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1. When The Trees Were Silenced

When the trees were silenced
Yggdrasil's children fell
Bloodstained leaves decaying
And no one was left to tell
The tales of the gods, of fates
And of the timeless worlds
Wisdom we people once knew
Of the wonders of life
And of nature's own way...

When the trees were silenced
By the ones that fooled you well
When the trees were silenced
Because they know the truth to tell
Sorrow is the name of their song
The memory lives on
The spirit of the green man has gone
Why has it been so long?
The seeker hears the cries within

Will you remember the trees proud and tall?
Will you listen and answer nature's call?
See, your dead world is starting to fall
Let life return

2. Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature

Maiden moon, mystic lamp of the night,
Thy silver shine guides my way.
The gates to the other side are open wide
And my mind drifts so far away.
Thou enchant my soul and seduce my flesh
Whilst thou whisper thy secrets to me.
With the ghosts of fog I dance in thy light
Till the dawn lifts the spell of me.

Rising sun I welcome thee,
Young Balders' smile upon thy face.
Thou bring the day, cast the shadow away,
Thy holy flames the sky embrace.
Thou warm the soil and thou warm my heart
And feed me the strength that I need.
On solstice night shall we celebrate
May the most sacred torch ever be.

Honour be to our Mother Earth,
The blessing of the gods upon thee.
Thou give us life and thou taketh it,
For life to go on eternally.
Show me the wonders within this world
‘cause I shall never fail to see
That merriment, grief and life and death
Are altogether bound within thee.

3. The Home That I Will Never See

Vast forests with evergreen trees
Foggy hills the eye can see
The wind sweeps through a valley
That lies by the deep blue see

A village from another time
Awakens with the misty dawn
This is my home my mind shows me
The home that I will never see

Small houses, carved in dragonheads and runes
The smell of tar and burning wood
Men and women breathe their souls to their craft
Some dancing to the lyre's tunes

A young man wraps his arms round me
One dancing flame we came to be
The only vows I chose to know
This is the place I call my home

Oh, the vision tortures me
I will never really see
I will never smell its smell
Nor touch the face of my loved one

My village by the deep blue sea
Today an ugly factory
Oh, why has it become my fate?
That I am here one thousand years too late

4. The Oath He Swore One Winters' Day

A snowed in forest path
With lament I dream of long forgotten times
An image comes to my mind
Of a young man riding through the frozen woods

In his eyes rage and bitter tears
His village was burnt to the ground
He storms forth, crying out his pain
He is driven by his mothers last words:

Raise your sword, my warrior
And revenge us
Fight the men that came to rape our souls
Never let our gods die.

Hi's loved ones were no more
The false men with cross slaughtered them all
They tried to enforce strange rules
Which were only meant to turn men to fools

His people saw through the lies
They stood proud until the end of their time
By the false men they were shamed
Young man for your honour you will have to die.

Raise your sword, my warrior
And revenge us
Fight the men that came to rape our soil
Never let nature die

My vision ends here
And I return to the modern world
Suddenly I see a young man walking
Sad blue eyes in a bitter face
And there's a young man in the east
And another in the west
And another raising from the south
They all move on driven by the call:

Raise yourself, warrior
And revenge us
Fight the men with cross that raped our souls
Never let our gods die

Raise yourself, warrior
And revenge us
Fight the men with cross that raped our soil
Never let nature die

5. Seidr

6. Das Fest Der Wintersonne (Ein Weihnachtslied)

Rauch von Holz und Harz liegt in der Luft
Ich atme ein den verlockenden Duft
Yulezeit ist da, Yulezeit ist da

Im tiefstem Winter, so einsam die Nacht
Die Sonne wendet und Balder erwacht
Stellt das Sonnenrad auf, stellt das Sonnenrad auf

Der Tannenbaum in seiner Pracht
Der Yuleast lodert hell durch die Nacht
Stimmungsvolle Ruh, stimmungsvolle Ruh

Das Licht am Himmel die Hoffnung bringt
Und Tor wild seinen Hammer swingt
Kraft fuers kommende Jahr, Kraft fuers kommende Jahr

Frey und Freyas Sinnlichkeit
Bringt Liebe, Lust und Fruchtbarkeit
Leben wird weitergehn, Leben wird weitergehn

Oh, Wintersonne das Fest fuer Sie
Meed, Korn und das Blut unsere Gaben an Sie
Auf ewige Wiederkehr, auf ewige Wiederkehr

7. A Tale Of Fate (Folkswang Awaits)

They met on a hill one late autumn eve
Oh, noble and graceful both stood
With eyes so intense, their passion so fierce
The wildest flame burning inside
He was the son of a powerful Viking Jarl
She was a child blessed by Freya in all her ways
Silently they watched the endless sea
And time came to say farewell

"The ships are leaving tomorrow morning
Far away to foreign lands
The battlefields call, my fathers to follow
Proving that I am a man
With honour in my breast I will win my battles
My love to you will give me my strength to live
And when I return all souls will know
That you are my true wife to be"

Joy in her heart, she summoned the Norns
To see what their marriage will bring
But the Norns only shook sadly their heads
Their future, oh they had seen...
‘sometimes my child, fate cannot be kind'
These words; she tumbled down screaming and weeping
She called upon elves, begged Freya and Odin
"No, don't take my dear from me"

But Orlog had spoken their destiny
Oh no use all the spell craft she tried
One dawn in her dream she saw him falling
The blade of a sword in his side
He fell to his knees, his dying eyes searching her
Breathing his last breath as he cried out her name loud
That dreadful morning she awoke
And she knew that he had died

The day came when the ship returned
The body of her loved one bore
She sat down beside him, a last pained look
At his young body once more
Than she pierced her heart with her dagger of iron
Her dying body onto his chest fell
They are now united in Esgard high
For all eternity

8. The Falcon Flies

Rain falls from a dark-grey sky
I sense the falcon near
Across the nine worlds he flies
A silent voice my call
He seeks my soul

He sinks down to the underworld
And flies into my dream
He lifts me up while I sleep
And carries me away
I slip away

We fly over mountains
Over seas raging wild
I see trees shaken by the storm
And villages in peaceful dormancy

A shaman reaches out
To greet the one-eyed man
I see the past, the present and
The future melt to one timeless void

A mystic moor-land comes to sight
An unknown path ahead
Elves dancing around me
Could this not be an everlasting dream?

9. Serenade Of The Last Wolf

He runs into the night
Finding a place to hide
Why do they hunt him again?
His heart, it beats so fast
No sound, they moved on at last
Timidly he wanders his way.

He only came for some food
Maybe even company
Sometimes he feels so alone.
He is the last one of his kind
All his companions have died
Man signed their fatal destiny

His dreams tell him of ancient times
Of wolves and men running side by side
How delightful freedom must have been
Wild woman's mate and totem-beast
Idolised he was, but suddenly all changed
When the men with false dogmas came

You call him the "evil beast"?
But you are the real evil beast!
You, who damned nature's dear child
He cries his sorrow to the moon
A tear shines through the misty gloom
Can't you hear the last wolfs serenade?

Alone he sits by the lake
His image in the lake his only friend
Can't you hear the last wolf's serenade?

10. Mother Of Times

She raises her eyes to the sky
Watches the last eagle fly
Rocking her last child into sleep

Despair has ruled her in all these years
The torment scarred her face
... she 's rocking her last child into sleep

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