hungry for most of his days, ugly or not with or without talents or even intelligence, what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

Even our life's bare necessities can disappear very suddenly.
It's all build on a foundation of sand.
What matters most is how well you walk through the fire.

8. Numeric Brandings

Hanged low, buried deep.
Transfers of wealth, subversive means.
Relieved of a small but hard-earned fortune by a thief at a PC.
The slow progression, proliferation of the channels through which we diffuse our essence.
Recognizing from whom one seeks recognition.
Taught to perceive legal identity as property, as it can be gambled at will or defiled by thieves.
Through numeric brandings sovereignty bleeds.
Who has you in their pocket?
Whose asset are you?
Paranoia pays, cynicism saves.

Disappear from the radar in a matter of days.
The trail you've left behind can terminate.
A dotted line, a signature.
Befriending lending institutions.
Recognize from who one seeks recognition, lest in error you
relinquish anonymity, surrendering autonomy.
From afar indelibly I soil your good name.
Felony fraud without a trace.
Subsistence, bloated excess.

To intercept is to earn.

9. Nine


10. Necessary Deviations

Never forget!
The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.
Tradition must be cast aside for it has demonstrated negligence, the first step on the path to greatness.
The will to power.
And the ones left behind, bound by their fear, will slander your name, envious and ashamed.

Rechristening evil as what is best in each of us.
Necessary deviations.

The author of a paradigm will walk alone.
The sharp disapproval from the others should be perceived as encouragement.
The coal mind can be hardened into diamond.
The masses await you plaint and yielding with no gleam of destiny in their eyes.
The wasted humanity stands grazing and waiting for the right man to utilize.
Decades whither your hands impressions as if made of wax, if your soul is as hard as a twenty-pound sledge and no one hits the target painted on your back, in service to the conservation of nothing at all.
Deviate as is our custom.
Risking all crossing razor wire.

Alpha Male;
Death before fear, his word is consensus.
He rules burning all the books.

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