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1. Dwell In The Insanity

Unveil the curtain of uncertainty
Cast out the first born son
Consumed by the hate of ferocity
As my life remains undone
The path I dwell in was meant for me
Unable to change its course
I drown my sorrows in the wretched sea
Before the pain gets worst...

Losing what's left of such reveries
Extracting my final thoughts
Watching the world fall to travesty
Helpless I choke and breathe
Wanting to achieve total apathy
To avoid the shame of despondency
Cities crash and burn from atrocities
Nothing left for me but agony...

Walking through these empty streets
I feel the dread of all...
Where they once have stood in the past
Is now a haunting hall
The rain resumes the endless stream
And piercing through each stone
It burns my flesh and rots my soul
My wounds reopen and bleed

Each day I wake and die inside
From all the things I've seen
I let the tides take over me
In hopes I cease to be
Too late to cure my ignorance
As I watch our species fall
Wishing to save what's left from this
Before we're dead and gone...

Nothing left for me but tragedies
Nothing left for me but everlasting suffering...

I hear their voices and all the anguish they feel
But it's too late for them to come alive
It's useless to try and fix the rest
All this time I believe that hope would shine
Yet I make the ruins as the void consumes my soul
And the silence remains eternally...

2. Die To Forget

A sweet revisit
The tribulation
That I once forgot about
And the defeating susurration
That never left my side
Let's see your God survive
The agony I placed for him...

Could you really dismiss such utterance
When all this time you nourished it dead
As life intended it to be
Can you feel it when everything falls?
Feeling so cold from feeling alone
Left are the ashes
The fate of mankind
Blood stains on the mirror
Exposing the abyss
Only to see what lead you to this...

Stare into the shadows of ruin
And the blood that fades on your skin
Deceived by the light that brought you inside
My dark piece of mind where nothing can hide
Going even deeper to find the source
I'm lost in oblivion yet I feel safe
Fighting insanity I regret this journey
As your fear becomes unreal...

3. Serenity Theft

Welcome to your new life
That seems quaint doesn't it?
But do't feel fooled
It's meant to feel this way to numb the pain
For your aspirations
Are merely weak against your own addition
Can you feel your eyes bleed?
You hope to never live another night again...

We pray to be saved as we rot and decay
Yet the angels never came
You look into their eyes as you watch them all die
And their children will cease to be
Each building is trashed and the windows are smashed
Yet you walk along the path
Inside these old walls is where we all seem to fall
And the dying screeches remain...

Why do I do this to myself?
I am a slave to my own weakness
Why do bad things feel so good?
I can't control my life or my temptations
I am on my knees
To see if maybe something will change

Chaos, sadness
Relinquish your feelings that shift your decision

Hopeless, madness
Accept what is real and embrace the downfall

Useless, coldness
Abandon your emotions and escape to your death

Heartless, darkness
Cover your eyes to escape your own pain

Gutless, helpless
Having no shame when your carve out your eyes

Formless, dreamless
Knowing full well that your dead deep inside...

4. Will We Make It?

With every step I take I'm closer to the flame
In hopes to cleanse my flesh from all the human stains
Sick from every plague
That tore open my veins
From all the loss of faith
My heart is gone today
Drink away my hope
I laugh while on the floor
And all the things we do
Is hurt each other for you

Living in the moment
Burning within the ashes
Of everything that's gone
Nothing can be done
Each day I live through this
And hope that things are bliss
But everything's the same
Why do I exist?

Defeated by the times
From every breath I take
If this was meant to be
How can we survive?
Sleeping in the streets
The future looks so bleak
Soon we'll all be here
This is what I fear...

Sleeping in the streets
The future looks so bleak
Soon we'll all be here
This is what I fear...
Children left for dead
Money owns the rest
Death will end our fate
Unable to escape

Sleeping in the streets
The future looks so bleak
Soon we'll all be here
This is what I fear
And the same question always appears
Will we make it?

5. One Can Dream

Can you feel your heart begin to race?
At the thought of seeing each other again
Do you still have my scent attached to your skin?
From the endless tides of emotions
Devour every moment
I yearn for your very existence
To feel your warmth once more...

A line that seperates the entrance
I speak to the night crawlers to propose an offer
My life for your presence
My life to be taken
To feel your touch again
Nothing even comes close
Such love you've given me
And within seconds your touch is felt
I embrace the beauty that holds me

6. Let Me In...

Hate towards the masses
Bodies burn to ashes
Hiding from the shadows
Scared of what will happen
Trapped within the corner
Caged inside I'm hopeless...

What have I done to deserve this?
What can I do to fix my mistake?

Facing my own demons
Breaking every promise
Losing all my friendships
Ruining my own life

Isn't it wonderful to know that it's too late
Seeing shadows everywhere
I never stood a chance...

I embrace the black abyss
I have suffered long enough
All my regrets don't matter now
I welcome the reaper...

7. Malice Callous

Never have I seen such insolence
Playing with the fire of innocence
Unaware of the fate that awaits them
Say goodbye to your life of ignorance

Taste the flesh I crave
Feeding your remains to the monster of pain
See what you have done?
Now it's time to pay
Don't you dare feel ashamed...
Where was your remorse when I begged for you to stop?

The rest of you I'll slay
Eventually you will forget...
But when you shut the light and close your door
I will be there to slit your throat...

When you least expect it
When you feel the safest
I will be there to destroy everything you love
And leave you with nothing...

8. Freedom Of Silence


9. Your Starchild

Stepping on the ashes of those that never made it
How can I be the only one left?
With nothing left to hope for
With ever step I suffer
After all these years somehow I'm still here
Dead inside I see no reason to stop
Each wound a reminder of all the horror I've seen
Of where I have been
Of what I have become...

Children eat their own flesh just to survive
As we continue declining
No one will mourn the day when we are all gone...

Never to fulfill what the world expects of me
And you scream confessions of all the jealous truths
Of the life I never had
A friendly reminder of things I can't achieve
A friendly reminder of things I will never be...

10. Save Yourself

I am drowning in fear
From these modern times
No longer able to survive
Dreading the moment when they finally come to kill me...

In the hole you go
Where promised words are lost
Down the drain below
Where all my dreams have gone
It all leads to this
Dreadful black abyss
The pain I have dismissed
Nothing left but bliss...

And you beg for deliverance
You reach out for anything
Just to feel a small dose of relief
Instead you're left behind...

No one cares...
No one is there...

A. Morbid: vocals, guitars, bass, piano
Devastation: drums

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