Dark Lyrics


1. Leviathan


2. Affluenza

In this abusement park
Torpid crowds abound
A glut of first world swine, hoorah!
Usher in an era
Bald apes, the great plague
Behold, God's vitriol
Every inch a worm
Status bought through hide and bone
A soul of excrement
Vapid proud, succumb
As the last Eden burns down, my son
Humanity undone
You'll chain leviathans
Parade your cruelty
A waste of DNA
Tape worms adorn this bowel earth
Banal clones amass
Bald apes, the great plague
Behold, God's vitriol
As we trawl a dying sea with genocidal lines
To feed a hopeless race of botched designs
Indentured servitude
Behind dead cow eyes
Dirt encrusted dreams sullen ones reign
Virus engulf us, the host shall decay
This husk of illusion
Shall wither away
In this mutated ark
Man, the leech, shall dine
Upon his weak, upon himself
Upon the lie
Plastic coasts on which to strand
Stroll to extinction
Hand in hand

This cancer culture
Bleed it out
Fresh carrion piles
Herald the vultures

3. Failed Harvest

Dined in gutters, I have worn disgust
Like no other, no one better
Armour of spite and lust turned sour

Scaffolding the flesh, all for a first world sow
You'll thrive in a shallow, shit filled pool
Flirting with your reflection
Don't we all feel married to martyrs?
Don't we all drag our own soul's anchors?
I am your burden leeched on the breast
Suckling on this modern time
Failed harvest, each apple rotten
Don't we all feel married to martyrs?
Don't we all drag our own soul's anchors?

Lampreys shall feed on the meek
Salivate, chew in the venom
Blisters form

As a species at home with our excess
Greed is our albatross around our necks

Real hell is in our backyards
It's everyday
Relish your existence, mundane

4. Witch Doctor

Quantify your erections
Via dehorned rhinoceros
Justify the slaughter in praise of quasi-spiritual lust
Death merchants
Simian corrupt
Stockpile your larder
Reap what you sow
Primate husks
Gift wrapped extinction
Is all we know
Bleeding the clock

Now speed up subduction
Now the globe shall swallow us
Brilliant chimps, soul deficient
Atop their thrones of shit

Locusts swarm
Pale ravenous tribe
Vast hordes of failures
We apes aim low
Our serpent mask
Dead world hierophants corral their flock
I foresee the vulture reign
We fodder for carrion crows
Descend now to dine
Unravel in these hollow throes
Mark out the graves
So devolved
Our plight shall be a welcome demise

5. False King

Canned hunt vacation, taxidermitry eyes
Glass is empty, skull full of flies
Status bought flesh owed mount thy walls
Acquire more!
One more notch
One more bruise
Lost empty

Each piglet squealing, suckle me and swallow me
Bred only for the cull
Praise this unnatural growth

Squandered meat, life's just storing fat and seeking teat
Hail the false king
The whitest ape
Hail minted sinner
Plague incarnate
Invasive abomination
Lard, shit, sperm, sinew
Ire minds, souls of disease and detritus
We erode
Lard, shit, sperm, sinew
Impure to our core

Man is unspectacular, hope ebbs away
Practiced empathy, as empty as our brains
Bleed the sky, scar the landscape
Bleed the sky, scar the landscape
Embrace the flames, the whitest ape

6. The Olm

With cavernous guilt we possess, regress
'Til bones echo mere shadows of man
Pear shaped tones deliver heresy
Reside in a soulless skin
Evil which we deplored
Runs rampant in us all
Evil which we ignored
Frack a deeper hole
Confine truths of demise
Persist this short term excess
Blindly gorging ourselves
Obese beneath burning sky
Evil which we deplored
Now gravid in us all
Evil which we absorbed
Mammalian hearts of coal
Supplant this abysmal ark resign

Coerced beneath the dirt, there's no escape
A shining cage is still a cage after all
This plague ingrained
We bald apes shall not be saved
Our deaths pre ordained
Retreat from light, a church of dirt
The chosen now mere troglobites scrambling alone in our hole
Eden's fruit calcified
We giants fall
Humanity, rancid crops
Synthetic pesticides
Starving us all

7. Simian Plague

You can't see the excrement through your sentiment
Malnourished remorseful when Eden rotted

Grand destroyers
We humans shall embody parasitic appetence
An artless age descends one stratagem

Debates stalling
Made you more grotesque
More appalling

Snap portraits
Indifference to our annihilation

Spew forth
We organic iconoclasts
Farrowing deaths caste
Decimating mass defacers
Carbon based

Snap portraits, celebrate failed youth
Narcissism, meat cocooning an ego
Capsulate, knuckle dragger
Indifference to our annihilation

Accept nothing survives in this farce called life
No end to our condition
Feed, suffer, spread
Birth, feed, suffer, spread
Birth, feed, suffer, spread

8. Germinate

Dust for all
Dirt bound no light
Finds soil
Root hairs of a lie

Shall take seed and choke
Take seed and choke
Same shit filled sty
Now twice what you can afford
It's a culture of eat what you can
Steal all you can hoard
Drunk on your own mythology
An age of ignorance
Eager, we crawl to the butcher's block
Morbid obsession
With romancing your end
A legacy of bottom feeders
Pain receptors misfiring
Shall take seed and choke, enablers
Shall take seed and choke, scavengers
Take seed and choke
Shake thee from apathy, logic is cold
Erase the charade, logic is cold
An entire life spent cultivating an illusion
Farm your lies
Farm your lies

9. Hyena

Straw to break the camels back
A marathon of one step forward two back

Can you concede?
Can you compromise?

When you're full of every morsel
Diluted ill, designed
Will you stop? Too big to fail!

Can you concede?
Can you compromise?

A modest tomb amongst the strip mines
Too crazed with greed, hyenas shall feed
I'm pumping lead, I'm eating lard
Pigs to corral, lifespans to halve

10. Circus Of Flesh

Death seeps through
A sea of inhumanity
Retreating over the horizon

Life is a bore
Tide out, man is the yawn

Biology addled chemically unsound mind

No goal except expanding toxic essence
All we crave is trivial reassurances
Scrolling camera rolls
The vitreous shadows of our vanity
Narcissus cloned
Blunt truth, bitter taste, clench your jaws
Bite down hard
From Triassic swamps, we belly crawled vulnerable
How far we have sunk
Hereditary hostility, moronic and armed
Circus of flesh
Absurdity of all beasts bound
A bleak arena
All our totems broken
Ecological dominance
We bipedal predators
Too proud to see our irrelevance
Achieve profit via pestilence
Line wallets fill tombs

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