Dark Lyrics


1. Happy Days

I remember when there used to be colors all over,
and I could wake up and barely open my eyes,
Having a simple mind,
Feeling so euphoric,
Not knowing what later lurks in my lifetime,
Wanting to stay in this moment always,
Now my days are fading every time i blink,
Foreseeing images,
Flashing in my head,
Violent voices,
Wanting me dead,
Opened eyes start to burn now,
The sun is just too much
And when I close them the darkness engulfs me

As I'm growing
Things are dying,
It only takes one mistake,
To beget another,
I can never see this happening,
Im still young,
Please don't take this away from me,
Let me at least keep this
As a memory,
Now all that is left,
Is entering this path,
Where my miserable life starts,
Just as I watch the colors fade away,
I begin to step towards this black void,
Where no light is found here,

I will miss these moments where things were still innocent.
The days where I still believed.
I will miss these everlasting beautiful fields,
Where i would run and reach for the sky,
I will miss these happy days,
I will miss it,
oh how i will miss it...

2. Broken

Take a look,
In my eyes,
Take a walk in my shoes,
And see Why I am this way,

Watch as your life starts to fall apart,
Watch as your life begins to decay,
This forest was once full of life,
Flames begin to ignite,
Watch it all get destroyed,
What was once beautiful has become ugly,
This is my world,
And I cant get out...

No matter how hard I scream,
No matter how hard I plead,
It always falls on deaf ears,
So as you watch through my eyes,
You can begin to understand,
And see why I am this way,
You cant save me,
I've begun to fall apart...

3. Cold Aggression

Cut me,
Reopen my wounds,
Pour your salty touch,
Watch me scream,
I beg you to stop,

Your words cut me
Slashing my skin
And crushing my bones
Until I am nothing
Beneath you
Reduced to Dust,

You said you always cared,
But when i looked back,
You where never there,
Just a gun and a knife,
Giving me a warming stare,

You told me you wouldn't leave
You told me you would care
And I believed your every word
Now I sit alone and stare at you
With you laughing in my face

4. For These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This Emptiness

Tell Me How Worthless I Am...
I Need To Know...
Because...You Were All That Mattered..
For filth is what we turn too...
Once the world..finally comes to an end...
You took it all from me...

I don't think theres any blood left in me...
No more tears to shed...
No More screams...
No more begging..
Just acceptance...
For These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This Emptiness...

5. Industrial Melancholy

Breathing in,
This so called air,
Is something I cant bare,
Repeating routines,
Life is unfair,
Viewing the obscene,
That cant be repaired,

Having to conform in order to survive,
As it becomes painful to stay alive,
Losing the will to continue to strive,
Hoping that my end will soon arrive,

The air in my lungs feels more like smog,
Just weighing me down,
A thick black smoke that sticks to my lungs once inhaled,
Until I am no more,
Each breath makes this day come closer,
One day I know it'll choke me...

6. Alone And Cold

I sit,
And wait,
Seems as though time has stop,
I stare once more towards my scarred up wounds,
Reopening them,
Hoping that its my time,
To forever Fade away,
I don't belong here.
I need to die,
I cant take this waiting anymore,
Once again i sit,
and wait,
This time with nothing to comfort me,
The blades are dull,
The nooses are broken,
Theres nothing left for me to grab onto,
I am forever alone and cold,
Nothing can save me now...

7. No Point In Living

Each day passes by slower and slower,
Rotting little by little,
Agony and suffering is all I know,
Am I meant to commit suicide?
The more and more i realize,
In the end nothing really matters,
You can have a happy life with nothing wrong,
Sounds more of like a Fantasy to me,
Happiness doesn't last,
Depression and Negativity will always triumph,

So why continue on living,
Why not just end it already,
Jump in a pool of Razors,
Hang yourself,
Jump off a building,
Review your entire life,
Realize what a great waste it was...

8. Take Me Away

Together we stay,
Together we die,
For there is no tomorrow,
No sunrise that will shine.
These days seem cold,
Feeling lifeless,
Felling hopeless,
Just take me away.
Take me away,
All I've done is suffer,
And felt the knife of life,
Stab me in my back.
Making it's mark on my skin.
There's no reason for me
To be here. So please, just
Take me away.
Take me away...

9. Abigail

[Soundclip from the film Closer:]
"I don't love you anymore.
Since when?
Now. Just now. I don‘t want to lie. Can't tell the truth, so it's over.
It doesn't matter. I love you. None of it matters.
Too late. I don't love you anymore. Goodbye.
Here's the truth, so now you can hate me. Larry fucked me all night. I enjoyed it. I came. I prefer you. Now go.
I knew that. He told me.
You knew?
I needed to hear it from you.
Because he might have been lying. I had to hear it from you.
I would never have told you, because I know you would have never forgived me.
I would. I have.
Why did he tell you?
Because he's a bastard.
How could he?
Because he wanted this to happen.
But why test me?
Because I'm an idiot.
Yes. I would have loved you... forever. Now, please go.
Don't do this, Alice. Talk to me.
I am talking. Fuck off.
No I'm sorry. You misunderstand! I didn't mean to.
Yes you did.
I love you!
Show me! Where is this love? I... I can't see it, I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words, but I can't do anything with your easy words.
Whatever you say is too late.
Please, don't do this!
It's done.
Now, please go, or I'll call security.
No, you're not in a strip club, there is no security.
Why did you fuck him?
I wanted to.
I desired him.
You weren't there!
Why him?!
He asked me nicely.
You're a liar.
Who are you?
I'm no one!"


10. Abwärts

[originally by Freitod]

Ich falle so leise
Schwebend im Zwielicht des Seins
Kalte Gedanken an kalte Jahre
Wo einst Leben war

Ich falle unendlich
Verloschen ist all die Liebe
Vergessen ist all das Glück
Ich falle, es tut so weh

Verloren, verlassen, vergessen
Ich bin allein
Verraten, verflucht, verstossen
Ich bin allein

Es geht abwärts
In den Abgrund
Es geht abwärts
Ins Nichts

Ich falle endlos
Tauchend durch den Nebel der Erinnerungen
Durch Fragmente der Wärme
Wo einst Leben war

Ich falle unendlich
Verloschen ist all die Liebe
Vergessen ist all das Glück
Ich falle, es tut so weh

Verloren, verlassen, vergessen
Ich bin allein
Verraten, verflucht, verstossen
Ich bin allein

Es geht abwärts
In den Abgrund
Es geht abwärts
Ins Nichts

11. This Will Hurt

A familiar house I enter,
Viewing a staircase...
That leads to a tragic scene,
A room thats lit by unseen stars,

Peaking through an a jared door,
A heavy head being supported by soft hands,
Reliving the moment of them caressing my scars

Feeling the illusion of rejuvenation,
Seeing the tears that I used to dry from your face,

He enters...
Makes her forget the past,
As a lifetime of sinful lust pours onto her,
Two bodies become one,
Witnessing every breath taking moment,
Never ending...

Heavy breathing,
This numbing feeling,
Choking from a dry throat,
Accompanied by tears
my world is crashing down...
Dying from within...

I don't know whats more painful,
Gutting my wrist,
Putting a bullet between my eyes,
Or viewing the rest of this sickening experience,
Either way,
This will hurt...

12. Heroin Is Good For You

The savior enters the room,
And promises serenity for all eternity,
Where this will take you,
you shall no longer feel,
I Promise you...

The illusion of safety,
masked by the gloves of healing,
I hold the key to your well being,
Trust in me,
Believe in me,
I will save you...

An unknown entity welcoming itself to me,
Re locks the shackles of pain,
My heart is numb,
My mind is clear,
You saved me...

It holds you with cold arms,
Losing sight of all that is real,
Without even noticing,
Without even caring,
I don't want this to end...

Sensations suddenly occur...
Destructive regurgitation's,
Old wounds reopen,
Blinded eyes soaked with tears,
Unleashing my inner fears,
Shivering from a ghostly chill,

13. Agony Becomes Unforgettable Seering Emptiness

The broken home on this street
Haunts me,
It always hurts to see,
For this is where I began to bleed,

Never did I understand
why it happens,
The Horrid nights,
The infinite cries,
With no end in sight,
The heavy touch,
The rose stained floors,

Never have I felt,
Such emotional pain,
That brought along physical torture,
Asking myself why,
Without Reason,
Without feeling,

A foul scent,
That permeates the air,
Revisiting a familiar scene,
To shame a life,
Removing their only seed,
Never been fed,
Disposed by loved ones,
Left for dead...

Time and life may continue,
But I will always remember...
For this round scar,
Still burns...

14. No Solution

And so Begins,
Another battle,
Between life and death,
Struggling to stray away,
From the Temptation,
Will this night be another separation?
Trembling from this confliction.
Will there be nothing left?

Feeling more and more lifeless during each session,
Trapped by my own fixation,
The addicting overdose injection,
I remember everything...

Theres no escape from this mental illness,
Losing all control of my thoughts,
Eaten alive by this morbid sickness,
This time i will be forever gone...

15. Forever Asleep (Dead)

There I was...
Breathing in the pain,
Even before birth I was long dead,
I entered this world with a void in my heart,
A void that could never be filled,
So many broken promises,
Accompanied by hurtful memories,
Never to feel the tears of relief,
Not in my lifetime...

Karmageddon — Drums
A. Morbid — Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

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