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1. One Of Those Days

Did you ever have one of those days?
From the moment you woke up nothing went your way
I know that you have, everybody does
Your life isn't perfect, and it never was

Every little thing goes wrong
Frustration builds as time drags on
24 hours never felt so long
You can't wait for this day to be gone

You'll make it through you know you will
Despite all those you want to kill
Life goes on and so will you
Many more days of misfortune

2. Low Life

You hide behind your false face
You never show any trace of who you really are
The lowest form of life by far

I once trusted you
But I never will again

You steal from me, you don't think I see
Pretending like everything is real fucking cool
I am no fool

Low life
No life
Low life
Fuck you

What goes around will come around
And it will all come back to you
You will pay you piece of shit
For everyone you've screwed

3. Nuisance

Buzzing in my ear - like a fly around my head
I turn and you are there
You have been so mislead

Believing that I am something I'm not

Like a lost dog you always follow me
Searching for a friend to ease your insecurity

Misguided fool, your disturbed mind is shot

Like a thorn in my side
A never-ending pain
How long will it take before my patience is drained?

I need you like I need a hole in my head

4. Angry Man

[Saint Vitus Cover]

I don't need the madness that society breeds
I don't need the pressure comin' down on me
Why must you always stare, I ain't no fucking clown
Just want to live without somebody bringing me down

All I want is to live my life
Easy and free
I don't need
No human bullshit
Prejudice, down on me

Everywhere I wander, I stick out in the crowd
Constantly fight for relief, abuse from all around
Now my mind is twisting, contemplating revenge
But I won't stoop to their level, I refuse to be like them

[Repeat chorus]

Hard for me to be happy with sadness all around
Real easy to be angry, ain't no problem to frown
You'll have to prove to me that what I say is a lie
Cause all I see is hatred splashed before my eyes

[Repeat chorus]

5. Miserably Ever After

Day in, day out - Nothing has changed
Drugs, alcohol, to ease the pain
Distort the truth
Making it through - Finding a way

Making it through another day
No peace of mind

Misery comes - Misery goes
Empty feeling rotting my soul
Rotting my soul
Sometimes I feel like I'm hollow
Wallowing in all the sorrow
When will it end?

Days seem like weeks, weeks seem like years
Time washes away all of my tears
All of my fears, I confront everyday
Ripping my heart, tears it apart

Never-ending travel through time
No turning back, you're running blind
Search for my soul, identity
So when I die, I'll rest in peace

Your soul will never rest in peace
Miserably ever after

6. Staight Edge-Closed Mind

Pass-out, black-out
Trying to remember
Wake up still fucked up
"Never again" - You're lying to yourself
It's a vicious circle:

It won't be long before my time is gone
Engulfed by booze
It's the path I choose

I walk a crooked line
And I do it all the time
My edge is bent not straight
My hands remain unscarred

Dependant I'm not - I don't need - I want
There is a difference
But your closed mind blinds you

Straight edge-closed mind
You don't know my kind
Straight edge-closed mind
You're blind

7. Why Should You Care?

I don't sing about saving the trees
I don't sing about pollution in the seas
I sing about my own life's reality

Don't get me wrong - I'm not blind
These problems do exist
But I don't see how writing a song will change any of this
If you really give a shit, get off your ass and do something about it

I'm not a P.C or a veggie
So don't pass judgement before knowing me
I'm not a straight-edge or have a shaved head
I'll drink and take drugs 'til the day I'm dead

I live life for myself
Not for you or anyone else

8. I Hate The Human Race

I hate them all - Mankind should be erased
I'll watch them fall - From the world they create
They'll kill themselves - They control their own fate
No stopping now - Because it is too late

I hate the human race - What a fucking disgrace
I hate the human race - I'll smash your ugly face

Destroy the earth - What you one day will do
What's your life worth? - Not much. Once you are through
A world of hurt - You subject yourself to
No sign of birth - The end of me and you

I hate the human race - What a fucking disgrace
I hate the human race - I'll smash your ugly face

9. Trust

Deceived again
My trust is wearing thin
I don't believe
Everything you tell me

Your words mean shit
I'm sick of it
Time after time
Nothing but lies

I trust no-one but myself
Expect no-one else to help
It's a cruel world in which we live
Everyone takes. No one gives

Good friends are hard to find
Some times you let them slip by
Now you're left all alone
One these empty streets you roam

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