Dark Lyrics


1. Of Love and Curses

This time
The tide wouldn't turn
Towards a brighter dawn
The shadows long grew longer still
Cold creeping up to the bone

This time the morning sun
Caught up on those on the run
The cruel bright pledge of demise
Sealed with ice and signed in blood

From blood a fire is broken
Heavy breath through the dawn
The world is wet with emptiness
Embers aglow in the dark

From blood a fire is broken
Hold on through the dawn

And I can see it now
Clear as the brightest dawn
This curse we cast upon ourselves
The love we chose not to bear

2. Fear, Longing, Hope and the Night

Late in to the twilight
We ride the silvery steed
A moment cradled in dark
A myriad burning points above

Will there be
An impenetrable silence
A blanket to smother all lingering life

Three moons left behind
And with them the remnants of time
One moon above to light my way
Beneath a broken sky

Late in to the twilight
We ride the silvery steed
And through the dark, a distant radiant star
And in the mist, the lucid dancing of flame

Three souls to carry the flame
Three minds with burning memories
Together we bear the weight of untold time
Fear, longing, hope and the night

Will there be
An impenetrable silence?

3. Into That Good Night

In these times
When sickness holds
A solemn pact with death
One did fall
Unto sickness
And shivering slumber

Oh heaven above, why
Is woe on misery piled
Under these skies
Should one more of us die?

From darkest skies
This night unfolds
With the most gentle breath
Still does one fall
Unto that good night
From pain ever yonder

On the concrete shade-tendrils
Slowly creep and crawl
By evenfall the shadow-fingers
Point towards the dawn
I watch the insects
Scurrying along the waning light
For them the dark means death
Whereas we hold dear this cover of the night

4. Rain

A song from bygone days
A haunting tune in the back of the mind
Sing with the damned, oh rising tide
For the stars are aligned on the clearest sky

A song from belated morns
Daunting moons, forever behind

This night the sky became the sea
Beating soil and the soul torn asunder
Who should dare to tread under darkest clouds
Slick and tarnished with the taste of demise

Tainted water pours from the ages past
Running through these fingers battered and worn to the bone
Diluted with the shadows of wasted days
Frozen it hovers to the broken ground

5. Silent Sentinels

I feel the earth beneath my feet
And the sweet air in my lungs
The water falling silent from the sky
And the fire about to die

Will my feet still carry me
Under the silent trees
Will my feet still carry me
Through this overwhelming night
Over the frozen earth
Until I die

Will my feet still carry me
Under the silent trees
Through this overwhelming night
Over this earth
Until I die

The silent sentinels
Oaks and pines in the dusk
They watch over the path of a fallen son
Towards a glimpse of a final morning sun

6. Anamnesis

A memory
Is woven from the shadows
Distilled from dying embers

A memory
Drawn thin between the moments
Expelled beyond our grasp

Is a threshold to the night
A journey without ending

Is a chalice for the damned
Lost forevermore
And we tread that trail
Unwilling and yet eager
If not awake then deep in slumber
Restless in our sleep

We loved the flame
The fire stolen from the gods
We gathered around the dancing embers

We loved the flame
The fire stolen from the gods
Warding us against the dark

7. Navigator

Remains of winter's snow
A million trickles towards the shore
As fluid as eternal time
Deeds good and evil lost within

Yet from a chance encounter
A meaning could be found
A handprint etched into a soul
A keepsake to guide us forth
Towards eternity

How do we reign over our fate?
The paths of those passing by
Entwining with a burning resolution
Life, relentless, unending
Until it ceases

8. Signs of Affection

In the vague light of this dawn-lit room
With tender feet a spider brushes my brow
She longs for the warmth and all the blessed things
Long since gone

In their stead
A starlit void to take us in
Unsullied altogether by a single city's light
The profound silence of the woods
The strange serenity of these hollow homes

And those of us that remain able to provide
Each other these signs of affection
The perfect brown egg fresh from the coop
A crumble sweet, a mound of berries black
A warm cup of tea second to last in existence
A slight touch of gentle confusion
Of sorrow, of compassion, or risen from rare tenderness
All the more fragile and bittersweet in the dawning awareness
Of how little there is left to possess
To share
To sustain
To nurture a forlorn thread of hope resting in the cup if one's palm

Not long now
I suppose the wind
Shall kill the last of flames
We've run out of things to burn and devour
Will it sooth us then, in the end of all things
To gently grasp the hand of another
Slowly growing cold

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