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1. Don't Go

Please Don't Go,
Please Don't Go...
I thought you were everything,
I thought you were the one...
But once again I'm still blind,
By the fake mask of life.
Again I fell for its trap,
Again I fell for its lies...
And now you are leaving,
And I'm begging you to stay...
What we had was something special.
What's going on? It's getting hard
to breathe. I'm torn open,
I'm on my knees, asking you
to stay and not to leave.
Please Don't go,
Please Don't go...

2. My Brutus

I Know It's Better deep down in the ground
Then to stand here and listen to your hurtful
sounds. Why would you ever leave me on this
cold floor to bleed away everything we stood
for. You were my last great hope...
Now I ask you, why?
I thought you were my only friend but now
that we have reached our lonely end. Now
I see the dagger is in my back and I didn't
see it coming. The times I've bled don't you
remember when the snow turned red back in
December. I loved you more than any other
I would have given my life for you but it
seems that you have taken it from me...
Why my friend? How did we end this?
Answer me my friend, Why?
The darkness sets so as I say my last words.
They won't be ones of hate, when you see
my corpse you will realize your mistake, don't
cry for me my friend it's too late...

3. What It Feels to be Unloved

Heart broken. cut me till my
wounds reopen. Hate me till
your heart turns black. Love me
for the piece of shit scum I am.
Let this circle of rage grow within
you. I want you to hate me. I
want to be unwanted. Seems
like that's all I ever recieve from
this disgusting human fucking race.
All you humans are the same. All
talk but cant walk. Yur hatred
is my remedy. It's what still keeps
me alive. It's only benefitting me
more and more. This whole world
is shit. You will never know what
it feels to be unloved. You will
never know! You are nothing.
We are nothing. Your family
is nothing. Your thoughts are
nothing. Your life is nothing!

4. Sovnlose Netter I Mitt Isolatrom

Kastet inn i det mørke rommet
med ingen lys i sikte
jeg er forlatt til å
sitte her
å gårte

mitt syn er tåkete,
jeg har det ikke
torturer meg og føl ...euhporia... mens du gjør det,
det finnes
fremdeles en sjel,
som er fanget i denne livløse kroppen,
bare sett den
fri, gjør slutt på mitt liv,
få meg til frigjørelse,
jeg vil ikke være
våken lengre
la meg lukke øynene mine og ikke våkne opp, for dette er enda
en søvnløs natt, i mitt isolatrom...

5. Letting Go

Our time has come. This is were time stops.
This is where everything turns black.
Where everything ends, and everything
begins. I know I wont be missed.
I know, I know...
Don't pretend that you will.
I'm tired of all these lies, I'm tired of
my helpless cries, so don't try to stop me
from pulling this trigger. Let me have this
one moment, to have rejuvinate myself and
get rid of the dirty stench that I placed
on this earth (Me). No bullet can
accomplish this task, I never trusted
the weapons that were created by man.
Ther is no life after death. But before I go,
Let me watch look through the infinite trees.
Let me dance to the snowstorm and sing along
with the winds as i reach for the sky. My
tears can't stop flowing, everyone says to let
go of the past, so I jumped off the mountain
that I once stood still on, watching myself fall
Let me close my Eyes and never wake up. I am
finally letting go, I am finally going to stop
breathing. Hearing his voice in my head saying.
Let it go, let it go, you have lost it all, you
have done it all, this journy is finally over.
You don't have to suffer anymore. Let it go...

6. No Tomorrow

Open these bleeding valves
Devour this world with my filth
Pollute the air you breathe
Pollute your eyes so you can see,
The reality of what this world has
become, this is the last sunrise.
So enjoy this false happiness,
because the is no tomorrow.
No tomorrow, Slit your final
vein, close your eyes, this is your
last day, make the most of it.
Don't be scared, don't be sad.
You were at your peak and you
lived your life. You served your
purpose. Death is calling your name
Let me lead you, just follow me.
I'm the voice in your head that's
telling you...
There is no tomorrow...

7. Take Me Away

Together we stay,
Together we die,
For there is no tomorrow,
No sunrise that will shine.
These days seem cold,
Feeling lifeless,
Felling hopeless...
Just take me away.
Take me away,
take me away...
All I've done is suffer,
and fell the knife of life,
stab me on my back.
making it's mark on my skin.
There's no reason for me
to be here. So please, just
take me away.
Take me away.
Take me away...

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