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1. Intro

2. It's Not Rape If She Cums

Oh how you disgust me
Your voice trembles the thought of my intentions
You vile cunt
Put your face against the floor
And await the wretched
You are the stage in which I act out this putrid task
Your tainted innards wrap around my shaft
I will fill your wound
You used to spread your legs for any that desired to taste your filth
You were a hole to fill
This is the last time
There was a time you used to give it all away
And when i'm through with you, you'll have nothing left to give
I'll take it all away
You've lost your will to fight
Concede yourself to me

3. Too Sick To Suck It

While I have you confined
strapped to my bed
Can you look at this for me?
does it look infected?
my member has seen better days
discolored throbbing mass covered in sores
scabs and puss lining the shaft
What's that there? That doesn't look normal
Your body begins to tremble as you become
disoriented by what you have seen.
The stench of misery and suffering engulfs you
forcing out your vomit and spilling bile.
The convulsions begin when I your wounds.
Forcing you to see what I have created,
I open your eyes.
This has been festering for an eternity.
Why do you give that look? So concerned.
You should be. I prepared a flesh feast.
You grow pale, I grow aroused
I thrust my cock into her mouth
Fucking suck it, you cunt, fucking suck it
vomit spews from her mouth but I don't mind.
an unconventional lube.
Go ahead and bite, I've lost all feeling
last bitch made sure of that…
If you despised that, you cannot fathom, how I'll taint your crotch

4. Fingering The Meat Grinder

Spewing entrails (opened torso lacerated).
Eyes still open, (fully conscious autopsy).
Grinding fingers, (to remove the evidence.)
Pulling your teeth, (who you were will die with me).

Your feet are severed and ground down into stumps draining human fluid.
To preserve your useless existence your stumps are placed in salt.
The terror that shrieks from you is haunting.
Skin is then removed from your already abused genitals,
slowly your screams turn to silence.
You want it to end but we have just begun.
There are far worse things than death.
You will experience them all, for I am the Devil.
There is work to be done, whether you stay with me or not,
you are just a carcass I will redesign

5. Sister Fister

Masking himself in a sane human organism
Bringing torment in solitude
The quiet frees his mind
While the true mind's eye draws its desires
In human remains
To defile the innocent brings one of the flesh masochistic pleasure
Satisfying urges unsought by the regulated populace
Bearing judgement down upon those who fulfill their cravings in the most horrid of ways
Calling down from a higher plane of existence
Using those who wear the mark of blood to release their own inner creature of the dark
A grim attempt at setting an equilibrium while only setting the path in the same as the fallen
Humanity fleshes out its demons
Resembling its own kind
We are all bound with internal suffering
Yet some protect it towards a darker art
Circling the depraved with vicious intent we judge

6. Starved, Carved And Torn Apart

There is no worse feeling than being dragged through the woods
Hands bound behind your back with no chance of escape
Completely naked leaving a trail of blood and the stench of sweat
Your vision removed with a screwdriver
Your tongue removed with a bandsaw
Most of the teeth are broken from grinding together in agonizing pain
Pulled face down to prevent you from drowning in the blood filling your mouth
Leaving human debris caught on piles of rock and stumps in the wilderness
Your pussy is wet from the glass that has been inserted and removed
Flies and filth now call your worthless hole home
No fight left for a chance at breath
And no struggle as your muscles are weakened by your loss of blood
To hang your body between the trees is an artful task to fulfill but I must present you
And I leave you to rot in the sun

7. Crushed At The Imperial Hand

Your repugnant efforts are of no worth here. You Jedi are weak and your force is weaker.
Our legacy will live on for years to come through the plague of boundless onslaught,
not even the younglings will find solace nor sanctuary. the infinite power of the empire crushes all.
Your moistened whispers fall only on your fresh dead.
I will force choke the filth that is your Jedi bloodline into the ashes of the rancor pit.
The faith of millions in the darkened vice of the sith.
Know defeat, putrescence and anguish in your ways being eternally stomped from this system by all of the power that is the empire

8. Pick A Hole Or Make One

Decimation of the human design
Reconfiguring the pieces to a putrid piece of art
Appreciated by sadistic minds and adored by its creator
A gift to few that disgusts the faces of many
A use of tools to reattach the limbs to the hollowed torso
The stench of bile and intestinal fluid burns as the scent spreads
Removing the eyes as a delicacy while the work is completed
Blood pouring from the table begins to dry and turn black as rigor mortis sets in
Spare parts kept in formaldahyde to preserve for another work of art
To admire the hours of work he molests your cadaver
Showing his adoration he ejaculates within its empty carcass
This might be his masterpiece
Hidden from the world to rot in his grasp
One's dream is another's nightmare
The urge to create by killing a creation
Misunderstood mind delved in evil
Art is in the eye of the beholder

9. A Night With Uncle Daddy

Fucked against your will
You cry for me to stop
You will know when I am finished
You wretch away from me with a strength found in the last moments of life
But it excites me more
Wanting to taste your skin
I sink my teeth deep into your neck until the thick liquid running through you gushes into my throat
You still taste as sweet as the day you were born
You stay quiet because you know what I can do and in the end you always give in to my selfish desires
Oh how you love me yet despise what I have left inside of you
The stillbirth inside your womb my love for you has created
"You are mine and I will never let you go" are the last words you hear before the lights go dim

Thanks to mantus for sending these lyrics.

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