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1. Intro

2. The Way It Should Be

this is goodness, this is selflessness
open chested
your eyes in mine

when one turns cold
the others make a fire
you try to run away
you can't escape the warmth

this is family
this is pure
and my death comes before a single hair on your head is harmed
i love you

this is what you do for the ones you love

to the gates, or to your knees

my beating heart is just a canvas for your name
write it down
return it to the sky

falls like ashes

3. All Those Who Are Flawless, Raise Your Hands (Or Don't)

i have never seen such fickle sets of morals
i'm just a failure, i made the worst disease
this is your goodness, return to family

honestly this will never end
we stand in line

this is your answer, recall your dying days
goodbye my darling, to swim these endless seas

then compete to see who can recite these lines the loudest

the barrier falls down

you liar
you lie

correctness is in no way connected to the volume of your voice

you dance around your dead
like Kamikaze planes, we're falling down, down, down

4. Hey God, This Song's For You. I Hope You Like It.

why do we fall?
so we can learn to pick ourselves up again
it starts with a prayer
it ends with a fight

come and get it
i'm right here
come and get it

without a jump, there is no fall
without a jump, there is no fall
without a jump, no one to catch you

if the world should fall around me
i would still be standing, i would still be free
no one to hold me
no one to keep me here
this is the last time
have no fear

oh yeah
get ready

why do we fall?

my time is here for you my dear

this is a matter of life and death, the dreamer will choose life
this is what it means to live and die by your dreams

take control of your life
find your peace with God and shoot from the hip

who will fight?
who will live?
who will die?

5. Jeremiah Buys A Field

i've come as far as i can make it on my own
if i give up, all will be lost
i've spent all my life holding back these tears
it's time to let them go

i'm scared i can't do this on my own
but no one ever said a word about being alone
i fail to see your presence here
i'm with you, i'm with you!

been faced with death before, i hate it's beauty

this light grows brighter
this light's too much to take
we'll take this world by storm
they won't stand a freakin' chance

as sweet as solidarity sounds
it's but a thick black cloud
that fills your lungs and flies away

into the sky that you don't believe exists
but my God does exist
and He shed His precious blood
so you could understand love

into the sky that you don't believe
this does exist

palms to the sky, this is my confession

6. Haven't Felt Too Well In A While

if ever your soul was gone

flames turn hollow and empty
drowned in rivers of tears
the ashes fall
buildings crumble

we were once great mountains
now we've fallen to wastelands
we've turned

tomorrow still remembers today
a day when everyone feels and everyone thinks

we'll say gone but not forgotten
we'll mean life's become extinct
we'll say gone

how cliche is this?
the age of sincere emotion has been killed
the age of sincere emotion is dead

to tell you the truth, i haven't felt too well in a while

7. Hoy Empezamos Una Vida Nueva

this world in flames
take my life (throw it in)

we're not dead, still breathing
you said we'd never stop bleeding

you can't stop me, i will destroy memories
you can't stop me, i will destroy

this time you won't have a smile on your face
it's time to prove ourselves worthy

arise, shine, (spread your wings) take flight
arise, shine

make this cloud your resting place
(set this whole world on fire)
this town can hold us no longer
(oh my God)

my God
my Refuge

we will move on (we'll rise above this fire)
we'll turn our backs to the wreckage

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