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1. Drifting For 99 Seconds

2. Hymn For The Isolated

A hymn for the isolated
A wake up call for the conscience
A tear for the violated
An ear for the opposition
A smile for the crippled beggar
A little hope for the desperate
Justice for the innocent
A hand reachin' for the helpless
Guess this shall never be
Down in the streets
Up in the flats
Isolation taught us being passive
The level of nobody cares
'Bout someone dismembering his wife
Neighbours gettin' used to that stuff
I don't give a
Fuck the scenery
The happenings inside their cages
Nothing but usual
Rage, murder at the first floor
Cops in the basement
Selling confiscated 4 H
Guess this shall never be
The recently torn poor dude's blood
Decorating the pavement
I walk, nighttime, suicide
Realize three guys out for a buck
To make themselves a living
Killing environments
Daddy's mistreatin' children
A hundred freaks rapin' women
Windows gettin' closed
We don't hear no
Cries for help from the streets
Deafened motherfuckers
Turning up their TVs

Guess this shall never be
Eye to eye
Facing the disgusting daily rage
No one able to deal with his own mistakes
Searching for a way to immortality
Cages gettin' built by your
I don't give a fuck mentality

3. The Spirit Of Violence

Suddenly you feel it
Your senses gettin' torn
Adrenalin shooting
Arteries seem to boil
Nervous, angry
Staring through a red lens
Interior gladiator's just slain your defense

The root of all disgusting
The godfather of sin
Meet me in the depths of mind
And let the game begin
Assassinate your conscience
My turned apostate friend
Incestuous brotherhood of souls
Control me if you can

The reborn me is threatening myself
Can't reach for where the slaughter dwells
My guts are frozen
My blood's like ice
Interior gladiator spreading the cold inside

4. Nothing Is Sacred

We're mean enough to tell the truth
We're mad enough to fuck with you
Nothing's holy in business cruel
Nothing's sacred to us too
Extreme enough to reach your minds
Sure, this is kind of suicide
Nothing's holy in business cruel
Nothing's sacred to us too

You're pretty smart
You're pretty cool
You know better than all of the fools
Got lots of friends
Opinion sucks
As long as they feed your butt with bucks
Strange thing
People lickin' your shoes
Play much better than others do
Are you really objective
Or just havin' a laugh?
It's a matter of taste
Not a matter of cash

May we suck your dicks
Or kiss your asses?
No one needs success like that
Who do you think you are?
All of the guys are working hard
Sweat and tears, it took lots of time
All broke down when you wrote those lines
All that bullshit will never be missed
Fuck that business
Let the music live

Nothing is sacred
Nothing is sacred
Nothing is sacred
To us too

5. None Of The Brighter Days

Seconds, minutes, hours
Keep on passing by my desperate self
Depressing black and white
No touch of grey to paint my shell
No sequence to the synthetic smiles
That reach my staring, empty eyes
Half asleep no motivation
To push me to activity

None of the brighter days to come in time
None of the brighter days to light my life

The mirror shows the undead scheme
Of a fractured personality
Silence and tranquility
The only friends I have
No amount of drinks enough
To reach the edge of happiness
None of my memories
Are worth enough to fill my dreams

Never more, never cry
Never laugh, never die
Never lucky, never sad
Never normal, never mad
Loneliness, abandonment
Decay of mind, desperation
Depressive boredom
Depressive life
Depressive me
Depressive time

None of the brighter days to come in time
None of the brighter days to light my life

6. Superior Being

Yes I know, you aim to be as good as me
As rich as free
But the shocking truth
'Bout how living works
Is you'd better try to cancel your piteous birth
Honestly spoken there'll be no kind of chance
To reach the lowest of the mid class levels
Life's in order
A most correct system
Where the scum's not to get better

Superior being, superior life
I'm havin' a good time
I'm a lot better than your kind
Superior being, the upper class truth
From the day of my birth I knew
I'm a lot better than you

Grease my walls
Stare at the amazing fence
Parting ill weeds from exotic plants
Caught in my electric eye
Your dull faces make me laugh
Again and again
Can't you see the difference
Can't you feel the gap
It must be evident even to the silliest pack
Guess I'll lean back and have a cigar
Glad you'll never get that far

I'm a lot better than you

Got a female caddy once a week
A member card to reach the 18th green
Got an amazingly huge swimming pool
My famous orgies break all the rules
Got companies in Arabia
Dead friends in Romania
Got nasty pictures of coloured whores
Brought 'em from South Africa

You'll never reach me
You'll never climb the stairs
Up to me, up to Eden
Up, up to superior being

Don't tell Nancy what I know 'bout Ronnie
Once we shared the same horny bunny
Paul McCartney owes me some
Lizzy's doin' what I want
I know George, I know Maggie
I knew Rock, the bloody faggie
Know Kashoggi, know Ghaddafi
Know the whole damn Likud party

7. Dear Mr. Sinister

Yes, I'm back to my requested culture
May I leave today?
My hands can't remember
The touch of blood anymore
Of having scored against creation
Of a pulse never to pound again
The sound of requiem

Dear Mr. Sinister
Let's start the screaming, please
Mr. Violent Nature
Give me a clue to untie my sleeve
Dear Mr. Prejudice
Is there no one to hate for me, please
Mr. Oh So Wicked
Amity's asleep
Anger's got to be freed

The memory of fear in the abandoned's eyes
Already left my force to be friendly mind
All of suspense has left my oh so lonely self

Yes, I'm back to my requested culture
May I leave today?
Sure the headlines miss me
My talent to invent the most disgusting cruelties
All of 'em remember
My perfect seizure technique

8. Pavement Tango

I've got the beat
I've got the booze
There's no one doin' the limbshake
As fucked up as I do
My way of jerkin' round
Is kind of unique in town
But what I'm really proud of
Is my unmolested top ten breakdown

Do the pavement tango
The heroin pogo
Do the needle mambo
Everybody in the whole damn ghetto
Do the pavement tango
The heroin pogo
Do the needle mambo

Sister sells her pussy
To afford herself a trip
Around the clock on duty
She won't find a plug to fit
Casual urge to defecate
Pretty under control
Itching heels, tattering hips
Waitin' for gettin' balled

9. The Nothing Song

The empty page in front of me
Is strangling my nerves
The pencil I'm chewing
Won't write by itself
40 cigarettes further
My lungs just start to whistle
This got to be done
I'm out of time
But my mind is still on strike

This song's 'bout nothin'
I had no idea
So this one's called the nothing song
Never again I'll do so wrong
Hey, hey
I somehow filled the lines
It was done in time
A last minute score
Don't you be mopin' no more
I've got it
Uh, I somehow like it

The others called me lazy
I guess they're somehow right
But sometimes it is really hard
To create a simple rhyme
Sure all this sounds stupid
And a little bit senseless
But now that I'm tired
And nearly drunk
I'll better go to bed


10. NME

In the last days
Of all those walls we built
Now covered with some most unusual mask
Apocalyptic dreams and fears we kept
Yield to a wicked smile
We somehow spared

He came to shake our hands
When the iron curtain fell
Somehow transformed his policy
Turned around so suddenly
The words of trust and friendship
Told with an eye on economic progress
There'll never be no brotherhood
With the ones I've learned to hate so much

Still waiting at the borders never definite
No one's gonna dare to face the face
Laughing at you forgot
How to recognize a communist pig
The term crisis still in my head
Psychotic shapes of present threats
Misfortunate appeasement's evident
NME's ideology's not dead yet

I'm up to his tricks
NME will never fool me
My x-ray eyes shine through his head
Unveiling the tactics of the red pack
Terminating Stalinism
Let's expurgitate that system
There'll never be no brotherhood
With the ones I've learned to hate so much

NME will never leave me
NME will never die
Never trust no eastern brother
Never trust no Soviet tribe
NME prepared to kill me
NME right in my back
NME beyond the border
Out to kick my western ass
NME is hunting
With stars that glow as red as blood
Symbols of the reign of evil
Murderers that know no god
NME is always ready
NME won't hesitate
Now I'll better hold my breath
'Cause war is just a shot away


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