Dark Lyrics


1. Predator

If there's life after death
I'll return a powerful creature
And lead a revolution...against mankind
I'll be the predator...and man will be the hunted
Animals rule the earth
As they did before

Predator, carnivore, continue to devour
Man cannot overpower...he continues to cower

Now that I have erased...the entire human race
I've turned the world into...a much better place


No more system, no more government
No religion, no more presidents
No more pollution, no more toxic waste
The solution, kill the human race

2. I Won't Come Back

I can't socialize, puzzle with no nitch
Feelings obsolete, art a dying trade
No brass rings, no shooting stars to wish upon
Wishes, dreams and hopes have all been shit upon
No one wants to be with me 'cause I'm not really here
I'm just a fading picture man, image thinned by tears
I'd like to think I'm recognized but I'm not really here
The mind that was sculpted of has dried and cracked with years
Enigmatic, schizophrenic, mad drug addict
There is no map, I'm lost inside my own mind
T.H.C. comforts me, sets me free
I won't come back...I won't come back...I won't come back

3. If The World Was Flat

If the world were flat I'd walk on the edge
Balancing between life and death
Breathe my last breath - take my final step
Freefalling, suffocating, heartstopping - all life ends
Is there a hell below? No one's sure, I don't know
Or will my soul fall lifeless into the abyss?
My corpse soars through space
Erosion takes place
If the world were flat I'd walk to the edge and come back

4. Ostrich

I bury my head in the earth
Not to hide my ugliness, but to shield my eyes from your horrid world
I used to run free, now you want to eat me
Fuck off you bastards
Why don't you eat yourself?
Human flesh, I'll bet you taste like shit
I'll ram your fucking head in the ground
Trample your body until it is broke
Leave you for the insects to devour
I'm an ostrich

5. Hurricane Jello

Hurricane - eat my brain
Have you ever been hit in the face by a hurricane?
It can turn your brain into jello with one passing blow
Hurricane - feel no pain
Smoke and drink until you can't think
Of all the things that suck in your life
Because you deal with the constant strife
Hurricane - Jello
A fucked up drunken slob
My mind is one big blob
Put your problems aside
Curl up, pass out and hide
When you finally awake
Discover your mistake
You cannot think too clear
Your problems are still there

6. Down In The Dumps Again

All I can see - darkness in front of me
For the time being - how long? We'll wait and see
Patience thinning - Try to think positively
That's not easy - so used to negativity
I am so sick and tired of being pissed
I must find peace
These feelings must be dismissed
It's no sure thing that I'll find happiness
Because we know it ften turns to sadness
Here we are...my old friend
Down in the...dumps again

7. No Escape

I keep asking myself why
Why are people so god damned blind?
When will mankind realize?
We're to blame for the earth's demise
Rape the earth for all that it's worth
Use up its last natural resource?!
With each day it keeps on getting worse
Destroy habitats with no remorse
No escape - no escape from your fate
Now I wait - now I wait patiently
Future looks bleak - there is no hope
I smoke and drink just to cope
Global genocide is no joke
Hang the whole world with one big rope
No escape - no escape from your fate
Now I wait - now I wait patiently

8. When Rotten Ideas Break Free

Thoughts buried long ago
Exist far below
Like worms that I can't see
Feeding on my pain they hunger
Burrowing through the past and present
They find liberty usurping me with melacholia
When rotten ideas break free controlling me
showing me what I ran from I feel dead
And fed upon violated and gnawed
Inhabited by ghosts haunted by the truth

Eric Harrison ‒ Bass
Jeff Hayward ‒ Guitars, vocals
Chuck Conlon ‒ Drums
Terry Savastano ‒ Guitars

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