Dark Lyrics


1. Soldier

The battle field a soldier's church
Bred to fight as you disperse
Show no mercy to your foes
Death to all who oppose
Blood-soaked hands now feel so cold
Look inside, you have no soul

War, Pain, Loss, Death

As secret documents reveal,
Made of man, made of steel
Genetics have been engineered
Now no man that you will fear
Marked by a number code
You bring hell and conquer all

All weaponry at your dispose
Feel the power that you own
Arsenal of pain you bring
Crying children, you say they sing
Join the race of the damned
You cannot change the chains that bound

2. Monkey's Paw

Mine is the mind of in and out
Is it an answer known or in doubt
The question rises inside you
Door of madness, what's the view

Between the dreams of real and not
This mind of mine has quite forgot
Two sides to take, real or insane
A leaping about within my brain

Light me up, I become a clown
A painted face from smile to crown
Dark the light, the paint erase
Unknown evils encase my face
To the edge, try to peer down
You could find there is no ground
You could find there is a frame
May you stay and play my game

Try the knob, there is no lock
To another side, another shock
Cross the frame, see my hinge
The loose one there, please me cringe

Line of perfection, on a chart
But imperfection is the art
Only if there is a mistake
In a human, a choice can make

A light, a dark unknown to you
Mind and soul open anew
As your soul pecks through the door
Mine will monkey forevermore

Mine is the door between this two
A light, a dark unknown to you
You may try to cross the line
But only in a mind as mine

3. Technicolour Roadkill

Gotta make a life, not a living
Gotta meet the end, no misgiving
Gotta hit the road
Gotta call, to live live live

Gotta lot to die for, more to live
Gotta lot to fight for, more to give
Gotta hit the road
Gotta call to live live

Evil may come from Eves gone past
Waitin' ta see if I can last
Evil may come, Evil may rage
Of those dues, I have paid

Scratch your soul with a monkey's paw
Nothing endures but change
I have lived to do my best
Living my fullest range

Scratch your soul, with a monkey’s paw
Scratch it well, scratch it hard
I like living hard
Of all I overcome

Kill at will

4. Looking Glass

I left my home far behind, waved good-bye to my routine
One dusky hour's drive north
I rode in man's machine
Someplace in north's wood
I felt that I would find
"There lies your reputation
and an honest measure of your worth"
This I have sought in quest
since my long gone birth
Battling with my beasties
has brought me to a truth
The sweeter the tongue,
The sharper the tooth

I stepped forth on the Mother
In my search for light
Forgotten church to my left,
The mansion to my right
Light showed through the windows
Of the house that I have known
So I had made this my guest,
The scars of dusk had blown
There's a man who carries his dreams
In a bag slung over his shoulder
No word could you understand,
His bundleis as life's boulders
So he bags his regrets
Into a bundle of sorrow
And carries them in hope,
The hope of tomorrow

I left my bag out of sight
And sat by candle-light
Then I saw an apparition,
Much to my own fright

I saw a compound
Of all that is unclean
Abnormal, detestable,
The worst that I have seen
The ghoulish shade of decay,
Putrid and antique
Unwholesome revelation,
All that is bleak
A travesty of human shape
Upon bones of mold
Clothing disintegrating,
The stench of the old

I know what I am,
I am what I am

I stared into the glassy orbs
Which stared back at me
Then I had found my peace,
I had found the key
I reached to touch the carrion
And it reached from the mass
To reveal to my fingers
Cold polished glass!
We tipped our hats
Good-Eve to the other
Picked up our bags,
Waved good-bye to our brother
We'll find the speck
Of truth in each riddle
And a looking-glass
Stuck in the middle

Wise one is master of the mind,
Fool will be it's slave
Me, I'm in the middle,
Only a mirror, only a riddle
Imagine the dark obscure poet
Gliding through his night
Pausing to stare in from the out.
He would enter, but outside he is lord
Imagine the pure beyond holy and evil,
Watching, trying every extreme
With the calm knowledge
That he is colour and dance and saying,
"There is no Renaissance,
Only the ancients creating different lights"

5. Sweetest Tongue, Sharpest Tooth

Little girls, it seems to say
Never stop upon your way
Never trust a stranger friend
No one knows how it will end
As you're pretty, so be wise
Wolves may lurk in every 'guise

Now, as then, 'tis simple truth
Sweetest tongue, sharpest tooth

6. Interlude


7. Vampires Drink Deep

Edgar Cruelinstein, keeper of the graves
Has many things that should not be
The Necropolis he ruled on the edge of night
Was the only comfort of his troubled mind
So peaceful and dark in his own world
Only occasional visitors to disturb his demented
Though for he has a scheme, a crazy on at that
For he is about to make a deal with Vampire

Edgar watched with morbid interest
How quick and swift, a womans demise
Claws in her breast, tearing up the middle
Like a butcher gutting a hog

Then it begins to drink the blood
Drinking with great pleasure
Oh the blood tastes so sweet
And when it rises, there's nothing left
Flesh and bones, a lifeless clump of puss
The horror before the sight before him
Makes him piss his pants
As they cynically remark that
They were getting thirsty

As he sits here, night after night
He watched with great interest
How they prayed on human blood,
One more to add there ranked
Or left drained dry to rot
Parasites who hath spawned from Hell
Satan's Angels of Death

Please mister dark one, listen to me
I very much want to serve you
I've watched you, Nosferatus
I've seen the risks you take of the stake
and Sun, I shall give you blood
You'll not have to take the risks
All I ask in return
Is some of the riches that you possess

So the deal was made,
Edgar sells them blood
But they have become wise,
for the blood is their own
In their lair they sleep,
Edgar walked light on his feet
In his hand the syringe
He must have blood
So that he shall be rich

We know your unfaithful ways
The reason for our growing weak
Now you must pay for the crimes
Commited against our sect

To wake thirsty in the night
Edgar, you foolish man
You will never die,
But you will be rich

Edgar's never seen
In the light of the day
But you can see him
In the light of the moon
Sitting in his grave yard thinking
Of the day he tried to rule
He screams, he yells
He curses and kicks
When it's done, Edgar kills again

8. Evil Never Dies (including Black Queen)

Do not put me in a grave
I'm not born to be a slave
I am the lightning flash
I am the thunder crash
Do not say what song I play
Do not listen anyway
I am the fierce in flight
I am the fight of fights
Do not put me in a grave
I'm not born to be a slave
I am E1 Tempesto
I am the storms that blow
Do not say what song I play
Do not listen anyway
I am space in in your eye
Fire and stars, night, I

Can't put me in a grave
Can't make me a slave
Mai nunca muere

I stood transfixed
As she decended the crest
Her figure a regal, menacing silhouette
The eyes burned hot into my very soul
As I felt her presence

Outstretched hands invited me toward the visage
Who I knew to be more than human
You are my disciple, my servant, my very life force

Through abnormally large canines
Which flanked either side of her ghastly mouth
"Come unto me and I will give to you a new existence"
Illuminated by the crescent light, hypnotic stare
Set me into syncopated motion, with an obscene relish,
her tongue lashed, intoxicating my blood...

Her hands took hold and I was repulsed
By the sweet, sour stench of death
Which clung about her
While a clammy sweat engulfed me

An alien heat caressed me, the demon in my throat
Light kissed the horizon, A blessing and a curse
A shriek of pain bellowed from the pit
Of the beasts black soul, She stumbled...

Her hands released my choking throat
Her fingers softly ran over my parched lips
I cried for her to melt into the fleeting shadows
Of nocturnal fantasies, She laughed and said to me...
"Really, The doctor will be with you..."

9. The Ballad Of Mortuary Harry

Well, they call me Mortuary Marry, And my friend is
Hari-Kari Mary, And when the night fog rolls in
We've got an axe to bury
Well, they call me Mortuary Harry, Don’t want no folks
six feet underground, 'cause when Mary brings the
little girls in, I wanna gobble them down...
You know when Mary kills 'em, 1 chill 'em, and save 'em
for a rainy night, And when Mary stabs 'em, I slab 'em
On a table for my tummy's delight...
Well, they call me Mortuary Harry, And I not sure if I'm
alive, But if you wanna visit with me,
I'll be glad to sit and jive

Tommy Stewart - Vocals, Bass
Steve "Skullator" Shoemaker - Vocals, Guitars
Brandon Ottinger - Guitars
Dane Jensen - Drums

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