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1. Amber Gray

I come to you in pieces, with seams that no thread can mend
It feels so good to reopen these wounds again and again
Heart is racing, punctuating
Stab wounds Trojan horse
Accepted handshake doused in venom
An envoy baring fangs
Feel conditioning constrict with anger, the ground falls away, smashed apart into a slurry of noise
coated amber grey

The ideals of Hourai empty sprites shot into the glimmer screaming
somehow you survived
taught to be riven, and come back alive
Spirits of the dead pry themselves apart
into ashes, into gray
Nonlinear war between the lines
gore point opens the grave
Jacking static sunset calm.
Balm venom panic white, arbitrary anatomy, the packets shrapnel writes

2. 3 Miles Below Sea Level

3 miles down
Wide timed out
Ultra violet scanning
With starlight through cowled eyes
Racketing the silence
Daisy cutter follows on
Exit strategy
Cut the strings
Attached to cover
Your tracks to Kowloon and back
Self destructing simulacrum
Fill your eyes
With crash
The welling sucked back
Back inside
And fed into olne time pads
Nowhere from here
My back to the sea
Burning all my fucking bridges

3. The Jenova

Shot into the stringent
And stirred with shattered glass
Pitched into yourself
Put back together
But not without scars
No words for the dead
Continue passing embers into the sky
And hold you to
To my heart
For when the clots go dry

One winged hornet stabbing at itself
It's flickering to death
Pinned at the thorax
Loaded with meth
And kept fully conscious
Head cocks ticking
Insides scrambling
In reverse slow time
Running racetracks
It's all you can do
To die on your own terms

Killing all these pieces of myself
And leaving them buried inside you
These pieces of yourself
That aren't really true

4. Crash Logs

Line by line
A redacted record
Of everyone I've been
I scallop chunks to spoof
The kill hounds logged to bin
Arterial black stuffed back inside
A bullet proofed cavity
Capture, catch, execute
This log of purgatory

It comes from your heart
And throws you away

Covered in dirt
I'm spit back out
To the bottom of the world
Dabbed in gore, this cursor writes out
A packet of myself to you
Cynical laughter
Chokes past the tears

5. Black

Jdams slam down zenith angles
Beelining on the painted men
Soaked in fire
The oscilloscoped cowls
Unerring in their selection
Probing with strobes
Evoking a response
Driving insomnia
Diving through a pall
Huddled against
Jet black amnia

Scent of blood in the water
Transmit in the waves
Tunnel past
The chum line
Closing on the prey

Both ends against the middle
At the top of the food chain
Your spears dipped in urine
To kill what we eat

One dead step back into gray

Narcolepsy frosted infra-red
In freshly napalmed wake
Absentee ratio churns
The hanged man's song fills in the blanks

6. Pattern Recognition

Pattern precog rushing dead point
Entrails divulge forecast
Cut the signal heart rate clocked
With the patience of slow death
Epileptic topography
Abruptly white noise paves
Putting it apart with music
The sky will be your grave

Surrendering grains to the ebb
Of the tides
The tang of salt will pass with time
I read dead pixels in the grains of the sky
Scrambling to transcribe
Freshly minted sprites
Every time I clock your eyes
I fucking want to die

7. Antitheist

Rubbing ash into my eyes
Inside the broken halos
Expose yourself to my faith
So you can be slit open
Stark out to the horizon
Flat out
Coughing up asphalt
The after
Death mint burns with phosphor

Baptized in used up turpentine
Bleaching yourself with bile
The new gold standard of death
A schedule 1 narcotic
Veiled in ceremony
Driven by a good shepherd
The only things that I know
Have been fucking cut in me
A vessel for the lord, used up and thrown away
Take what you can till the lie comes to an end
Your fucking straw men burnt in place
At the crown of Everest

8. Stake Knife

Slotted with memory from zero out
Complete fucking dodonpachi
Falling from the sky in pieces
Through the circling rookery
A frayed hairline of murder
That never circles back
It doesn't kill it cripples
And leaves you for the sharks

Tear out your fucking arteries
Armatures on which they're draped
The product of damage control
Politely suffering
Dump your past life
Under voight kampf
Design flaws that give you away
Dumb vessel
To take the bullet
As I jack out and away
Loading in a stacked deck
And going straight to black
Transparent against the streaming panes
An echelon of pseudonyms
Tunneling day and night
I bounce from life to life

9. Asuka

In the walls of your heart
I'll always be no one
In the walls of ourselves
Kimochi Warui
No one hates you
as much as you hate yourself
in your own heart

10. Burning Tiamat

Burning tiamat with murderous intent
Dumping fresh picks of the day
Oil fires bleach the apron of twilight
And smear it with tritium haze
Clinically butchering test groups
From serial number one tech
Safely within the churn (rate) of collateral damage
Send the predator drones back in

Send your traffic frenzied basilisk
Retiring threats with hate and discontent
Sicking fucking topped off black sky
You're lucky if you're left strow in ashes

Glass house comes apart corona flares
Inferno was just waiting for an opening
Silmido shrugged shellacked with lime
Tiamat screaming all the fucking time

11. Severence Package

Target the end users of black tinct death span
The raptors pick the bones clean
Anonymous payments trigger distributed conflicts
Bot herding swarm zombies
Stapled wounds are packed with semtex
Quick clotted with heart worm
The black box that outlives the plane crash
Glares at the wrecked horizon
Shrouded in loam

Failed states mottled with blood
Bulldozed into mass graves
With conflicted interest
The blackened meat between
Garnished with ebola
Cotton mouth spills over
Into my eyes

As the world is over
Discerning mercenaries play their trump
The barbs of a full spectrum war

Put light to oil slicked waters
Watch the blaze cascade
An ocean of fire to occlude my heart
With hate
Cinders of fall out dot the current exit strategy

The fingers of the mantis
Bathed in sarin staunched in gore

Thanks to egyptboy77 for sending these lyrics.

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