Dark Lyrics


1. Razorized Ball Gag

Strap it on tight! Putrid cunt, feel it cut deep, into your cheeks, blood leaks,
down your pretty face, come and fuck me, please don't cry, just place your ass in the air!
So I can pound your waste hole in to oblivion, tearing your inner wall with my dick,
forcing pain through your body, bitch stop crying, I'll gag you with razor wire!
Losing her consciousness due to loss of blood. She is revived by my cock pounding her puckered ass. Still bleeding heavily tears pour from her eyes. Pulling her hair and butt fucking her insides. Fucking her ass until it's the size of my fist. Making sure it will not retract. Bruised and raped she lies in pain. Begging for me to spare her life. Unstrap the bloody gag from her mouth. Attempting to shove it in her busted ass.
Razorized... Ball gag removed from her mouth and placed in her ass. I stick my cock in her bloody mouth. With a ball gag in her ass. She gorges on my prick. Blood mixed with my cum (due to my) Razorized Ball Gag. Cups my balls to drain every ounce of me,
Swallowing my load to satisfy my, Insatiable urge to kill every bitch in sight,
As hard as she sucked it will not stop me!

2. Larva Masturbation

Forensic by trade I clean up the aftermath. Tools in hand searching for the cause of death.
One victim I found was covered in her own shit, With maggots spilling from every orifice.
Aroused by the sight of the white colored parasites, Fixated on the warmth they will bring
to my throbbing cock. Making sure there's no one around to see what I'm gonna do.
Slide my cock into the first hole I come to, The feeling of this penetration. Send me into a
surge of ecstasy. A bitches cunt does not compare, To the truculent grinding of larvae
on me, Fucking me with their teeth, As they feed off my bulging prick. Nibbling penis as
well as excrement. Uncontrollable pumping urging me to cum. Flaccid is my meat pole
from ejaculation. Jarring up the squirming horde. Evidence for my pleasure.
Leaving a few attached to my cock. Body bagging this mound of flesh that I have
Defiled, I am in love with her dead rotten, Gaping holes stuffed with maggots
Off to the morgue goes the love of my life.

3. Coprophilic Asphyxia

Obsessing over piss and shit, Fecal orgy shit stained I sit. Gagging from the stench so vile
Suffocating with a smile, Puking on myself, regurgitating fecal matter. Feels like razor blades
carving up my throat. Self indulgent narcissism, giving myself deep incisions.
Mixing shit with my blood. Blood clots begin to form in my veins from the blockage of brown.
Losing oxygen to my brain as my body shuts itself down. Laid out, my cadaver is lifeless.
Covered in a pool of my own shit. The stench grows, as flies start to swarm, Claiming my body
as the home for their unborn, I bleed, they feed, on me, gorge on my shit, Infesting their kind
into me, planting their seed. Maggots emerge from my corroding corpse
Devouring every last piece of me. My obsession of filth has turned to reality.

4. Gluttonous Portions Of Intestinal Seepage

Scouring the morgue for the grossly obese. Find the chamber where they keep
the frozen meat. Slabs full of numerous bodies to feast upon. I must get them to gorge
on what's inside. Stuffing my face... With their intestines... Filling... my guts... with theirs.
Gluttonizing all their organs, I rape the flesh of the deceased. Fixated with the taste of
this seepage, That leaks from my mouth, Stomach full of human intestines,
I have no room for more, Packing up what's left of the fat fuckers guts,
Filling large containers to add to my stock, Freezers at my home are restocked
every year, With gluttonous portions of intestinal waste.

5. Torturous Impregnation By Fecalized Insemination

Worn, asshole is puckered, worn... easily I slide my cock in Warm... anal walls leaking, shit...
gradually spills from her ass. No vagina for me only rectal decimation of her most
intimate of areas. Her asshole pulsates as I drive my meat stick deeper, tearing her,
Inner walls, ejaculating inside the shit stained cavity. Wretched semen spreads throughout
her intestinal tract, Coating the inside of her completely. My semen have found their mark, penetrating her egg to begin transformation, Rectal vomitous seed, Injected from the rear
it's only the beginning, Of the pain she will endure. From the thing that grows inside
of her that must feed. Umbilical food supply gone. The taste that it craves is its
whore of a mom, Victimized through.... Torturous impregnation by fecalized insemination.
The ravenous grotesque, that feeds from inside, Splatters through her organless stomach
Only to emerge and penetrate its dead mother. With its incestuous member,
relieving her of, Her complaints of agony.

6. Fecal Stuffed Fuck Stumps

Take this bitch and sever her limbs. From her tattered body let the blood flow free.
Molesting her bleeding wounds with my fucking tongue, I devirginize her stumps.
Chest cracked open, displaying arteries. Remove them all piece by piece,
relieve myself next to her cadaver. Human taxidermy in its filthiest form,
I stuff her gutted corpse with my feces. Demoralized, filth flowing through
her blood stream, I taste the waste spilling from her veins, Cannibal instincts lead
me to consumption. Of her shit covered insides. Picking through her pieces -
what will I eat? Choose her deadened heart - rotten and vile, Divine in its flavor -
tastes of rot, Penetrate the artery - with my swollen cock. Now the only love cumming
from your heart is my semen. Dripping with desire this is my gift to you.
Sewn together to form a beautiful piece of art. Body parts and feces combined with
strands of her hair. Positioned to pleasure my needs, her cunt staring straight at me,
Feces seeping slowly from her vaginal cavity. Shove my tongue in her cunt, my nose
in her crack, The smell makes my dick grow, Rub it up and down her slit, covering it.
In her ass is where it will go! Shit covered cock reinserted in her ass, hate fucking,
The shit out of her until she falls apart.

7. Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment

The scent of perfume over vaginal rot, Stiffens my cock as I dig her grave
in the desert floor. Such a sweet young thing, she thought she was too gorgeous,
For the world, but who's going to want her now? Only a few more feet until this
cunt is gone forever. Once dug, my hole is filled with precious tender pieces,
Of pubescent innocence, ridding the world of, One less cock tease.

8. Gurgling My Seminal Filth

Forcing this virgin to suck my cock, Ramming it down her fucking throat,
Gags on the impact of my meat, Puke for lubrication until I cum,
Gorging on my bile covered prick. The back of her throat is where it goes.
Here I cum, open wide, Gurgle my filth you fucking whore. Her semen filled mouth
looks so gorgeous to me, Spilling from her precious lips, she spreads cum across her tits.
The expression on her face shows me of her innocence, It makes no difference to me
either way she will die. Take her face, and bash it against my knee.
Skull cracked evenly, I spread it apart, Place my cock between her freshly separated skull.
The warmth of her open face, causes me to ejaculate. Finishing my sexual deed
her corpse lies dead - gathering flies. Succumbing to me, the sweet little cunt died for me.
Wretched have I become, mangling virgins to satisfy my sexual urge.

9. Feminine Skin Suit

Plus size women jolt my perverse need, To relieve the skin from their bodies.
Telling them that they are gorgeous, I take them home, and fuck them until they puke.
After I am done fucking these fat cunts, I'm disgusted at what I have done.
It makes me sick knowing that I just fucked a fat bitch. Take a blade, gut the bitch,
now she's dead and I'm relieved. Now that she is deceased, it makes me erect,
Knowing that she will be part of me. Take a scalpel, shove it up her asshole.
Slice up to her neck, peel her skin away. Hanging the skin, that I have removed,
To dry and shrink down to my size. Cut the pieces in sections from me to sew.
This garment of skin reeks of pain. Place myself in her god given skin,
Now I have become her. This cadaveric disaster is what I foresee.
Rubbing what's left of her cunt all over me, Looking at myself in the mirror,
Who can say I don't have a feminine side! Would you fuck me, I would fuck me?

10. Adulteration


11. Sculpting Fragments Of Mangled Cunt

Cunt lips are spread, with incisors, scapel to the clits, remove them clean.
Delicately, slowly carve out the twats from between their legs. In quilted form,
vaginas are placed and sewn in intricate patterns, With the variety of twats,
endless designs are achieved. Of feministic beauty. Sewn genitals, sculpting to the walls,
dripping with disease, maggots and flies begin their feast! The house smells ripe
with the stink of menstrual flow. Overlapping for texture forging a beautiful piece of work.
Fragile hands ever so gently reconstruct freshly cut female, Trophies gutted from the most
intimate of areas. Carved to perfection, Discarded remains will not go to waste.
The sickness grandma has is more of an obsession, Seeing every woman
as a whore to be butchered. So trusting are those girls towards an old lady
Helping her with chores and quilt making. Never, expecting - a hammer to the head
Break the skull until their dead. Stripping the clothes from their soft tasty bodies,
Hang upside down to cut, Chest high to their cunts, Burying her face between their legs.
Soaking her tongue with sweet cunt nectar, Laced with male semen from the night before.
Satisfied with the taste of her kill. The process of mutilating begins.
Women strung up around the house, Gutted from the stomach
with their cunts removed. Grandma always did like all my girlfriends.

Blue Jensen ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Mike Fitzgerald ‒ Drums
Randy Thompson ‒ Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Bruno Macias ‒ Bass

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