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1. Dar Al-Harb

Did God whisper in your ear and pin a death note on your heart
Pious eyes painted with piety and blood
Trade stockholm syndrome confessions in weekly support groups for the dead
Tell yourself it's enough to bleed if it doesn't leave a scar

A tattoo cried out
A cringing halt
Connect people with mass graves

Draped over saddles the dead return
Parts of yourself die

Vampire slaked by the blood of the kufr
Sprung monster closet the dar al-harb
The long knives of the prophet held close at my throat
I jam the knife in through myself to get to you

2. Orphan

I never wanted this distance
This distance between myself and the rest of the world

Unanswered voicemails the cursor hangs anxiously
Waiting for words that never come
Pages filled with scraps of life imagined
Reconstructed like the act of a murder scene
I don't want the baggage of things that are left unsaid
Somewhere in between we've lost ourselves

Keep our cards close it's how we wear our lies
Together but we are alone
Bridge of memories, that ends in death cycling like cover flow
Why are we trapped where only shadows fall?
How do we belong?
Punching holes in myself when there's no holes left to cut and regret does not absolve

It's all falling apart in my hands
It's all I have
Choked up
Bled out
Waiting for tears
Will they come?

Further our hearts
Our rendered voice
Across the world
Still the tears won't come


3. Deliverables

A heart of fool's gold
The charity in your eyes is worthless
Traveling salesman come to eat my dead
Your promises cost more
Than they're worth
Your secrets I'll take them from you with haloperidol

Scorpions doused in fire ants
Stirred and painted with gasoline
Take from you until there's nothing left
Picking meat from the bone while you're still alive

No one kept you in the dark
On the ground floor from day one
Early adopter, evangelist
Did God walk out on you after gifting you cholera?

4. Scopedog

Graveside manner shallow and quick
I hold onto this
Sharpening a laid open knife
Objective years from now
Homeless memories scrounge for change
Humming tunelessly
In the crush at exit
There's too many cameras just to kill my way out

No one does monsters
Better than us
In the jet lag between wars
Pollack the world with the blood of martyrs
Notches on the stock keeping score

Never let go of your dead
Until the stage curtains fall
Words of consolation
Are short term damage control

I'm holding you
When you die because I'm killing you
In your last, share your pain with someone who fucking cares

No haunted past
On my sleeve
Living and dying out of sequence
Used to death
Short term pain
Dulled down by repetition
Firewood soaked in tears
Grey snow?
Ashes fall

5. Red Eye

A kiss goodbye on the overpass
Red eye to red eye
The world overnight just ahead of tomorrow's sunrise
Concrete spires the manifold ratlines vein the web
Eyes averted running tracks
Tying up loose ends

Gate to gate, empty branches, seasons without life
Dusk cuts the horizon with amber, over the portal pull the shade
Concrete spires the manifold ratlines vein the web
Eyes averted running tracks
Tying up loose ends

City to city
Life to life
There isn't a destination anymore
Setting change out the window
But I'm not there

6. Cargo 200

One way out
A one way mirror looks only one way

7. Thorn Farmer

First ring I ever drew still hurts the last thing I ever drew
Telling myself just one more year until the last shovel of dirt
Spending forever doting on each circle of graphite
Each fresh ring a hoop that marks my not passing on

Safe places are vaccuums, filling with sadness, without spark
Plucked out of a patch of sun, I tried to refill you

Wrapped in burlap
My first born dead

How many children do I have to bury before I am allowed to end
Why doesn't the ghost speak, instead stare accusing

8. Embers, Blood And Treasure

Kiku and embers scattered, a knife at an absent bedside
Six coins for the crossing, laid out to the West
The waters of the last moment, a name inked in red
Piper Lou offered in madness by Sheryl to the vacuum
But she's reunited with ashes and another promise dies
Like the Deloyer 7
We're offered up for terms
And Camille Vidan's parents were they casualties of war?
To steal back this last betrayal
Cashim hits the self destruct

Cemeteries walled around
(The ones) who died for your sins
Your best intentions forgot
Times out in the end
The gaze of the dead can't be taken back
They stare piercingly from heaps tied in barbed wire

9. I Accept Your Last Wish

I will never forget this last moment
Trapped by the memories of the dead
How many lives have we swept aside
Can't find the answer or just won't hear
That you want for yourself
But I only want to forget
What will it take for you to see
That your God has hung up on you

Greedy spirits flock to me
Love of the dead
Coming back into myself I can't ever let go
Are we searching or running?
THe ripe snaps tight, tangling limbs
The barb hooks back and to free myself I must kill (you)

Curtain of light spreads across the vacuum
A light that's seen from the Earth
Impatient hearts see a clean future
But only in black and white

Change the world by destroying lives, destroyed by our will to live
Lost despite following a path to the end
I accept your last wish

10. Hearts

The heart stops on a dime
Not enough room for all the sorrow
Words are not enough
But they are the limit of your charity
A shared furtive nod
Let out the line but don't cut bait
When the muzzle report catches up
Your look betrays us all

Break the suit
Dump your heart
Or take the trick
Face down

If I can't win
I'll make sure you lose
I'm the man on the grassy knoll

This is the time when you hold someone
Look at them and tell them it's alright
This is the time when you hold someone
Look at them and tell them a lie

11. Flatworlder

The future is God's alone
Do not even look to the clouds
The right of Jihad
The prophet's murderers fetch myths
No history before God
Scabbed with Bid'ah
Students of the prophet
Anything in the name of Sharia

Guilt submission obedience
Belief explodes shrapnel inside of you
Kiteless skies are free of sin
Vampires wash the ashes down
Pawn and kings alike are burned
Their graves are then destroyed
Crowds applaud God's mercy inflicted by vermin trapped in Sharia
To them there is only ablution
To be atoned a flat world
I need to believe in your God so I know

12. The Last Red Shoulder

Rotor wash stirs the desert
Only a shadow of myself
Coated in the grey powder that once was people
Gore splattered chassis are matted by acid rain
After touring the many mass graves reserved for children who were raped and shot in the head

Not even sharks offer up their own young
I want to hear you scream until it becomes the flat drone of tinnitus
Until the ground is Pollacked with your offal and blood
I want to see you leave this life screaming and find nothing afterwards

The air swells with a flat thrum
Glass shivers in it's panes
Now your house is ruins upon the ruins of Bamiyan's idolatry
Your history begins with your prophet, but it dies here with you
Templars of raven fly over, until there's only wasteland not even graves

Bleeding out the wounds to my heart seamed with razor wire
Make orphans a generation doped by lofting reefs of smoke
Riddle your graves with bullets and sink them into the desert
The last red shoulder on a sea of blood

Jon Chang ‒ Vocals
Takafumi Matsubara ‒ Guitars
Steve Procopio ‒ Guitars
Teddy Patterson III ‒ Bass
Bryan Fajardo ‒ Drums

Thanks to egyptboy77 for sending these lyrics.

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