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1. From Parts Unknown (Intro)


2. Rise Of The Hammer

Like a whirlwind reaping disaster
Crushing skulls with my fists
Heed the storm, voice of the master
Calling to arms

Trumpets roar, brimstone and fire
Smashing bones into dust
Banners high, burning desire
Bonded by blood

Hail, hail
Spreading violence
Sing the chants of war
Pledged in fire
The hammer returns

For the oath we have sworn
By the gods and the throne
As we march into dawn
Rise of the hammer

Sound the charge, trample on corpses
Severed heads on a tole
See them run, fleeing the hunter
There's no remorse

Mangled flesh torn into pieces
Tastes the hammer of war
Praise to thee, king and destroyer
Conquer them all

Hear the thundering roar
Like never before
Hail the hammer of war
Rise of the Hammer

3. I Live For This Shit

I see their faces in the streets
Hiding their smiles behind a mask
Who gives a shit what people think?
That's who I am and how it stays

Take all you can
Give nothing back

I'll die a thousand times before I'II bow
A bandit on the road, my time is now
No fear, no regrets, no second chance
I'm living the life of a warrior

Got no money or possessions
For heavy metal outweighs gold
This is the life I have chosen
One day my story will be told

Got nothing to lose
And I don't give a fuck
This is the life I choose
I don't believe in luck

I live for the shit
The filth and the fury
The sound of the crowd
Enlightens my heart and my soul

4. Spoils Of War

Forged in the fires of the fascists
Born of violence, built for war
True believer with a death wish
Terrorizer, hate galore

Into sorrow I've awakened
Arcane darkness pound by law
I will die to see them broken
Propaganda nevermore

Authority of lairs, spitting in your face
Money rules the world and your rights have been sold

Mourn barren land
Smile as you're burning
Gold in my hands
Blood is the price of war
Spoils of war

I've reborn into salvation
Nihilistic and obscure
We're the arch-fiend of the bastards
All for one and one for all

Authority of liars, spit back in their face
Freedom can't be sold, let tyrants be dethroned

5. Ready To Roll

I'm the prince of submission
And the king of the filth
I'm the warlord of satisfaction
Giving them all that I will

I'm a cheat and a liar
And em loyal to none
I'm the master of fornication
They call me the sheikh of the thrill

Midnight is calling, she's screaming my name
Pounding with fury, you won't be the same
Gambled with lust and I've taken it all
Ready to roll

Through the flames of desire
She will ride on my train
She'll be reaching her destination
Over and over again

6. Raise Some Hell

I feel the fire in my veins
Expect no warning, there is no second chance
So fly our banners as we ride
The beast awakens, it will not be denied

They're banging their heads
Unleashing inferno
So welcome my friends
Into the show

Hell, hell
Let's break some fucking necks
And live for one more night
Another town will burn
We're gonna raise some hell

Another city, fallen prey
The party is over, but I don't give a fuck
I know the story all too well
My soul's on fire, I wanna raise some hell

Nothing stands in my way
Cause I'm living for today
No one can stop me now
Hell, no

As long as blood runs in our veins
The party as never over

7. Blackened Blade

More evil than thou

Hellbent my course to take more souls
So strong thy force, I hear her call

They call me the white wolf
Pale skull with crimson eyes

Rise, I'II rise again
Reborn into violence, I live for revenge
Die, die by the blade
A champion eternal, I'll fight to the end of time

The demon's kiss, a one eyed beast
Her thirst for blood, on souls she feasts
The final war, the end of days
Empires fall, a world in flames

Blackened Blade

Eating through your wretched soul
Sailor on the seas of fate
Into the end of time
You'll be the death of me

Die, the albino
Your body b too weak, your soul now is mine
Life, for the taking
I feel her cold breath consuming my heart


8. Let It Roar

Burning, the will of my heart
Passion, desire and blood
Fast lanes, wind blows in my hair
The rubber is starting to char

Fire, flames in my eyes
I'm burning inside - I live to ride
Rage and power divine, ambition and pride

Let it roar
What are you living for?
This is all I know
Cause there's no return
I don't give a fuck

Yearning, I only live once
And die when I'm ready to go
Not yet! The voice of my soul
Screams what I already know

I'm living hard and I'm riding fast
An iron horse - I'm built to last
Push the engine, paddle to the floor
I feel the fire, I let it roar

9. Ode To Ares (Interlude)


10. Altar Of Pain

Into the fray, they've sent us to die
As if we were soldiers of clay
The seeds of my doubt, refusing to die
But how could my country betray?
Fall on your knees, pray to your god
But he's nowhere to be found
Thousands were slain, and few have survived
Leaving their friends on the ground

Sworn by hate
Hail of fire

Spiral flames haul again
Scorching flesh gone insane
Taste the blood, bullets rain
Tortured soul, blessed be the altar of pain

Frozen with fear, faceless and torn
Trapped from the world that I know
A shell of myself, the man that I was
Have died on the day to atone
I live with this pain, it can't be denied
But there's nowhere to hide
The altar of pain, still sacred to those
Who worship the deaf and the blind

On my knees, tell me God
Why? Why?

11. Blood And Fire

Tempered by steel, torment and pain
Heart made of iron, tested again
Those who wont try surely will far
Fierce is the passion of those who prevail

Bets on the wheel
Taking a spin
Giving it all
Playing to win

The power of will
The strongest survives
The conquest of steel
For glory awaits
For those who live by blood and fire
Blood and fire

The voice of the wind calling your name
Rise to the challenge and conquer again
Life is like war, it's not meant to be fair
The victor, the spoils for those who will dare

The power of will
The strongest survives
The conquest oh steel
For glory awaits
My destiny's written by blood and fire

12. Saturday Night Circle Pit Fight

Human tornado spinning with might
Swirling disaster burning the night
Bodies are clashing, better prepare
Sweat pours like water, fists w the air

Going insane, brothers are moshing tonight
A ritual of pain, power and sonic delight

Can I get a "hell yeah"
Can I get an "alright'
Let me see some action
Forget the rat race
You're in the right place
Saturday night circle pit fight

No mosh pit? No stage dive?
You got to be fucking kidding me?
Posing a boycott? No fucking way
You better fuck off, get ready to pay

13. Road To Hell

Like a plague infecting minds
But this time you know it's wrong
It's your place in a world you know what's true
And money is a virtue

The terror, our error
Their machine is your surrender
I'm the one riding down
To kill everything in my path

Destruction within, I'm burning stronger
Ail that I am is taking me back to the

Road to hell
I'm burning down the world behind me
Road to hell
Yes, I'm burning down, burning down

Face the facts
There is a chance that all you knew is lost
Tooth and nail, cause the fight is never through
And 'til give it all to break you

Black flag in my eyes
I'm coming to take you down
On wheels of destruction
My dark horse is hell-bound

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