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1. Pagan Triumph


2. Hecate (Queen Of Hades)

hellish, earthly and heavenly
goddess of the crossroads; guiding light
queen of the night, enemy of the sun

friend and companion of darkness
you who rejoice to see blood flow
ou who wander amidst in the hour of darkness

thirsty for blood and terror of mortals
moon of a thousand shifting forms

3. The Ecstacy Of An Astral Journey

burning midnight skies
the blaze of the stars is calling again
wispering mystic chorus
a promise of immortality

take my soul to where the falcons fly
to the gates of triumph
the skies are bleeding like an open wound
we are born again

burning midnight skies
the queen of the night have raised again
she is the goddess of where our journey ends

take my soul to where the falcons fly
I ride on a taill of moonfog
throughout the burning midnight skies

thy queen - the goddess
the enemy of christ
I greet you on your throne of star dust
teach me the art of erotic sin
grant me the source of bestial lust

take my soul to where the falcons fly
to the gates of triumph
forever free
burning midnight skies!!!

4. An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin

when the grimson red skies
baths the horizon in a poisonous kiss
I kiss my hammer
I kiss my sword
my eyes glear of infernal joy

in my dreams I saw them
they made me swear the oath
at the seventh of the seven mountains
the twenty first of december

the skies bath the horizon in fire
I hold my sword before me and I
kneel before the blood on the stone greet me!!!

this moment was chosen at the birth of the gods
a true son of aasgard I am
my sign is the color of the night
and the blood that ran on my fathers graves!!!

the oath is sworn the blood is given
now I await you to pass me your forces

5. ...Again Shall Be

darkness entombs us, as we watch the mountains before
waiting for the silent wind to bring us the
sign of the ancient horn

the bells shall chime as the towers burn
in flames of eternal hate
burn in the name of the elder faith

black ravens of war raise your unholy banner
again the smell of blood shall drift
under the silver moon

chant your song on northern glory
blow your horns for northern pride
sing those songs so long forgotten
hail those ravens that once died

6. The Spirit Of An Ancient Past

the mist of blue frost
falls the proud valleys of the north
an iceage of terror
as silent as snow hides the hills
in this frozen land I ride
as the northern light guides my way
a blackwind I am
a shadow of war and lust

this path, whom for me is the chosen
forbidden for mortals to see

the night is filled
with diabolical summoning winds
the moon is burning
like an eye glearing of demonic hate
watch me as I choose my trail
this journey is forever

the spirit of gods and goddess I am
forgotten at the birth of new times
a reflection of an ancient past
waiting in a lost realm of ice
for the rising of a forever pagan age

7. Unholy Congregation

into the darkest forrest they go
dressed in black
dressed in coats
women of evil lust

unholy congregation

at the darkest hour
their torches they light
witches hour
infernal silence
they wait before the altar
chanting invocation

in a blaze of fire he stands
some horrid shape of a goat
each of them pay his hommage

osculum obscenum

white skin freezing in the moonshine
dance in a circle, wait for turn
wine like black clotted blood

8. Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become

brave sons of the pagan age raises
by the summoning of a wind from the past
silently watching the valleys below
as the northern light crosses the sky
by the light of a thousand fires
over the hills of a thousand graves
unholy invocating words have been chanted

the rebirth of the ravens has come
war is the reflection in their eyes
glorious again the northland shall become
and the strength of the pagan ones shall arise

brave sons of the pagan age raises
northern steel cuts the flesh of the false
storms of ancient hate is howling across time
as the lightning rapes the sky
and the blaze of the hammer strikes
force the week to kneel for the stong
the rebirth of the ravens has come

9. Be-Witched

hear the haunting theronade
like a chant through a timeless abyss
or the cries from the wolves from the
long lost woods

moon-less nights caress her
in shades of a nocturnal beauty
she dances on cemetary ground
be-witched by the wistful tunes of thy dark

enslaving eyes of a whistful darkness
calls me as a silent prayer
she is the one of nocturnal beauty
force me to become her slave

take - me on your journey

she was a woman in black lace
dancing like a raven around the mountain side
and the music of her wistful songs
or laughter, or cries

and out of the skies above me
a creature - a face turned down unto me
closer and closer - then so near
and when she again raised
she caressed me and lead us into a lustful dance
in circles bigger and bigger
higher up - into the moonless skies
and I joined her on her journey to hades

10. In The Moonless Sky


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