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1. I Will

Can you feel the anger in my heart?
I can't believe this is me.
I built my house on shaking ground, and lit a match to watch it burn.
Set me free.
Rest my soul in you alone.
Rise, from the quiet I will rise.
Take my hand. Give me the faith to move mountains.
Give me the strength to rebuild.
Help me become a better man.
Help me to understand your will.
Let it rain. To remind me that there is something more.

2. Water

[feat. Nathan Winchell of A Hope For Home]

Forgive me for falling out. It's just not the way I see You.
Take me to the water.
Let there be light to reveal everything we've become.
Take me to the water.
I'm losing my faith, at the hands of the dynasty.
Take me to the water.

I just want something real.

From the shore. With the waves to my back, I can see.
A wasteland of blasphemy. Spolied fruit reaped from crooked trees.
God, are these your seeds? Are these your branches?
I'm so disgusted with all of this.
I want to recover.

Be still my brother. Be still so we may hear His voice.

Let there be light. Take me to the water.

3. Cube

Shut down everything inside that makes it work. All the wires to it's soul, and all the lights that make it glow. Kill the system. I don't want it anymore. Drag me through the fire. It helps keep me awake. The bulbs are blinking, the statics piercing. But it's hard to look away. Let's hit the ground. God damn this place. It's taken everything. Shut it down. Send your best to guard my soul. They will never sleep. They will never leave me alone. Somebody throw the switch, shut it down.

4. The Helix

I am not alone. Would you clear the dust from my eyes? Would you recognize my voice if I would talk to you? Oh, I feel so tired. So wake me up. I believe your hands hold the sun. But in the deepest of my mind, I question everything you've done. Give me rest. I believe your breath fills my lungs. But it's a thought that's hard to swallow, I feel ashamed I can't hold on. Give me rest. I will take your hand. Just lead me through the dark. I will take your hand. Don't ever let me go. "Be still and know that I am God."

5. Here I Am

[feat. Ian Johnson]

On my knees in the wreckage of a broken church. I couldn't pull it together. How I want to believe that there's a light, at the end of this continuous shadow. And as the feeling disappears, here I am. Are you here? Wake up my son. Wake up my son. Why are you so afraid? Oh God, I'm begging you now! Open up my eyes!

6. Jovian

Welcome. Light. Come into the light and meet the world. You are beautiful, open your eyes. Open up your eyes to see me here. I will show you the way. I will always be here. In your every hour, in your heart I'll stay. Take rest at the sound of my voice, I'm forever changed. Welcome. Breathe in the breath of life. I've embraced you. In my arms you'll never be alone. I've embraced you. Everything that I am, I give to you. You are all I wanted. You are all I need.

7. Northern Lights

[feat. Ian Johnson]

I found you. And you found me. You gave me a new song. You gave me something to sing. What a beautiful song. You gave me a reason, you gave me something to sing.

8. 2005

Burn this body down. To the ash and the dust, from which it came. I curse within my heart, but sing a holy song. I am a wolf among the sheep. I am calling out your name. I am broken at your feet. Release. Release me. I am bound by the chains of temptation. I am bound by the demons, staring back. Let your mercy rain upon us. Take hold of my soul and put this body in the earth. By your blood I am alive. By your grace I am released.

9. Restart

[feat. Ian Johnson]

I can feel my heart giving in to the weight of your design. And like a remedy your fixing me, while the world has left me blind. I sang for you, and meant what I said. But it's still hard to believe. I was burning my wick at both ends, but no light could be seen. I get frustrated. But I just need to let go. Lift me up (into your arms) and weigh me down. Reach straight into my heart. I've been holding on so long, but I just need to let go.I carried torches from east to west, and watched the flames burn themselves out. Fighting every battle, never trusting that you were on my side. I will fall into your arms and cry, you are God! Lift us up and hear our cry, you are God!

10. Give Me Rest

Here I sit among the clouds. With nothing but the empty sound. I have seen the light of day. I have seen the water wash the blood away. Is my name in there?Send a smile to my daughter. Tell her everything is fine. And give my wisdom to my brother. Tell him to use it right. And to everyone I've wronged, the thought has never left my mind. You are the end and I am fading. Will I rest with you for all of time? Is my name in there? Give me rest. Tell my wife I adore her. That she is beautiful and kind. Here I sit among the clouds. I was wrong and You were right. Give me rest.

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