Dark Lyrics


1. Rhinoceros

I am a one-ton, armor plated;
living breathing being
I wade in streams all day;
eat grass; and little else
then one day my world was shattered
by freakish two-legged beings
wielding instruments of pain
hell-bent on striking me down

a super-psyochotic need
to make me and scream and bleed
brought on solely by greed
I only want to be free

if I had my way, I'd stomp you flat
under my bulk
or ram this horn you so crave
into your fucking throat
I'll topple the noisy creatures
in which you flee
but I'll never understand
why you want me to die

2. Isolation

too many
fucking people
I don't know why
but people make me angry
inner segregation

depressed reality
saves my sanity

happiness is a state of mind
fills all minds all the time
we are not alive

I wish I'd never see
another human again
keep my hostile thoughts to myself
I'd rather be alone

3. Coma

your mind is deadened
from all the shit
you pump into your veins
no you lie in a hospital bed
your life rendered insane

nothing left of your former self
nothing left but a vegetable

struggle to resurface
from this comatose state
your are beyond help
you will not rehabilitate

lost in the
debts of unconsciousness
you cannot come to terms
you are just a mere soul
beyound the point of no return

facial features are contorted
limbs mangled and deformed
drooling, pissing, shit yourself
a sight of horror and despair

family weep by your side
they pray and pray for you return
no one answers mournful prayers
and no one ever will

4. Shoot Me... (I'm Already Dead)

in my sleep
put a gun to my head
I hate my pathetic life

5. Lifeless

I drown in my self-pity
don't need your sympathy
alone I wait for the end
I'm sick of seeing your fucking faces

no one at my funeral
friends - I had none
nobody cares that I'm dead
no one ever knew my name
I died lonely and miserable
life meant nothing to me

6. Fucked Upstairs

well now you've really had it
locked in serious distress
all your words are jibberish
no longer making any sense
self-induced paranoia
don't have a fuckin' clue
too blind to note your condition
choke on your own misfortune

solitude you hope for
too blind to see it's true
your dying from your own poison
no one to blame...but you

you're fuckin' wacked

thought you were indestructable
superior in every respect
now I watch you wither away
a victim of constant neglect

solitude non-existent
an empty shell you've become
dominated by won self-pity
alone, exhausted and numb

horror abundant - all by yourself
a battered man - screaming for help
but no one's there - alone in the dark
time flies on by - you've wrecked yourself

7. Depression

life is a long lived torment
haunted by our useless existence
the world will still keep decaying
when we're all in our grave

live is morbid hell
precious? I think not
who cares about the fellow man
your all just a bunch of fucking bastards


8. Virus

unleashed upon
an unsuspecting mankind
millions affected
soon millions more will follow
a horrid plague
exterminates the human race
now know cure
the death toll keeps on rising

humanity is wiped out

loved ones and friends
in grievance of their losses
while institutions
get rich off the unfortunate
skin and tissue
transformed into a grotesque mess
left to suffe
and slowly just waste away

lost reasons for living

9. Fleshpress

millions upon millions
I can't even count
pointless human butchery
will it ever stop
men, women and children
a never ceasing flow of life
thrust into horrid death chambers
to satisfy the fuhrer's blight

administer the poison
the deadly zyklon b
the fucking nazi bastards laugh
while everone else screams
the bodies packed so tight
so tight you can't believe
roasting pits and mass graves
conceal this atrocity

six million dead - for nothing

10. The Drone

life's constant struggles
an uphill battle everyday
kill myself just to make ends meet
now I pray for change

the droning of everyday life
totally ruinning me

ongoing monotous confusion
despairs all that I can gasp
what will tomorrow bring?
don't even think that I'll last today


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